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I've decided i'm going to close this forum because i'm tired of it. This will happen tomorrow so....I got you didn't I?

early (if you read tonight) April fools. But seriously I am thinking of making another board out of boredom this will still be my main board. What do you think? (I was between nintendo sending me top secret information acidentally and this.) :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Well to bad I don't have snap in pops to put under the toilette seats. (I hear screaming like 1:00AM because someone plops down in the middle of the night)

3rd icon vote phase 3.
Randomly selects an icon that wasn't voted for.
Ok Toad!
Also on shadow I can't find the pic luigi submitted (I checked google too) should I just use a different one?

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^..^ + ['-'] = :WK:

You could have posted this in chat, But anyway Happy birthday Luigi!!

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I'm the wario ware phycic. For 50 dollars a minute I can slowly interveiw you and tell you about your past....

What every forum needs....Pants!!!!
Uncle Pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew-Star fox

New forums
It actually took me somewhere now.

Where did you come from?
Uh where can your family history be traced to?
Set it up sort of like
Strongly thinks:
Dad has italian in him,
Dad may have spanish\mexican traces.
Mom and dad have english and other major european races.

Warning! Do not be predgidice of anybody because of this!

Who all have you been at halloween?
My first one was Krow from DKC2.
then Toad, Waluigi, Diddy kong, Link, And of course megaman because I look exactly like him. (I don't wear blue metal though) I wanted to dress my dog (now dead.....) up as tingle when I was link and Rush when I was megaman.

What charecter do you look like?
What game or movie charecter do you look closest too?
I look almost exactly like megaman without a helmet. (or his blue metal suit)
However my nicest outfit almost is the same as chaud's from MMBN.

What every forum needs....Pants!!!!
Donkey kong country 2: Diddys pants-quest.

I did it!
I beat Nebula gray In (the longest game title ever ^..^ ) MegaManBattleNetwork5DoubleTeamDS I don't remember the whole battle but I had him begging for mercy the whole battle. No,..........................................................
I asked someone at nsider a question that made it possible for me to do more than 30 damage.
It turned out you aim for a blue ball. anyway I had used all my recover chips I had a ton of little weak chips I knew could connect and then a lance chip (sharp bamboo stabs back panel) which would kill him but if it failed i'd die. I had like 20 hp so I could get hit twice before loseing (because I was wearing an undersht) but most my panels were craked or gone so dodging was not going to work. I tried it and I won. (the weak chips would have taken to long)

We're never doing one of these threads again!

Ryming spam.
wrinkled drape

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0 X 0

What every forum needs....Pants!!!!
I'm going to turn this area nebula pants resort.
BlizzMan MMBN5

Ryming spam.

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4 = 6

What every forum needs....Pants!!!!
MegaMan Pants in, execute.
MMBN series

What every forum needs....Pants!!!!
Super Smash Pants melee.