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Ninja RP
The hole in the center of the depression widens and cracks as Gbpa rises up.
Eirick: This guy is serious... That last move is an execution move it would kill anyone.
Gbpa's face is and body is bloodied, but it quickly heals.
L: (That sword! This is my chance.)
L transforms into Rogue and flips over toward Eirick. As Eirick senses him L reaches out and grabs Endorf's blade and rips it from Eirick's hand.
L: I can use the sacred blade too, thanks for giving me a second sword, it may not be as powerful as Miasma, but Endorf is large enough to be usefull.
Eirick: I do not need Endorf, meet Zerben the Demon lance and mace Hybrid! Yaro, reveal yourself!
A man dressed like a samurai jumps out from the darkness.
Yaro: I YamatoMan carry the twin Demon lance Zogtor. I may not be a ninja but my Samurgy is an equal power.
Doijom: Samurai... they were just legend. Guys I think Eirick is somehow fortified by the queen spider-snake monster. If we can kill it we can even our odds.

Ninja RP
Gbpa's eyes flash and his body begins to take on the firey form it had when Rosuto fought him.
L: His body memorized that form... His rage must have triggered it.
Gbpa: You... will... regret... this... trespass...
The energy all around is sucked in one massive dose.
Then his hands move into the hadoken posture and he releases a Hyper Beaming Hadoken into Eirick with a bright flash.
Eirick: Reapers seal!
He creates three clones and they surround Gbpa in a flash each points its sword and a seal forms in the air.
L: NO!
Eirick: Heh, heh... Say good bye to your friend L.
L: No you are sentencing the world to Armageddon!
Eirick: Hmph... yeah...
Each of the clones releases A black cresant slice and the seal multiplies it's power and then Eirick appears above Gbpa and thrusts his sword down sending Gbpa flying highspeed into the ground and leaving a large valley with a hole in the center.

Do you play with your wenis?
O Yaz!

Ninja RP
Gbpa pushes both of them into his breastplate and unleashes a bright glow. Eirick Counters by using his Black Cresant Slice sending Gbpa flying back.

Do you play with your wenis?
l3ik i luv plaYing wItH My w3Nis!!!!11
LOLWut aB0uT u???//

Ninja RP
Gbpa: Don't fight! My rivalry with my brother, Shade has him wandering risking everything over our differences. Don't ruin your family!
Eirick: Shade? He is your brother? Well let me tell you something, just like L and I you are destined to fight him to the death. I watched as Orochimaru sealed his soul away and granted him the ultimate power.
Gbpa: He can use it too?
Eirick: No, not the Hadronokun... Even though in theory he could use a weak version, no-one other then the Chaos Family have vessels that can support the Hadronokun. At least not yet... Felom is planning to use Shade to test the transfer, He hopes to be able to grant the power to everyone, but as of yet it has only scarred and tormented your brother. What fun to watch him bleed... Don't think you can save him, it is too late his soul is so badly damaged by now there is no coming back, he is now just a minion of Felom's.
Gbpa: You... L forgive me, but now it is personal.
Eirick: Blame the messenger.
In each of his hands a Magokun forms.

The NRPM trails
Pops the top on his bottle of holy water ready to throw it at TNG, then when hit turns out he was just hungry he drinks the holy water.
Gbpa: Refreshing!
His body glows blueish and he warps over to a zombie and punches it vaporizing it.
Gbpa: Wow, who would have guessed drinking holy water would make an italian the bane of evil.

Ninja RP
L: Very well, I'd prefer to kill him myself. By the way I wouldn't get owned, I would be toying with him.
He chuckles evily.
Eirick slashes and a black cresent flys from his blade to L.
L: Dang! That hurt! You desecrated the Sacred blade!? What is wrong with you!

The NRPM trails
Gbpa: If it is he needs to get that checked out.
Random Zombie: Why do you persecute us, your the judge and...
Gbpa: Give me that player.
He pushes a button.
MP:Well, I can't tell lies, 'cause they're listening to me.
And when I fall asleep, bet they're spying on me tonight, tonight.
'Cause they're waiting for me.
They're looking for me.
Ev'ry single night they're driving me insane.
Those men inside my brain.
I try to sleep, they're wide awake, they won't let me alone.
They don't get paid or take vacations, or let me alone.
They spy on me, I try to hide, they won't let me alone.
They persecute me, they're the judge and jury all in one.
'Cause they're waiting for me.
They're looking for me.
Ev'ry single night they're driving me insane.
Those men inside my brain.
Zombie explodes.
Gbpa: Thanks Mr. Zombie, you reminded me of a good song to slaughter you with. "Dream police, they come to pee in my bed" No, that's not right.
Another zombie in the distance: Daddy!? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!
He bursts into tears as he realizes his father is redead.

