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Ninja RP
Felom:*steps out of monument* Ooh... You think you can stand up to a master!
Shadow: I won't let you take me! *uses blaze to start emiting flames*
Felom: Thats just a simple blaze, Your controll must suck little dog if thats your best. My vulcan is essentially the highest form of blaze It is only limited by my energy. Although kudos on the unicorn Kid thats a tricky one. *his hands begin glowing red an he emits a flame hadoken*
GBPA: *tosses the shuriken with incredible aim into his shoulder*

Ninja RP
Felom: *face made of stone comes out of the monument behind kazui* BOO! Of course i'm not here I was the one who won over those 1000 years. Klaton was a weak failure. *notices shadow* Well now I can take the dog... Maybe he won't be as weak as klaton.
Gbpa: I won't let you take him. *summons a unicorn and mounts it with a shuriken in his hand*

Ninja RP
Gbpa: well it's just about 2 minutes from the training academy.
*2 minutes later*
Gbpa: Wow... that statue up there looks just like Klaton. *jumps up the monument* followed by shadow* Theres sulfer all over him. But theres no Felom.

6th icon election phase 3
You may vote for 3 top 6 will make it through.
ends when several people vote.

Ninja RP
Shadow: I'll kick and lick and knock their block off!
GBPA: grabs him by the skin on his neck. I think you need a lot of training little guy.
Shadow: your the only one who can match my skills. Did any of you hear a rumor about felom and klaton apearing at the memorial?
Gbpa: We probably should check it out after the day is over.
*Blood curdling scream, 2 minutes later*
The principle ninja: We found the obstacle course sensei dead strewn across the course. The day will be cut short, I honestly sugest all of you go home until we tell you.
Gbpa: Creepy... That sensei was so nice. This just makes me want to check out those rumors more do you want to come Kazui?
Other sensei:Principle, shouldn't we report the message we found written in blood?
Principle: We can't frighten the students, they musn't know the killer "wants a new student."

Edit: I fixed the shadow post so the images work when you click... stupid image shack.

6th icon election phase 2
Koopa got 2 votes so he isn't in the random spinner in my head.
jr. troopa
are going into phase 3 which I'll put up soon.

Trying to stop the Civil War in Iraq
General Guy
May 30 07, 11:10 AM
We have plenty of oil in our country, especially in the Alaskan Pipeline.. leave Iraq alone.

other countries will still get oil from them, I think the government is afraid of what some crazy guy would do.
I think we shouldn't be their police, The iraq people are getting lazy and taking advantage of us.

Ninja RP
Shadow: *turns and looks confused*
Gbpa: why would they try to kidnap him?
Shadow: How?
random Sensei: ok it's time to for the obstacle course, 5 minutes everyone.

6th icon election phase 2
General Guy
May 30 07, 11:11 AM
Jr. Troopa
Baby Bowser
Shy Guy
Diddy Kong

your last 3 are already going to be in phase 3.

Favorite Shy Guy
I like most of the shy guys probably i'd go with gourmet though, unless bandits are classified as shyguys.

Ninja RP
Age:2 1/2
Level: Beginner student
Background/bio:A hyperactive puppy with seemingly endless energy, after much coaxing Gbpa managed to get him to hone his natural ninja powers. Although stubborn he is loyal. Some know him as hyper dog, other piranha puppy. His high energy also seems to speed up healing a bit.
Skills:Ultra speed, ultra agility, Higher senses, Blaze (like felom's vulcan only weaker)

Gbpa:Great I finaly summoned the legendary unicorn.
Shadow: *in blaze form speeds by felom quickly*
Felom: what the? Was that thing using the vulcan! Maybe he is the one who will be my sidekick if he can use it. *Uses vulcan and flames shoot out and engulf him as he flys up and locates shadow then crashes into the ground and becomes one with it.
Shadow: I'm finally here Gbpa!
Gbpa: this is my puppy, shadow. I don't know how but he can talk.

Trying to stop the Civil War in Iraq
General Guy
May 29 07, 9:07 PM
Allright, lately I've been hearing that we're fighting the war to stop Iraq from having a civil war. Basically, what do we care. Over 50% of Africa is in civil war, but do we even bother? NO!

They make oil we have to use that to run cars. If we let some psyco take over and he has a rich country imagine what he could do... I mean were nearly on a cold war with iran.

My parents had one it's been forever since it was used. (it has an old connector) If you apreciate G&W games you'd probably like some atari games. Some are so adictive...

Ninja RP
OOC: You have 2 more skills you can use.

Gbpa:*looks over at kazui* It's been a long time since I saw you so whats up. My dog said he plans to try to learn to be a ninja.
Felom:*on a hill loking down at the town that the ninja training academy is located* So much has changed in 1000 years i'm almost tempted to destroy it all and rebuild as it should be.

6th Icon election phase 1
well phase 2 began and is pinned. But I'll Add them in anyway.

Bomberman 64
I have it, it is the most confusing bomberman game I ever played though, as in some bosses seem to take no damage and some stages seem to go to a dead end. It's been a long time since I played it though.

My characters!
Wow, I can't draw that well consistantly.

God Vs. Evolution
May 27 07, 9:40 PM
That wasn't my thoughts, actually.

I said people SAY that.

I believe in the whole independence thing.

Sorry I wasn't implying that I was posteing some additional thoughts on the qoute people often use and think they are smart.

God Vs. Evolution
May 27 07, 6:34 PM
Now, people don't believe in God because "Oh, well, he died, or she died, where is our God now?" Well, Heaven would be a pretty lonely place without death.

On that, thats a pretty selfish and self centered sentence. Why would God make a selfish person imortal/ give them a check for a billion dollars? Sin asked why God would stay out of the war I answered "God will take care of you when you need it, say you had a destiny you may feel sick and then for example your school will be blown up and some of your christian freinds also felt sick that an unlikly thing but... God also dosn't want you to be dependant or tempt him as Jesus told satan when satan was trying to coax him into jumping from high up. So God may not be sticking his hand in for dependance reasons or he may just save those when worst comes to worst." That is sort of the same kind of thing for when something bad happens and you spout that.

Also no-one ever answered how evolution could coexist with the second law of thermodynamics. Anyone wish to try now? :I don't see it.....:

God Vs. Evolution
I think sort of like psycic abilitys both, however the bad place would be more likely to have more destructive and deceptive "magic". But "magic" from heaven would probably be what is called miracles.
By the way do you still RP? Because I remember your characters were ninjas and *points to sig* I made a ninja related RP. I had to go for lunch (watermelon is good :Yummy:)