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For or against the second civil war?
Wait your from Missouri? I'm actually kind of a border hugger, I'm right on the edge in a shared major city. (I'm still a Missouri patriot though.)
I'm looking through the statistics looking for the states I feel would be most likely to follow Texas. Just out of curiosity.
Alabama was pretty slanted against Obama
Alaska too although, I doubt it would have any effect at all, being separated from America altogether
Arkansas not so much but still for the whole division phenomena it would be useful with Louisiana or Oklahoma
I'd also expect Idaho would jump if they could get some of their neighbors. (seriously who would want to secede being all alone, it would be suicide)
Iowa could break a division, although they had a lot of "other" votes.
Kansas would probably succumb to peer pressure if a large clump of the lower central states united, particularly if Missouri was too.
Kentucky would probably be another state ready for peer pressure
Louisiana would probably also eke out onto the Texan side.
Mississippi I'd also suspect would lean toward secession
Statistically Missouri would be iffy, although a closer inspection shows most of Obama's votes came from a couple counties.
Nebraska would be another one on that side, which has me thinking Missouri could kind of get pushed (assuming I miscalculated) if Kansas and other border states were ready.
N. Dakota would also be a suspect
Oklahoma shew-in
Rhode island would surprise me, but they are pipsqueaks anyway (gotta poke fun at them)
S. Carolina would probably be peer pressured out. (assuming peer pressure didn't push toward it)
S. Dakota good chance
Tennesee another likely one
Utah should be, except for isolation
West virginia would probably tag closely to kentucky
Wyoming for sure, which with utah's help, and the division(asuming kansas through the dakotas) Colorado could fall and Arizona would probably ally, New mexico could also be converted. But Kansas should be more likely than Texas. I'm thinking i'd bet on the secessions at least until they got to the deep north east. (California I would not see as a threat, with their crime record they would probably fight amongst themselves a lot)

I just like thinking about different ways history could play out, it is kind of fun. I would scream If missourians experienced deja vu and just fought themselves for a long time, going were kind of out of both sects, but we need to fight someone so we'll fight ourselves.

For or against the second civil war?
Ok.... stalker... wiggitywack

I think we'd probably join Texas, maybe Arkansas or Oklahoma would follow suit. I have found Missourians have a lot of pride like Texans. Certainly we are responsible for quite a bit of America's greatness. Theoretically if a swath separated America vertically it could give the secession an advantage. I would want out bad if Obama was Assassinated and Joe Biden or Pelosi ended up in command, i'm not crazy about Obama, but Biden and Pelosi scare the heck out of me. I think an Obama assassination would spark a fire leading to mass secession. I would bet people would riot, people would defend themselves a little overboard and become vigilantes, then the government would frown on that, and their wrath would then be targeted at the government*. I really don't want that, because I know I'd get pulled in somehow, to ensure justice and order was maintained on the side I ended up supporting.

*Plus I think a ton of people are terrified of Biden.

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It's not a big deal that you missed it, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.
My personal concern really is the size of your button.
Since I haven't seen TNG for a little while and know he has been having computer trouble, for now I might accept your affiliate (if you shrink your button just a little) and if he has an issue it could be terminated.

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For or against the second civil war?
You may have heard the governor of Texas is contemplating secession. Link So if they did would you support your state or region (kind of like what happened to Virgina during the first civil war) seceding? I'm just curious.
I would for sure as long as Chuck Norris keeps his promise to run for president of NeoAmerica/Union of Texas. If he didn't a few other variables would factor in to my final decision of whether or not my state would secede.

That sucks. I think I got a couple trojan horses, one which opened the other. I knew something was wrong and rapidly deleted every file pertaining to the horses. I hate when reputable sites field you to sites, they field you to other sites, who then field you to the undernet for a download.
I was worried I might lose my novel. :XD:

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I had to search that and to my surprise I found this parodiacal site of the crazy Christians.
Whats sad is I'm not sure if it is supposed to be a parody. A lot of stuff points to parody, but there is just that vibe.

Not Cool!
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Not Cool!
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I'll post more later.

New game announced today!
I just got home and found out about a new game Konami (the makers of such iconic characters as Solar-Boy Django)

They are currently working on DanceDanceRevolution:American Revolution. In this game you can choose to play as icons such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, Layfayette and even Benedict Arnold and Young-Andrew Jackson as secret unlockables. You will be able to dance to tunes from around that time period as well as other patriotic tunes including Amazing Grace, StarSpangled Banner, Valiant Soldier, America the Beautiful, Yankee doodle, God bless America, The Liberty tree and many others.
The team working on this project was asked several questions about why they are making this. The head of the team said "It is a great way to entertain kids, and teach them history at the same time." He later said. "I don't know if we can do this, but I'd like to add a secret set of songs that end in a dance off against Obama, Bush and other modern presidents to contrast how much the country has changed from how Washington envisioned it."
They are hoping to release this July 1st 2009, but they still have a lot of work and it may be bumped to July 2010.

I personally find this hilarious!