Well welcome, i'm the forum world famous GBPA. But seriously, that is who I am.

Why I chose the songs I did on my station
Go to this topic.
It explains most of the basic stuff, so you have some idea going in on how that website works It isn't too hard to figure out though. (particularly with the recent upgrade they did.)

The NRPM trails
Gbpa; Stick seems immune to it, but he could have zombie earplugs. A nearby zombies puts his hand up to his eyes and crys before his head explodes into a spray of black slime.
Gbpa: What do you know Zombies have motor oil filling. I could make a lot of money growing and harvesting zombies.

Ninja RP
Eirick: What is so funny about KnightMan.
L: He wants to vindicate himself and make me take the blame for how our relationship ended up.
Eirick: I tried to be a brother and make ammends, but you would never show any reaction.
L: You made me what I am! You opened my eyes to how people will only betray you, how all they care about is themselves.
Gbpa looks over at him...
L: Or how most of everyone is...
Eirick: I worked my butt off to provide you with Ferrys, you favorite fruit that only grows on the oases islands. I could have gotten something for myself. What did you do!? You just took them from me and walked away without a word.
L: I had long told you we were only comrades, but I lied.
Eirick: We were brothers...
L: You meant nothing to me, you were just a random person. Wait... Brothers.. Psah! What a retard.
Eirick: Then remember when you needed to train your skills and I let you beat me up. I did not complain as blood spewed from me or as my bones shattered. When it was over I hid my injuries from you so as to not hurt you. Then I gave you the clothes off my back. You left me in Chillo buck naked, I almost got assaulted by some desperate penguin drivers. I tried to make ammends I gave you my heart and soul, Now Felom has taught me I was foolish and should not have tried to befriend you.
Gbpa: L, is that a tea..
L: Shut up! Unless you want me to kill your Insolent ***!
Eirick: So you are still human, this will make it all the more fun to kill you. I force you to deal with your emotions and then physically torture you.
Eirick: Yes, I have my bastard, Felom powered it up though. Meet the new Endorf legendary Murkland bastard.
L:...No you are a bastard you deliberatly try to humilate me.
L says with emotion cracking into his voice as the tears begin to scream.
Eirick: Still a cry baby at heart, eh...
L: Brother, I will kill you here and now, even if we were still on the same side I'd still tear your heart out of your carcass!
Eirick rides the queen out out a little more and his thick green battle armor glimmers, and then a large sword is unsheathed. "I swore my life to you master felom, now I will bring you the blood of your enemies. Great Lord Felom."

The NRPM trails
Cue Dramatic music and lighting, Gbpa walks over and takes TNG's hand and looks into his eyes.
Gbpa: No, TNG he is your father. I was merely noting that the Zombies ignore those rules anyway... You don't know anything about him being a zombie do you?!
Pulls out a cross and an MP3 player filled with Muse's greatest hits.
Gbpa: Zombies fear the holyness of crosses and holy water, being italian they really fear it! Muse is just so awesome it causes the heads of the unholy races to explode. Oh, I almost forgot my Wii Remote and DS these are in reality ancient seals used by the japanese to seal away evil spirits. They can seal any evil being inside. Miyamoto made it specifically to house such monsters as Michael Jackson, Oprah, Bill Gates and Elmo.

Ninja RP
Doijom Glances over the crowd for Edward as they head away, but does not see him.
Doijom: Edward is not here.
???: You had to come and cause trouble, the final seal was almost broken. They were soon to become Serpisians the children of Felom.
L: That voice...
???: Oh, well master will be happy with such meddlers like you eliminated.
Gbpa: You won't kill us...
???: Maybe not, but I'll hold you long enough this little region will be ganged up upon and destroyed, you cannot fight every nation's army. You see, when the Elder has no knowledge of you bringing message of your alliances, your allies will grow suspicious. They will fight alongside our allies and destroy all of you. When they discover the truth it will be too late.
Doijom: Who are we allies with?
???: I do not know, but no nation is that trusting, only one who had a prophetic gift could see the truth. But if it was them, they could never convince their allies of the truth in time, but why would they let you come if they were your ally?
L: Brother?
???: Nothing slips past you L'ee.
L: Why did you betray me Eirick!
Eirick: Lets see a step brother who refuses to admit he has any feeling or remorse. A weak step brother who just happens to have the Oroculi Hadronokun and Felom's DNA. Don't forget how you were when we were young. You were such a crybaby you cared so much about people liking you, I was like a brother.
L: I grew up and threw away my emotions. You were not like a brother, you were a bully you pushed me until my hatred came to a boil, you made me become strong, you made me throw away my emotions. You only wanted to see what I could do I was like a pet to you, no I was merely an experiment.
Eirick: I was immature and had grown tired of you crying so much. When I got older I wished to be your brother, I wanted to be close.
Eirick comes out of the shadows on the queen monster riding it.
Eirick: My name is no longer Eirick it is KnightMan.

