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New announcements!
In an attempt to revive the armies I have begun creating special groups to join, so that it is easier for members, go to your preferences and then click the group link.
I have also made a Newspaper Group because I figure it could be useful to RunawayRed in keeping track of staff. Also in groups such as newspaper all admins will be listed as leaders, even if they do very little.

Well, I only got mine because my Wii Sense was tingling, I saw a nearby GS and went in, I was at my grandma's in Illinois though so the tax was ungodly high.
Good luck finding one though.

Controllers galore.
Well since I don't have it, I can't say but i'd probably do wheel or GCN.

Ninja RP
Epsilon Falls down and the door to Doijom opens.
Shade: We need a way to recover some health.
Shadow: Ungh... I have a plan... Just trust me, even weakened I bet we would beat slash. You distract him for a while, I'll do the rest.

Controllers galore.
Which game?

Ninja RP
Shade raises his hand, and dragoons blasts are capped and begin to be pushed back until they return and crush dragoon.
All of the explosive attacks had decimated the clones.
Gbpa: What did I just do?
Again his hands begin forming ninergy until in a flash Gbpa bursts into 5 that all fire Annihilaltor Hadokens at Epsilon and Gamma. Gamma instantly passes out but epsilon had taken the shot.
Epsilon shaking begins to talk "So, i'm the last one standing, my defense no longer serves a purpose... Do what you will to me.."

Ninja RP
Dragoon: It is hopeless! All the weight from above, incase you forgot the paths out are blocked and guess what we blocked your teleportation. We all will die here, plus Slash and Doijom will be trapped down here forever.
Gbpa: Doijom!
Then noticing Shadow was near the blast. Gbpa dashes out and throws him self into rosuto beam!
Gbpa: My sensei! We can't lose him down here!
Shade's head rises up, "I pass out and you all lose your minds!" He realizes he still wants to fight GBPA for real one day, so he traps Rosuto and Gbpa in seperate Shadow Orbs.
Gbpa: This feeling...
Gbpa almost instictually returns the same attack at Rosuto.
Dragoon: Triple Anihililator Hadoken! 3 of the clones fire extremely powerful white beams at each group, except shadow cause he is paralyzed.
Shade: Holy...

OOc: This battle is too intense, it will be unrealistic we can fight Slash after it.

Dark Hyrule,
Rocky: Like I said those side effects have only been observed in people who arn't special.
His eyes and nostrils flare, and some strange marks appear on his body.
Shade: Oh, No it's power is coming too, he is becoming Oni Rocky!
Shade Grabs his head and strong purplish flames go from rocky to shade.
Shade: I could get used to your power, man. Still rocky, there is nothing to say Vaati is exactly as he was before. Or that even you are the same inoccent Goron. It is even unclear for me, if it's power could have a negative effect.
A hulking demon like (humanoid)monster walks into the group.
Trio: Shade, your right, I mean you are the... Oh, nevermind still your powers to absorb and digest darkness could be greater than it's corrupt ability. I wouldn't tempt fate though Shade, your tendency to get intoxicated on dark is a horrible side effect alone! Also, Rocky you have been corrupted, your soul is heavily damaged, I can see inside of you and see the horrible sight, even you arn't immune to that much of it's power.
Rocky: how dare you!
Rocky charges, but trioswings the blunt edge of his sword and knocks rocky into a tree so hard he passes out.

Ninja RP
Dragoon: Fine, if you'd like to die along with us and your friends.

Dark Hyrule,
Rocky: Well, you see my people had a legend that one of them would rise to be the master of one of the triforce, power. As I grew up it was made clear I was that warrior who would save the gorons from the impending invasion of the gerudo on our homeland. I had gone through the ceremony to accept the triforce and had it in me. Then some foul magic came into play, it was torn out and Gannon had it, he had heard his people would soon be destroyed and took it to save them. The truth was, his people would propose a treaty and we would live in peace. I swore to get it back, my birthright, the only hope to peace whatever the cost. Later I happened upon a purple triforce, just touching it granted incredible power.
Shade: and it corrupted the owners soul, until it would start to rot from their body.
Rocky: That has only been seen in mortals! Nevertheless, I used it so much it's power began to reside in me and...
Shade: It's called the triforce of deception, an evil manifestation. It lacks an owner, but claims many. Vaati was one, being a mage his quick tap seems to have reversed itself.
Rocky: EXCUSE ME! and it is the 2nd triforce of power!

Ninja RP
Epsilon thinks "Oh, Crap this next attack will nearly deplete my Ninergy!"
Epsilon: Triple A!
The other 2 nod with his suggestion.
Epsilon and Gamma both create about 30 clones each.
The Gammas all attack head on with punches and as one is destroyed 2 more pop-up.
The epsilons all spread and take a defensive, while the real one scrambles to get a 3 times concentrated esspresso shot out. "It will increase my ninergy a lot, but if this next attack fails I'll be left a complete sitting duck!"
Dragoon strangely creates just 5 clones and they all just stand there, 2 moving their hands around a bit, but to no clear purpose.

Dark Hyrule,
OOC: I know, I just was waiting a bit.
Rocky: The evil will run at my power!

Ninja RP
Gamma: Yow! You make me mad!
He pulls back his fist and then fires a homing Fist Clone. (A hologramy fist, with slightly less power than a direct hit)

Ninja RP
Gamma: Guts Quake!
Gamma begins pounding the ground causing massive ninergy based shockwaves.

We have gone Z!
Oh, thanks, but I see some skin errors.

We have gone Z!
May 29 2008, 03:10 PM
Amazing job! You mange to completly change this forum without having to delete all our posts and stuff! Glad to see some admins had the skill to take the time to move a forum, keep it in tact, and not delete anything or anyone. (Like GG use to do)
I just flipped a switch, this was all autonomous! I wouldn't have done it though if our data would be wiped.
Ok these kirbys for markers or the SnowMan and FlyGuy? Or All new markers?

Ninja RP
OOC: Thank IF/ZB they finnally coverted, i'll try to have a custom skin as soon as possible! Then I'll integrate new stuff!
Epsilon: As long as my ninergy remains, I cannot be hurt, the old me another story, but just before this fight, our master powered us up!
He thinks "If they keep going at those power levels my ninergy will be gone in 2-4 attacks!"

We have gone Z!
I have our new skin on my computer, I'm at my grandma's so hopefully by tomorrow I can get everything lookin' cool! Be calm, I'll have it all back like you remember... I might actually be able to get it now though!

Ninja RP
Epsilon: Defense Pose!
In a cloud of smoke it pushes him back about 10 feet and digs a rut minimizing the damage to his allys.
Epsilon: In my defense pose I could take a asteroid showering.

Ninja RP
Epsilon: Every one behind me!