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Are we actually dead this time?
Dark Jinx
Jun 25 07, 5:41 PM
Guess I haven't been on at the same time as you...

I won't be getting on as much, that just doesn't mean this site...

Lately when I jack (I mean log) in. I read or post and then jack (er log) out.
Anyway I understand the internet get's boring after a while.

Are we actually dead this time?
No. I've been on check peoples profiles if your curious how long it's been.

eh, general guy is back.

Ninja RP
Gbpa: Just do it, if we stand a chance against doijom I need to see if I can master this genetic skill I keep sensing during battles. Don't worry i'll be fine.

Yep. I was right. Still welcome again...
Where did everyone else go?

About the Japanese entries.
They are basically for the People who refuse to use American names. So they can end up getting Info on the character under their american name by finding their japanese name.

RockMan.exe(Rock-Man-Dot-E-X-E)Posted Image
Both the Japanese Title For what in America Is called MegaManBattleNetwork or MMBN. This is also the japanese name for the protagonist MegaMan.exe.

I think I may know but whats your SN there?
Anyway welcome.

ok I have a problem
My dog takes care of all the insects. At my grandma's there were tons of ants and he kept pawing at them and trying to suck them up by bashing his head in floor. In my house he just waits for a fly to get close and eats it.

My mom was going to grill some peices of meat for fathers day and while letting the grill warm up. There was enough grease for the grill to go up in flames! Then the stuff that was flaming got put in a coffee can and still was flaming! :Oh Crap:

Is your coffee pot's filter cup dirty?
Yesterday I was making coffee and noticed this oily crap on the bottom that wouldn't come off, I tried a bottle brush and it did nothing. Then I got a paper towel and scrubed and got this oily black crap off. To think all this time we've been drinking water that went over that stuff. So clean you Filter cups!
(for those of you who don't understand, a filter cup is where you put the filter, the water runs through into it and out a hole and into the pot.)

Ninja RP
Gbpa: hit me with the strongest skill you have!

Ninja RP
Shadow: what? We survived. Maybe he's just praise us and say *in bad adult voice* good job surviving, here take this your now on your way to being sensei.
Gbpa: Even though we survived adults would get mad and we'd get in trouble. Kazui could you help me do some training? We should be outside but hit me with your most powerfull attack!
Shadow: I'll just be trying to master 30 mirages.*runs off*

Ninja RP
Doijom: 2:00PM.
Shadow: well we fought fel...
Gbpa: Uh... He's just crazy. *walks around a corner, :Boy am I tired, goodnight:*

Ninja RP
Doijom: Oh yeah heres your tests back. Theres not really anything planned for science today just go and prepare to fight me.

Ninja RP
Doijom:*looks at kazui* Huh? *llooks away* There aren't enough senseis however, The senseis also are seasoned. Therefore Gbpa you need to select several people to work as a team against me.
Gbpa: Kazui? Shadow? Your the only people I know here.
Shadow: Yeah, and i'm your pet. *<_<*

Ninja RP
Sensei: very good, Go on for now. Later we'll challenge you to beat a sensei.
Gbpa: I think ninja science is today, I like the teacher Mr. Jack doijom.
Name:Jack Doijom
Level:Sensei (teacher)
Look:A man with sunglasses and big spiky hair. Sometimes a lab coat and often a shirt with a tie.
Background/bio:Both a rolemodel and science teacher, he is known for the fact all his students constantly exceed their projected abilitys. He always is calm even as he stares death in the face.
Skills: 6, Hadoken, Hyper punch, double hyper punch. Telepathy, Frog summon, Wolf summon.
Element: Norm
Side: Klaton/good
Doijom: Gbpa! I'm not suposed to say this, but the principle said that later today I get to fight you. Your one of only a few students I wish to fight.

Ninja RP
Sensei: wow, Gbpa you seem good with using a lot of skills consecutivly. Shadow... You clocked 200 hits in 10 seconds you seem exeptionaly skilled in speed.
Kazui You have a lot of raw power!
Um, now try to make as many mirages as possible and imagine the dummy is a stunned ninja show how you would either, Ko or kill him.
Gbpa: *makes 6 mirages and summons a wave from 6 equidistant circular points*
Shadow: *makes 10 mirages and they all throw a shuriken in a circular equidistant patern, then they all stab a kunai is it*

Ninja RP
A ninja sensei: Ok... every body here? Johnathan greene? John greene! Ok He's missing so we'll skip him. Kazui go to the blue mat.
Gbpa the Red.
Shadow green.
Ok now each of you show what you consider your best skills the dummy is there if you need to hit something during this phase.
Gbpa: Summons 2 salamanders with one hand and a unicorn with another. *the 2 procede to attack the dummy.
Shadow: *in blaze form with 5 mirages rapidly kicks the dummy.*

Ninja RP
Gbpa: *sees note on the door* It says "Ninja ability aptitude tests are being held ahead of time today due to schedueling problems."
Shadow: I'll prove as a new ninja even I am capable.
Gbpa: They are in room B3 straight down the hallway.