Who is the best President?
I used to really like, Lincoln however knowing the truth about him takes away from the legacy for me. I still like him well enough, but he isn't quite who most people paint him as. Most people unrightly tie slavery to the civil war as have Lincoln as this guy who only cared about freeing the slaves. The real story is Jackson really made the south mad and caused it to become hostile to the north. Lincoln was very northern and was the straw that broke the camels bank. The south seceded and Lincoln pursued after them refusing to let them do so. Honestly I don't think the south had the right to secede or that the north had the right to go over the states heads even in this case. But both did so. Lincoln did oppose slavery, but he was happy to live and let live. He only brought slavery into everything after the south repeatedly owned the north against no odds and he needed a carrot to keep the north fighting. The easiest carrot was to dangle slavery, which ended up working and letting him slip out as the victor. I don't think if the north had lost they would have stayed separate or that slavery would have continued though. Lee, the guy that basically ran everything in the south for Davis was basically a northerner at heart, he just opposed an overpowered government marching into the south, which he lived near the line so they basically were marching into his home too. I figure if the south had won, Lee would have been president in Grant's place and if the south hadn;'t already rejoined he would have done so and then being a northerner essentially abolish slavery in a softer way than Lincoln ended up doing. I think the government wouldn't be quite as messed up as it is now either. But what do I know I'm just a westerner... XD

Who is the best President?
With it being President's day which president do you think was the best and why? Also which president do you wish never was president. If you disagree with someone, feel free to debate them a little.
My favorite has to be Washington, he had a keen sense of right and wrong and stayed loyal to his countrymen even when tempted with incredible offers to betray them. I also believe the government he envisioned would have truly been great, but then his cabinet had to go and screw everything up when Jefferson and Adams started party politics. Then Jackson really screwed everything up by being a... well it is not a nice name and probably breaks the TOS.
Which there is the president I don't like the most, or one of them. The only cool thing about Jackson was he was shot in a duel, the bullet knicked and lodged in the side of his heart and he lifted his hand and killed his enemy. (Then he became president) Jackson was just a jerk, if it wasn't for John C. Calhoun and Clay he probably would have started the civil war right then(Actually if he never passed his Tariff the civil war might have never happened)! He just liked annoying the people he didn't like which was the south who didn't like him either. Jackson was a big racist too, he often disliked people for just being from a particular region or a particular race. Then he just found something to dislike in 90% of the people who remained. He was very entertaining to learn about, because he was just nuts and seemed to love drama and conflict. He basically waged war on poor Hamilton's national bank and caused a depression because he didn't like Clay and Clay supported the bank. (Maybe, if Hamilton's bank stayed alive we wouldn't have the 20-50 year cycle for depressions that started about when Jackson killed the bank.)
The other President that I might dislike as much as Jackson is Carter, just because he gave the Panama Canal away. I think Jackson is far worse though.

Ninja RP
L: They fit the description of a legend. Supposedly they originated in an unholy land and Felom found them and used them as an army. In a fight Klaton sealed them back into where they came. I would figure Felom is amassing his army for war again.
Doijom: Elder!
Elder: Oh thank God! E...
A kunai flies into the back on his head and the elder falls down.
Doijom: Who threw that kunai!? The rest of you head for above ground!
He turns to the group.
Doijom: One of us need to escort the civillians out.

Ninja RP
They squirm as they get electrocuted and scramble to their feet just to die.
L: You think this will work, he blows the poison in the webs out so little poison droplets fly out like arrows killing most of the other monsters.
Edward: These may not seem tough, but wait until you meet the queen... Heh, Heh...
Doijom: What?
Edward: Nothing, just a cough. We need to go save the people down there.
Doijom: yes... Lets go down there.

NRPM Radio Beta release
We are proud to present the latest feature to the forum, An official Radio. It will be getting updated from time to time so keep checking back. Thanks, to thatnewguy's suggestion some of the staff members will be uploading their favorite songs to a special station unique for them so that you can see how awesome their taste in music is.
For me I'd be willing to create some additional stations if people began suggesting misc. songs for a general station or for particular bands who should get their own station(Coldplay, etc.).
To find this stations look up to the bar directly below the banner and then look on the far right of the bar.
What I envisioned was people opening a set of stations in a different tab and letting it play while they post or even surf the net for po... er... stuff.

I listed why I chose my songs Here.