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Wario MOD discussion
discuss the game where wario becomes bipolar.

We're never doing one of these threads again!
getting out of spamy topics? you may have noticed official game threads.


Metroid prime 3 discussion
talk about this game.

MegaManStarForce Discussion
Discuss the upcoming american release of megamans newest DS adventure asuming you play megaman. :Oh Crap:

phantom hourglass discussion
Discuss WW Link's upcoming DS adventure.

Mario galaxy discussion
Discuss about this game.

We're never doing one of these threads again!
357 in general we need people to try to make new non-spamish topics.

We're never doing one of these threads again!
Feb 26 07, 10:22 AM
then we must make new topics and stuff.

Yeah I'm trying see the credit thread. I was hoping people would want credit. XD

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!
OH! you were talking about this thread. I'm not sure what sad you meant like that this is here or like it'sa been so long and not reached 500(of course people made serious counting problems sometimes).:Wsleep:

We're never doing one of these threads again!

How this works I'll start posing a crime I'll list some witnessess and list a few claims that some make. Then you must choose to interact with witnesses to get info or investigate things. I will post what they say and if you get anything. then you can try to accuse(try to give a motive too) people however if your wrong you may have to wait a while. If someone wants I'll let them do one ok heres the first.

At 10:40PM at peaches castle the pianta president for isle delfino coming to talk about an alliance collapsed at 11:00Pm he was pronounced dead. testing showed a poison in his wine. The doors were sealed to keep the killer in. when asked
Mario: said I'm inocent I was on this floor all day.
Luigi: Yes both of us the kitchen is up there.
Peach: I was in my room all day getting ready.
Toad 1: I was in the library which is across from the kitchen all day.
Bowser: I had come to kidnap peach when I saw her sneak into the library I went in and no one was there.
Security guard: he(president) told me he needed to go into that empty room down there but not to follow him, I noticed a ninji sneak in and the president walked out with a breifcase and wanted to leave but toad 2 said to justtry some of the food and wouldn't let him leave.

Toad 1
Toad 2
Pianta security gaurd

New emoticons.
wario themed that came from spriters resource.

5th icon election phase 3
You may vote for 1 top 5 will make it through.
ends when several people vote.

We're never doing one of these threads again!

The credit thread!
Things to buy

Name change: 25 Credit
Name color change: 20 credit
Bold or unbold name: 40 credit
Member group level goes up: To Knight of hyrule: 100 credit and so forth up it increases by 40.
original member group: 25 credit.

Feb 21 07, 10:18 PM
Feb 17 07, 3:38 PM
My peanut butter is Great value and has 2111...

egh better check that out. luckily i don't eat peanut butter

How does it get in peanut butter? do we need more/better sanitation laws.

1. I am not a doctor I may know a lot about medical things but I have no degree. Don't take my advice alone you can scroll through and see if something sounds right (for your own use or to tell your doctor) but call your doctor if you have any problems. There may be errors in some things and I can't be held responsible if you see a problem and die by deciding you can handle it alone.

2 The error thing for 1 goes for everything I don't upload anything unless i'm 98% sure it's true and hope other uploaders do as well. If I find something out I will fix errors as fast as possible.

Acid reflux/heartburn/indigestion
Acid Reflux (as-id Re-fl-ucks)
This is the more technical name (yet less technical then Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD) for heart burn or indigestion. It is the feeling of burning pain in your stomach(sometime mistaken for hunger) or chest. Sometimes it is managable with just antacids and limiting foods that are highly acidic namely trans fat or any fat(as in chocolate causing trouble when really it's the fat content) or tomato products. As well as cutting back on spicy foods. It also can cause insomnia because as you lay down the acid seeps into your chest area. If you continue to have trouble see a doctor because you may be having heart attacks and just want to say it's heartburn or you may have a bacterial infection, either way uncontrolled acid reflux can lead to other things including something with a sciency name I forgot but nicknamed Acid asthma as that is essentially what it is. Losing wheight and eating high fiber diets are also good for relief.