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Wii pimping
It isn't supposed to be illegal, it just voids your warranty which probably is expired anyway. I don't think Nintendo has the legal right to do any disciplinary action either. Using homebrew to do illegal things like illegal ROMs and Emus is illegal though. I mean if it was illegal Nintendo would have threatened to sue the homebrew channel makers and stopped them.

Current Obsessions
(No, I think it is kinda of a chat thing. Definitely to get some convos. starting again.)
I think I probably have you beat with hot sauce. I put hot sauce on so many things; it is excellent for covering up gross tastes.

Wii pimping
A little while ago, I got around to pimping my Wii out by installing the homebrew channel. Has anyone else done this? You really have no right to criticize the Wii unless you have installed the homebrew channel and given it a fair shot. It really opens so many doors. There are a lot of good homebrew games and useful tools. My Wii can now pick up radio stations and allegedly play DVDs. I recommend everybody try this.

Current Obsessions
This thread is pretty much for whatever you are obsessed with currently; a game, TV show, website, book, band/music, whatever.

Currently, I'm obsessed with watching a playthrough of Phoenix Wright on youtube. The mystery is just so intense!

Cloud Mario
What do you think his powers will be in Mario Galaxy 2?

The apocalypse is here!
Alright! You win. He is an unimpressive, arrogant pianist with liberal flowing hair and a cheesy little mustache and he acts like he thinks he is the sexiest man on earth. When he plays the piano he displays some very abnormal and laughable body language.

The apocalypse is here!
Google image search 'Yanni'
The guy acts as if he is cooler than a snowman with poor circulation, in a cryogenic freezer. But he looks like such a loser.

The apocalypse is here!
Apr 10 2010, 10:49 AM
Lady Gaga is like, my #1 guilty pleasure. :No! No, I don't like her/him like that:

Not that I think her songs belong anywhere close to Guitar Hero or Rock Band, but she actually has some songs that aren't that bad. wiggitywack
Your soul is as black as well... it is as black as... um... shadow creature in pitch blackness with remaining light being eaten by a 'light eater.' jk

( :U get my noodle going!: ) Alright... I'll admit I sometimes let one of her songs play on the radio,( :DUH: ) but I still don't like her. :Rage masher: K, punk?! :Kicking names and taking asses!:
^That yellow bastard is lady gaga. :Don't forget about our friendship: ( :Infatuated: )
I just can't stand Poker face or Paparazzi, maybe some others.
Alright so now that we both can no longer pretend to hate her, except for her 'man nose'... How do you feel about Yanni? :Can I please have a puppy: