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Wow, beastly.
Everyone has their own style, Ice Climbers to me are open for most play styles, My favorite style to use with them is an absolute item mastery assault, the fact they have two item slots makes that very easy and adds interesting variables. In melee i was unstoppable with items, particularly motion sensors.
My best characters were roy, kirby and pichu I believe. But i'm extremely versatile, even in brawl, I can go from ike to diddy no problem, online mainers however can't adapt to my new tactics very fast and when they do I just change, and their stratagy doesn't change. I also will steal good strategies, like one guy would jump with pikachu and do thunder, keeping himself from being open and making it tough to figure where he used it.

And now I just rambled to another subject entirely.


What dificulty are you on?
I'm on easy and medium currently, I sometimes do hard in multi-player, but havent gotten good enough at medium to go to hard.

I need some well known songs in rockband
I want to put some songs from rockband in the description, so any popular songs would be helpful.

Differences, Similarities between the two
What Are the differences and similarities they share.
I know Rockband has Drums and a Mic too, but thats about it.

Guitar Hero Vs. Rock Band
That should be every combo, I think except on Wii Rockband is better, when GH4 comes it could end up better.

Rock Band
I don't, but if were talking the wii versions, rockband dropped the ball so many times, i'd be surprised if it's even half as good as guitar hero.

Mario Kart Wii Discussion
This is for discussion of the coming entry in the famed racing franchise,
It sounds cool to me, but I'll probably wait until it cheapens a bit.

NRPM chat thread
Currently i'm at my grandma's because it's my uncles birthday. So I may continue to be intermitent tomorrow.

Yeah, I actually don't notice much of a difference in sound other than the volume increases by 10 or so units when you do star power. Graphix, don't matter very much at all in guitar hero because i'm pounding away to do my best and don't have time to go, "wait slash's hair is a bit grainy."
It doesn't suck much compared to the iminent rock band for wii, 100 bucks more for less songs and more instruments, they cut like everything that could have given them a chance to best GH except the instrument variety.

Big annoucement - April 25/08-Current
New Banners and a slogan - March 8/08-Current
New profile field - August 3/08-Current

Changes now in effect!
The currently active(On a regular basis) staff have decided to de-admin and
de-mod everyone except for GBPA, Darkjinx and RunawayRed.
RunawayRed has also been promoted to admin.
For the staff who have been demoted if you return and contact me you may regain all or some of your status at the sole descretion of GBPA and DarkJinx, and in more special cases a council decision of the admins if they happen to be active during the time in question. For the time being I'd like the only ones to re-admin people be DarkJinx and I, no offense to RunawayRed, but considering he's just be admined he may not know exactly what powers everyone had.
The timeframe for temporary de-admination has also been shortened to 1 month.
Also the annoucment thread pinned has become an archival thread for all the annoucements with a status of the relevance.

-NRPM Staff
And Edit:Special made banners are going bye, bye, except for super RP ones(which are still on a temporary vacation)

Any Q's or Comments?

Sorry i was off for several days, i got guitar hero monday. I do have a plan, but it is sort of a dance with death scenario.
Edit: I'd like to have an incentive for people to recruit etc. But other than adding 200 zenny or something i'm drawing a blank.

Online Cartoon show.
words 7 & 8 Wii Play, you know wii play the game with a controller packed in? I'd link but i'm on my wii.

Online Cartoon show.
Dark Jinx
Apr 14 08, 9:44 AM
You should go there more often, they usually put a new thing up each Monday... If I do get a Wii I probably won't get this though, I'll probably just get SSBB, and the next Zelda game for the Wii... (If they make one, probably, but hey you never know.) You can't really count Wii games though since it comes with the Wii.

I recommend when you do getting wii play, sure it's only got like 3 very entertaining mini-games(composed of 2 and 2 halves games) but it comes with a remote and playing pool and fishing is so satisfying. The pool could stand alone if it didn't have a clunky initial depth perception.

Online Cartoon show.
It's been forever since I've been there. I doubt i'll get it though, I'm trying to manage my money better.

Welcome, if your interested in tournaments and or challenges check out the contest and coliseum, most of the other areas are pretty clear. So have fun.

What music do you listen to
Sounds slightly familiar, it could just be stations too. My mom only listens to the christian talk station (or cds).
My dad has gotten to be the same (minus listening to Cds) although he used to only listen to NPR(national public radio) a very liberal station almost cbs like.(your local cbs may be more conservative though)

In brawl or melee? Because melee I have no problem running or smashing.

What music do you listen to
Yeah, I also like Linken Park, and some coldplay stuff. Maroon 5 has several ok songs too. The other ones you mentioned I don't remember hearing about, but who knows maybe I've heard them and not known it.

It looks better than it is, sadly. The controlls are different though such as your even more sensitive to tap jumps, however you can tap and break the fastest tap record and you won't run or smash, which forces me to occasionaly use the c-stick to get everyone off of me, so I can focus on smashing.