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New schedule.
I know, I'm only a geek at heart; you just had other things that would not make me expect buff or moderately buff army material.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
They should scrap the game and make this a movie. I bet they would make more money.

New schedule.
Dark Jinx
Mar 24 2010, 01:28 PM
Now I know what some of you are going to say the Marines get up sooner than that. I know, I know, but most people don't prep like this at all for them, the fact that I'm doing something like that is good. :XD:
I wasn't going to say that; i'm like the last guy to ask about the marines or Navy. I just know marines do what the army won't, but don't really have an incentive. It is like joining the army, except a lot less pleasant (not that the army is pleasant.) and the navy are at sea. You must be pretty athletic looking if you are going to be a marine... I kind of always imagined a more geeky, scrawny guy. :XD:

Well, even if you don't it is always good to get up a bit earlier. When I started college I needed to get up at 7:30 on the T-days, but now that I finished my computer overview class; i'm still trying to keep that schedule; even though my T-days class starts at 11:00. It allows me to say I can be at work earlier on job applications; yet not leave me for dead if my parents prevent me from getting any sleep one night. Now it would just be nice if anyone was willing to hire me...

The apocalypse is here!
I never thought the devil couls be so brutal! This is unforgivable... He must die now!

Guitars on Fire sounds all the more appealing now; apart from the fact that most of the songs are coded by losers who claim expert is the only difficulty to play on. I swear to you, if one of Lady Gaga's songs is ever an on disc song, I will not buy that game. Not even if it a Killers/Muse rockband marred by one Lady Gaga track.

I suppose it could have been worse; they could have also added paparazzi. Granted, Poker Face is just as lame as papparazi, out of all of her lame music. I feel like I'm the last person I know to remain firm in the face of Lady Gaga... The other day my sister was singing to Bad Romance on the radio. I fear for my niece(s) and my coming nephew; country and lady gaga are the two worst things to happen to music; after Yani of course. Yani is the reason the devil turned bad, Yani is the reason all gore was born. Yani is the reason terrorists hate us. Yani is why bananas are only ripe for about 18 hours before turning yellow and brown. Yani is why Lady Gaga got into music. Yani is the root of every problem!

Now watch we'll get a bunch of fan's of Lady Gaga, Yani and country, joining. :He did what?!: