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We're never doing one of these threads again!
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We're never doing one of these threads again!

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We're never doing one of these threads again!
Yeah at 200....people will get tired probably.

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We're never doing one of these threads again!

Is this fan art any good?
o_^ I don't understand why. But it's up to you.

I used to live in an area with no (ok little) tecnology....... and there were like 3 stations, It was like ABC/NBC and CBS all in one station.

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It's a tv station...I learned that what I missed, is it's because Warner bros. and UPN are merging.

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Woah. O.o
Actually posting inteligently, and correctly. (Like posting spam in spam, mario in mario)

Mario party mini-game ideas.
go here to see the original thread on nsider.
My new ones
Hotwings ( Battle)
You see some lava leak in a dark cave aand a paratroopa grabs the charecters.
Then you have to hit levers to lower the lava a bit. A miss is an instant loss.
The end: cave ends vertically.

Wingdings (4\8 player)
A paratroopa grabs you infront of a sky scraper.
You must move the controller left and right to lunge that way and ring the most bells.

Knock his block off! (2 vs. 2)
There are several floors and dividing the teams is a wall with twomps in it.
The first to push a thwomp into the oponents side wins. to push pull the controller back and lunge as quickly as possible to hit hard.

Silent but deadly. (bowser)
You must work together collecting peices for a bomb while bowser snores. Howevber if you move while he wakes up you are out.. if the team can escape everyone wins.

The last supper. (bowser)
There are 2 plates of food you must protect them from the koopakids fire balls by getting in front of it.
If a peice of food goes it's over.

Rise of the king. (bowser)
Bowser is on a trampoline and you must run on a cliff ledge anticipating his target and moving as he lunges into the cliff.

Keep your eyes peeled. (swanky game(DK))
Theres a pit of mr eyes beforehand a few are x-rayed.
if you hop on one with a peel you will be stoped.

Peel or no Peel (Swanky)
It shows you before hand the correct bananas but as a conveor goes you must choose to grab a banana or throw it away because it has a bomb.

Big mario news!
In my NP they said New super Mario Bros. Will center around bowser and the koopalings taking peach, toad and other big charecters will also make it...But yoshi won't cause he dosn't fit.
It's also possible there will be a side scroller for the revolution.
In SMB4(as I perfer to call it) They said that like SM64 levels only open with a certain amount of something... And levels may branch like in SMW.

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Woah. O.o
Feb 28 2006, 01:47 PM
Cool, I'm mod? How? ^^

I thought you deserved to be promoted from a member to a mod.

I think it sends it out as an e-mail But i'm not sure...If it dos I don't think so but you can unsubscripe somwhere in "my controlls".

Like the newest skin?
Yeah, I geuss I don't have to edit the skin till I like it....At least untill I get bored.