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Anybody heard of Unsun?
This guy I know in real life introduced me to them and so far they seem pretty good.


Secret Identity Game
Well it's too late now kid! >:() Now get back to work or STFOTGTFU. (The impronouncable art of kung fu.)

Secret Identity Game
May 21 2010, 04:06 PM

Sorry...Facebook. wiggitywack
Rule 4(Also if you know someone in person or have seen their name before don't spoil it for people who haven't). XD

Current Obsessions
Metric is pretty good; my station rarely plays them in lieu of stoner music or bad, bad music. That is also the only station I've heard play Metric. I'm getting kind of sad, a good mix station turned 90's which I like, but they play the worst of the 90's. At least Air1* seems to finally be listening to me and getting more variety. There aren't many good stations, but i'm in one of the countries largest cities! XD

I've started going back and playing MegaMan games without cheats. Because Nintendo killed my AR. :ToT:

Do you like us?
Ok, that was terrible.

Announcement commencing in 3... 2... 1...

Facebook may have forced their new internet domination scheme into your face a week ago. They have a number of junkie plug-ins; which don't even work. (I tested them here for about a week; that was the banner of ugly at the bottom.) Nevertheless the like button isn't too obnoxious, so for now you can like us.
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