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The end of the internet..As we know it.
go here http://theninfort.th.funpic.org/forums/ind...?showtopic=2033 Some people are threatning to release viruses at 11PM tonight! I've gotta think of a way to combat this.... The only way to be safe unplug your computer and the next day check the news first... By the way Ill be refering to them as "The WWW" simply because it's better and easier to remember than their half-Arse name.

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I am error

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:kirby: :Mine?
:OOY: : or mine?
:cucco: : Both.

hello all
Cool, feel free to explore everything here.

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:OOY: :I don't see anything.
[_;'] : Hee,Hee.

hello all
Welcome again.
(To the other members thats the forum i'm still wondering if they actually saw my application for affiliation. And i'm still wondering if I should ask.)

Fake search archive.
NRPM people
GBPA http://www.mymsnsearch.com/results.aspx?q=...RM=JMCj5b3DNy3R
Knight http://www.mymsnsearch.com/results.aspx?q=...RM=RPePFoT6wnBw
Pie http://www.mymsnsearch.com/results.aspx?q=...RM=vIAGtsE0zsD5
Snake http://www.mymsnsearch.com/results.aspx?q=...RM=76jgN677OAu5
Spider http://www.mymsnsearch.com/results.aspx?q=...RM=iCrkAP0qKeLR

Other people

Today is....
The birthday counter says it's spiders birthday, so if he didn't put in a random day (A lot of people do that) It is. So feel free to discuss this event now.

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Taco Divided by 2 is nacho.

Important have you played....
Jazz jackrabit2 If enough people do we could have forum contests decided by playing Jazz Jackrabit2 online. Or if we found another forum have freindly battles.

Another RPG Room
I'd join but I wouldn't know what i'd be doing.

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Well Taco + Taco = Burrito

Thanks and i'm back.

Favorite charabom?
If have played any recent game you know what they are, If you arn't sure A lot of people compare them to Pokemon, I think dreamlanders are closer (Although kirby and jigglypuf do share some similarities) I personaly like pommy but he's so standard..... I also think sparkun and kaiman are cool.
(I just hope they don't release BomberMon..... And rip off pokemon and basically you go through as you usually would in a pokemon game (Sorry the closest I've goten is some NP stuff and SSB) and then you have to trap them in bombs that look like fishing bobbers, Or worse rip off MegaMan With BomberMan in classic MegaMan type, Then BomberManX, BomberManLedgends, BomberManBattleNetwork and give him a bomber buster and have his nemisis Dr. Rukafelthy, And him be made By Dr.Louieght and a pomy coil, Jet and marine)

I'm going to be at my grandma's untill monday, If i'm not on by tuesday it means the transmission failed again (My sister wants an exercise machine from my uncle and my moms old car is the only one with a trailer hitch) Or the same thing that I saw when my dad was watching cops the other night where these people had replced their transmission 3 times, Then it failed again and their car blew up. A mechanic had seen it and figured out the real problem and pulled the people out (I think about 2 seconds) before it blew up.

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Yeah I found the problem the PM flasher either is now uncompatable (Hopes not) Or it became corupted.... Or another admin did somthing to it.... (I'm not acusing you, I actually doubt anyone did anything)

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I know i'm trying to fix that glitch.

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It's done now.

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I'll just warn you if the forum get's jumbled I think i can fix it.