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Hallo Bizar
Yeah, I've been busy lately so stuff has been going south.
But welcome I'm Gbpa the Co-owner with TNG.

The definition of unholy!
Warning the muse song sunburn was written about this video! It burns like the sun and you can't look away! This is not for the squeamish or for children or pets. God may also tell you you are unclean and must leave your city for seven days while bathing rigorously after watching this because you will be unclean. (sorry, I've been reading Exodus through Numbers recently... :P)

Spring break
Ok I had to break the silence after a week.
What are your spring break plans.
I'm thinking of driving down to new orleans! No, I'm just gonna hang and do stuff in my home city, maybe I can replace my torn up shoes...

Ninja RP
L: Now we finish these scumbags off.
Yaro: I'll show you my clans power is far beyond your ninja clans.
L: Then why did you clan die off?
Yaro: Samurais may be many times more powerful than a ninja, but ninjas had numbers and ambushed us. If it was fair and each Samurai only had to fight 20 ninja, we may have won. I am the last known son of my race.
L: Who killed your clan.
Yaro: No-one nows exactly, it is said one named Orochimar did, my clan originally lived in peace on the continent of Mu. 1025 years ago a man known as Orochimaru by our high sages wanted our land and conquered all but a few family who fleed and took up the mantle of mere mortals. The clan lost its powers from lack of use, however I ran into this guy Felom, he had one of our sacred gems which awakened the spirit of my ancestors that lied deep inside of my soul.
L: Talk about irony, Felom is Orochimaru.
Yaro: Lies.
L: Yeah, you are making my blood boil, but my grudge lies with Eirick.
He lifts Endorf and stabs Eirick in the chest.

Ninja RP
The queen makes an evil hiss and finally fl onto it's back twitching every other minute or two.

Ninja RP
The queen takes massive damage but continues to fire webs.

Ninja RP
The queen roars and then fires several toxic webshots.

Does it exist #4 back from the dead:Mu
For those of you who have been here forever maybe you remember this. In essence a legendary monster, entity, artifact or in this case place is brought up for opinions and debate.
Ladies and gentlemen today we present the literary gold mine and legendary lost continent, Mu!
Is it real, you help decide!

Me personally, I'm not sure. The only real thing anybody has ever brought up to try to disprove plate tectonics, which in recent times is up for grabs whether you believe or not. Some people have found some pretty good evidence poo-pooing plate tectonics, but it doesn't confirm it doesn't exist, because all we have is data from second hand experiments. We have no direct evidence just indirect evidence, which could mean something similar exists or something beyond what today's science can explain.
Because of How iffy it is I generally rule tectonics out as a viable weapon. I don't understand why so many people are horrified about a lost continent.
Still, I keep stumbling upon more bizarre questions a lost continent once existing would explain. Look at a map of Earth and tell me what seems odd about the one of the earths oceans. If you have one of those terrain map you can tell there are a lot of shallows over a pretty large region in the middle of the ocean. There are also countless island littering the shape these shallows create.
What do you believe.
Here is a map of the earth
Posted Image
But google maps zoomed out will give you 2 maps of the earth repeating like a ribbon, if you go there try dragging the map and prepare to have your head hurt if you really think about what you are seeing. XD

Some of this guy's stuff is awesome! (warning the rest is either stupid, and or NSFW)