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phantom hourglass discussion
That sounds like it could possibly be bad I mean what do you do for sword slash use items get to the item screen.

Why are these all lumped?
They all had very low topic counts and in essence took up room so if there get to be a ton of topics the series it's related too may get a forum again.

We're never doing one of these threads again!
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Look at all the people joining. although BLOOD HOUND Thinks he'll be off his computer till after the weekend.

Blood Hound
.............You know each other?

At 10:23AM a goron collapsed when walking by a lake with his freinds it was found his body seemed abnormally lacking of water. Even though earlier a couple zoras sold them a top secret drink and the dead one drank a lot of it.
Zora1: with something appeariing white on his hands I had just come out of the water after a hard days work and some gorons asked me for a drink I gave in.
Zora2: I just noticed that one zora was laughing and mixing a whiteish substace in to something. I did notice something white on/in the lake a little earliear that day but.
Goron: My freind's mouth looked white after he drank the stuff.
(hint you need to use science to get an idea of what happened)

Peach: Oh well I geuss I should confess. I did it the ninji is an arms dealer selling nukes... The pianta president planned to have a strong defense but zI felt threatened so I planned a party to kill him at and tried to kill the ninji.
Toad 2: I knew peach was watching so I ate one of the snacks I was to force on the ninji and president so it wouldn't be fatal since 2 are deadly.
Peach: I figured it out though and made sure the president would die.
*peach was arrested the mushroom kingdom and mario are demanding the death penelty. But the judge is insisting on only 3 life terms in prison.*
i'll post the next later.

Peach: It just looks bad. *starts crying* Help me mario.
Mario: I think you did it i'm sorry...
Toad2: I didn't mean it.
(peach is responsible with the secret path being right But like i said Can you figure out the motive.)

Ninji: Alright I'll explain what happened the security guy saw me to walk into that room with the president to duiscuss some top secret pianta government things. But that one toad was hanging around with peach a lot, the one that forced us to eat.
Toad2: Peach threatened me.
Peach: *begins sweating*

zenny are the main currency. A super RP (data battle like a card battle) uses them. Members can also sell or buy stuff. NRPM credit: Is basically credit check the troubleshooting board for the credit thread for an in depth explanation.

Mar 30 07, 1:22 PM
I suspect it is peach because bowser saw her going in the library and then she probably had a secret escape route to leave. she did it, she should pay. :You drove me nuts:

Can you think of a motive like why peach would want to kill him. *hint this is a bit easy just read their testimony*
Peach: I... I didn't do that... Why would I want him dead.
Ninji: *coughs some blood on the floor*
(that was another hint)

Yeah it's in the fanfic area. (At first I thought someone deleted the comic board but mines still there.)

I think general-guy may have altered the names a bit causing some confusion.

you probably should have posted this in the fanfic board or megaman board, would you like me to move it.

6th Icon election phase 1
Note: This phase vote for as many things as you want, you are given infinite votes (within reason(that means maybe you should try to keep from voting for more than 10))
The top 6 will go to phase 2, So that means if you see a vote you like, it's more likely to get elected if you also put in a vote for it.

Post any game characters you would like and I'll try to find one\make one.
(please nothing obscure (unless you have a pic to offer) or mature)
keep your votes to things originally from games (if you have one you often use that isn't part of a game series and is original you can vote for that)nothing like lego man from lego racers.
you can nominate as many as you want but be curtious. Don't tell someone how to vote or bribe them. if you want to help with this cause Pm me.
be specific don't say link thinking oot to find out it end's up alttp. say the game or be as descriptive as you can.
the top 8 this time will go to the 2nd stage and stay there until elected that means don't vote for a Super Mario Bros. goomba if it's on the second list or your wasting your vote however if you vary it like say SMB3 goomba the vote will be worth something.
this phase will end the 13th of april unless no one votes other than me then it's extended untill someone else votes. and then I'll count. (unless someone wants to help with this.)
Edit: Oh yeah list of icons that can't be voted for and what must be done to break the rule.
Don't vote for
Pyro guy. (it's rare and I've ran out if you have a different 1 you must post a pic to vote)

I vote
Koopa troopa
rattly (fromDKC2)

Metroid prime 3 discussion
I'm may not be up on the MP news but did they go back again and say online might happen again.

Mario party 8 discussion
Hopefully all will use the wii controller well but for some reason I see a few rapidly push A games.

Blood Hound

????? new member
Mar 30 07, 12:21 PM
Phantom X
Mar 29 07, 5:54 PM
I was going to post there a few minutes ago but I saw the date due was before March.
Oh and do I have enough credit to change my group?

im also new, can i change my group? i would want R.I.P. group

Pm me the details, but my Admin Cp is acting weird so it might take a while.

Megaman ZX 2
Mar 30 07, 11:38 AM
i dont like any rockman games past the nes and snes

those ar fun but most of them are extremly hard. You have no close I came to killing airman all those times just when he's down to one hit and he's dead he dodges all of my shots and kills me.

We're never doing one of these threads again!