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Zelda Racing!
zelda racing it would be a little like Diddy kong racing in one way 3 vehicle types horse=car, boat=hovercraft, plane=tingle balloon, and it could have all the zelda people from link to gorons. and multiple vehicles like Epona as well as boars, other horses both related to the games and new. Lots of fictional boats or a sea beast. and as well as a tingle balloon, (also possibly a) dragon, deku leaf glider.(it would slowly sink but if you caught an updraft you could gain altitude) Tingle balloon would be very mobile but would lose speed when doing major turns. The courses would be based on real areas as well as new ones. At the start you could pick 1 or 2 items, sword would be good for slowing/hurting people for a few seconds, bows would go far but do less damage\speed loss, hookshot pretty much a grappling hook your victim would slow and you would be kept going steady even if you were attacked. the Ocorina would be able to freeze everyone for a while but it uses lot's of magic then you have to run over a magic jar. The wind waker could change the wind of course, uses little magic because it could hinder you too. The minish cap would shrink if you had bombs no one would know where you put them or you could dodge attacks or find shortcuts but it would use no magic because you would lose speed. also they could include an adventure mode with challenges like herd my cuccos or tame this (animal of choice) and it's yours, catch the moblin commander to win challenge etc. and unless you chose otherwise you would be limited on choices like only one link is selectable, only one person can have king of the red lions etc. and they could include scattered triforce pieces hidden on every course and if you find all of it you could unlock something.

Thats older obviously the Wii you could rotate to steer or use it for certain items.
So do you understand it/see the greatness? This was inspired by TP's horse riding

Like Starfox... Just cause too me it would feel wrong.. OH yeah I'll have to copy that i'll have it in a second. (it's a zelda racing game But I actually thought really hard and it wouldn't take away from the series) And metroid because theres 1 character.

MMBN GM Game idea
Well I belive one was called Chip challenge.... And there Network transmission... If I knew more I might be able to come up with a name suggestion. Maybe Megaman Network Destruction?

Kirby game idea.
I also Just like them once in a while, (belive it or not) But some are really great like Paper Mario 1, MMBN5 and MMXcomand mission.

I just think certain games need a or a few good RPGs, Not a 4 paper marios and 5 mario and luigis.

Kirby game idea.
yeah all of these will most likly be Wii games because of the awsomness factor.

MegaMan game idea.
First of all this is in the original time, There would be Mega, Proto, Roll and probably bass playable after a fight. You geussed it RPG!To use the charge shot you'd hold the trigger, and at the peak of the sound efects release it for maximum mettatuar destruction. Roll would mainly help with Program abilitys like healing. After every boss each character would get a new Program move. Rush and trebel would also help such as rush coil would give a boost to power. Rush Jet increased defense to land enemys and a slight power increase. Megaman could even merge with rush for the armors. And beat could be an item that would do damage to all foes. Also this would not be in cyber forests etc. it would be in naturall areas.

Seven valuable bananas are released and with them all world domination is a thought away. DK must beat them kremlings and a new orginazation called BANANAZ (Bad Alpha Nameless attack nutcases ZINC.) Any way DK Diddy, Dixey, Kidy, Lanky, Tiny and every other kong could be playable... Ok DK just needs an Rpg.

Kirby game idea.
It would be an Rpg. (no i'm not a psyco I just think certain series deserve this kind of game) You would have Kirby waddledee, Metaknight and King Dedede. KDDD would have his hammer and depending on how well you do the attack you selected with the remote it would gain power, He could also inhale his foes and as a special move fly. Metaknight would have similar abilitys. Wadledee would basically be the closest to a healer having weak attacks but knowing some helpfull special abilitys like umbrella donation. Kirby could obviously Eat enemys and slide into them, kirby could eat (not kill) and try to copy a foe. Or eat one and send him back. Kirbys copy could be used once but there would be items that when found could be called on anytime as a special, He's have a lot of old abilitys and a few new. I'm thinking it would be cool to bring kirbys rides in, but i'm not sure of a good way.

Wii zelda idea.
Ok I don't have a plot.
But it would be an RPG maybe in a twist Ganon or vatti could join link, zelda and tingle and probably a new character. as you found new items you'd gain the ability to use them in battle without equiping them. and you would slash the controller for certain attacks to unleash a combo pull it and force it forward to shoot an arrow etc.

MMBN GM Game idea
I don't know what all you can do but. The navi customizer, Maybe several other playable characters, original chips, And Paint man....(a navi I invented I think theres a black and white picture on this board. But thats just my suggestions.

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We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

Fersadenotepon, Dastompion and sahartala saga.
Yeah but I was working on somthing a little better.
Edit: ok now i'll give your cranium a rest, if your the best find somthing nearby,
with ultimatate, and the answer will be clear guy.

Funny thing about Kirby
I thought it would be he has a deep voice. (his war crys are high)