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NRPM Charts10:Pc games that should be on wii or ds
These are in my opinion the top Pc games that should have home console sequels or remakes.

10 Minesweeper
Yeah boo, alright there is someone out there that would actually enjoy a more complex minesweeper.

It's been a long time since I played this, but it was tetris with hidden pictures and it might have been for every row you clear it will give you a bomb to destroy a block quarter. The manual also had trivia filled throughout it and everytime you tried to play it would require you to pass a round of trivia, just for that randomness it should get a sequel.

8 Nintendofied breakout
Imagine breakout with mario themes or zelda themes.

7 Mahjong
With the wii or DS you could easily play this.

6 Worms
Allright one is coming, but still worms is a fun series.

5 Chicken Invaders II
This is your basic a huge block of enemy chickens are threatening democracy and you must fry these chickens with your spaceship that is weak to an enzyme in egg whites, the chickens discovered this and shoot eggs at you. When hit chickens would either become fried chicken, weapon ups or presents that change your weapons, there were bosses and everything along with Co-op play. This would probably be best suited to wiiware.

4 Lemmings
Pretty obvious the stylus or remote would be great for this.

3 Jazz Jackrabbit 2
The best way to describe this series is Sonic getting combined with Megaman. You could run fast and have many very similar tiles, but you also have a gun that you can fire in all directions. The game also boasted online and a level creator.

2 RPG maker
Honestly any game creator for wii is a no brainer, the wii should have been launched with this, I'm surprised nintendo is not doing their own creators and getting rich! I mean you make a game with the ease of your remote and you send it to friends. If this was released I can pretty much guarantee nintendos download servers would crash!

1 One Must Fall
I loved this game, it is in my humble opinion the greatest game to even grace a PC! To imagine this game imagine street fighter with giant robots, Every hit would send scrap metal and bolts flying. You start by selecting a character with certain stats and then a robot with it's own statistics to change the final stats even more, each robot boasted different attacks and special moves. The Jaguar for example could fire taser beams from it's eyes much like a hadoken, the Shadow could create shadow clones, the Pyro could roast with incredible speed and power yet it was slow and lacked knees. Every stage had it's own hazards as well much like SSB stages, one was in a cage made of lighting rods another in a pit that had spikes try to impale you every so often and another had planes that would dive bomb and fire stunning bullets, there was also one in a furnace room where balls would appear and hitting one would roast your enemy. It had a lot of difficulty levels and the minimum level required to even fight the boss was tough, each character also had a different storyline, they even had two story modes, one that was like an arcade fighter and another career mode where you bought and customized robots.
This game could be Wii-ware (equiped with online) or it's own stand alone game if they made a much needed sequel.

SmashBros.Brawl: 3minutes of peace
Inside they give the rules and better info on the challenge.
Survive a 3 minute brawl without letting any get KO'D.
You must play a 3 minute brawl and not let any alloys get KO'd (Including them self destructing) You can use any character and need a video.

I'm pretty sure with brawl you can prove this feat without a DVDR, you just need an SD card and then you copy it from your SD to your computer, put it in windows moviemaker then publish it to a site like youtube and post the link.

should you formatt your wiis?
You may have seen nintendo saying that if you sell or donate your wii you must format all personal data. (So they can make more money)
Do you agree and if you were to sell or give your wii(Or hypothetical wii) away, would go to the trouble of deleting all of your personal data or would you just do what you wanted.
The way I see it it's like a tape and a VCR, if you sell it you will probably sell your collection too, not throw it in the trash and make the next person have to hunt down tapes.

Brawl Exibition matches
I'll try to move it too this coming saturday, same time. If you have something please tell me as soon as possible.
My school has started again too and because of my math teacher I too can only really play on weekends.

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Since Nintendo Forums has been downed.
The place with the red skin?
I haven't heard anything I hope for a 3d game with Vaati though, maybe let him hire Gannon and have them work together for some purpose so awesome only Vaati could be behind it.
That or a game where Vatti loses his memory and teams up with Link, serving as a key to puzzles and someone a buddy can control. The two could use items differently, like maybe vaati could imbue arrows with wind to make them homing.

Brawl Exibition matches
no, in the morning wiggitywack
Yeah in the afternoon central time.

Smash Bros Brawl
I think the best way to fully register is to select and agree on a time to both be on.
Oh, and by the way in the contests and challenges is a thread about wi-fi games, i'd like the listing of wi-fi games and codes there. (it makes tournament planning simpler)

Brawl Exibition matches
Ok, i'm pushing the date to saturday at 3:00.

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SSBB is good!
Yeah I'm basically right in the perfect center of the country, Yeah, the East coast is very liberal wiggitywack But so is Illinois wiggitywack
I understand there are different economies, and your even further from NOA's headquarters. (That is why they should open two new ones, one either where I am or in texas(So they can sell to mexicans easier and not just Canadians) and then one in the east and make those pure manufacturing plants)
Still games are easy to make in surplus, you just have to make a case, print a complete manual in english and a here and there manual in spanish*, copy data print on the cd, seal the game and ship. Not much to it, a console on the other hand they have to assemble perfectly, make complex green boxes to package it in and print manuals.

*I looked through the spanish half, it's not complete.

SSBB is good!
I don't know where you live, but i just walked into my target and got it, sunday afternoon. I almost overlooked it because it's got a dark cover, but there were about 7-9 sitting there when I got there, maybe more in the back. It only looked as if it could hold 15 or so, granted i'm in a fairly big city, well technically by geography tiny, and i'm not even in it, but when you think about it you think of the whole area and equate it into one single city not 30-40 all together.

SSBB is good!
YOUR FRIEND SUCKS! He didn't even buy it or hunt it down!
He has no emotional bond to it! wiggitywack

When you get it I hope to see you on wi-fi.

SSBB is good!
Most of the bad things are minor annoyances, not major flaws, just tiny errors and cut corners.

Brawl Exibition matches
I'm thinking since this is only exibition, I may try to share it with FN. I'm going to have to bump this ahead anyway.
Edit: Dates changed to allow for an extra day.

Brawl Exibition matches
The first Tournament is in the works.
Note: Until several people post they have it the date is tentative.
When the tournament shall take place(give the timezone too): March 16, 2:00Pm central
What date registration closes on:March 14th 9:00 Pm Central
Any misc Rules and Info:All characters, any stage, all items on.
This is an just exibition so we can get a bit of practice and I can discover if there are any problems with online.
To sign up post your friend code and what your under.

my code is
3093-6749-2108 GBPA

W00T! Were on google!
Two of our products come up, our topsite division is first and relatively high, on what is the default page two is a link to the NRPM fan zone!
Now we just need to get high on "Nintendo" "RP" (doubtful, RP has two many things it stands for. And well "More" isn't something people probably will google.

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I have mixed feelings, I don't like seeing people with tramp stamps, It depends on the location. It also depends on the tattoo, I don't plan to get a tattoo anytime soon, but if someone really wants too it's their choice. It doesn't hurt me either so I don't care.

New Banners! And a slogan.
With smash coming and NRPM finally finding it's intended niche in the gaming world, I felt it was time to change the old banner. You may see one that is blank on one side and that is because I want to include Cell link and Gannon so it will be updated when Nintendo releases their artwork.
You may also notice the words "Can You Beat The Challenge?" too. This is a slogan I liked, however if anyone posts another I like Better I will change the Slogan, so feel free to submit any slogan ideas for NRPM's slogan if you don't like mine.