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Who am I now?
Oh shoot, well it was the most obvious thing since... Al Gore lied about inventing the internet.

What are your new years wishes?
As you may know, a new year is a new beginning. A chance to have a better year; a time to make a wish on what you want in the new year. It is said strong pure hearted wishes may be granted when made on new years eve. Why people disagree, some think God will consider these desires; other believe in more mystical reasons. You may have also heard a second full moon is occurring new years eve; legend states a full moon collects the wishes of the world and broadcasts those wishes throughout the universe until the next new moon. The second new moon is said to project those wishes until the next second full moon. Compounded with this being on new years, wishes are more likely than ever to be granted.

So what are your wishes/prayers for yourself in the new year. If many people wish for the same things it is said to make the granting of that wish even more likely. So after you make your wish/prayer consider wishing for the other member's wishes/prayers to be answered.

I'll be praying for God to give me guidance and to take me down his road for me. A girlfriend would also be nice though. :P

Crowbus (cr-oh-buhs) Posted Image
The strongest member of the Crowcar family, amongst Crowcar and Crowket. His style is no different then the rest of his family; a rush attack against Geo.
He gives you the JetAttack3 card.

Crowket (Cr-oh-keht) Posted Image
The second version of the Crowcar virus family in the StarForce games. Like his brethren Crowcar and Crowbus, he jumps all around the field and then dashes ahead hoping for a bodyslam.
He gives you the JetAttack2 card.

Crowcar (cr-oh-car) Posted Image
These are Crow like viruses in the StarForce games, they are part of a larger family, including Crowket and Crowbus. Their method of attack is to fly straight forward, much like the Fishy viruses from the BattleNetwork Series. Crowcar viruses have appeared in both MegaMan StarForce and MegaMan StarForce 3.
Crowcar gives you the JetAttack1 card.

Mettenna (meht-en-uh) Posted Image
This is the form that the Mettaur took as technology advanced from BattleNetwork to StarForce. They follow the exact same pattern as they did as lowly computer viruses. They all simply move sideways pulling out a pickaxe when they catch sight of Geo as MegaMan, sending a shockwave. The red and blue Mettenna just like their Mettaur grandfathers also will hide in their helmets after they attack. While hiding only breaking attacks can harm them. Visually they are no different from Mettaur, except for having a tiny nub that emits waves, much like the Mr. Hertzes. Because of these antenna like nubs, comes their name. Throughout the series Mettenna sprites will often represent any coming virus battle, or virus presence. In MegaMan StarForce 3 Red Joker and Black Ace, Mettenna sprites are strewn throughout Echo Ridge and the rest of the world, speaking to them initiates an optional battle, much like speaking to the heel navis in MegaManBattleNetwork6. Unlike in Gregar and Falzar, however, fighting all of these battles has two rewards; allowing you to fight a regenerating MalWizard who gives tons of Zenny, and also opens a door in the BlackHole server near planet FM on the AstroWave.
They give you the GrandWave series of BattleCards.

manga > videogame
Hmm... interesting.

This is crazy!
Finally, can we all call you spider again? You can call me the guy with spider in his avatar. XD

This is crazy!
Yeah, I got thermal shirts, and lots of foodish stuff; oh and moneys. You?
BTW I changed the e-mail of the GeneralGuy account, so you can reset your password if you want.

The NRPM trails
OOC: Should we start over or continue from where it is?

Christmas Requests.
Do you walk the streets and parks almost daily? Well where I live is seriously the windiest city, Chigago has nothing on us unless they have gale force winds daily. Even if it is pretty mild, which my area has started going through its mild temperate cycle, the wind still penetrates through several layers of normal clothing. Now back in the 90's and early 2K's it was terrible; the summer days were averaging 120' with a high humidity, the winters averaged below 0' F. Then it started going to around 105' in the summer, 20' in the winter. The past couple years it has been pretty mild; summers averaging in the 60s 70s with an occasional 100 or so degree day. Winters that are between 36' and low 60's. Seriously global warming is pure pork barreling; yes my winters are warming, but my summers became awesome!

Christmas Requests.
I thought about trying ot do Christmas but it is too hard. You could say make someone a graphic, but that isn't everyone's forte. Using tangible objects opens a can of worms.

Pretty much after my dad badgered me i said I could use thermal shirts, cause it gets a bit chilly, and I like walking; even when it is cold. I have like 2 thermal shirts, so that means I have to do laundry like everyday. XD Plus you have no idea how sexy thermal shirts are when done right. ;J (Too bad my scarf vanished, I looked awesome with a scarf blowing in the wind, and it kept my mouth warm, meaning it could be as cold as you want and it won't bother me. I guess I should make a ninja hood now...

Who owns one of these?
If no one is willing to play brawl, maybe the tournament should be something to do with guitarhero or rockband.
Which games does everybody have?
for me
all for wii.

Radio request
I've heard a few, and they are alright. I could see them getting old fast though. I never knew there was any mature content in their music, is it as bad as riseagainst?

First semester of college is ovar!!!
If you get your hands on it before the new year, and the other members stop skulking around ignoring the festival. >_>

I'd like to thank NRPM
I use gamer as anybody who gets pleasure from playing videogames in some form at least once a week.

The park resource hut
Do you want to tell your friends about this so they can join in the fun?

Here are your resources to do so.

If you want a sig showing your delirium.

That will work for most forums.

If your friend is still a techno-virgin you may want to send an e-mail or FaceBook message. Here are a few to try.
Hey man, i'm having so much fun at this online celebration. You should come and we can hang out!

If they are female.
Hey you little cute thing.♥ I think it is time I showed you what I think is fun. We have known each other long enough, so... I'm celebrating the new year at this place online; you should come so we can get to know each other better. ♥ ;)

Girls love flirtatious messages, plus that could get you a date, which is always nice when it is cold. ;J Maybe you can sign it 'anonymous' and increase the allure. (Just make a new e-mail or something/ use an application that keeps you anonymous on facebook. Pass a paper note/ tape it to their front door, or bedroom window.

Remember it is always more fun with more people.

New years Brawl Tournament
Winner gets an award.
It would be nice if one person participating in each match could videotape the match. (Plug your AV cables into your DVD recorder, then publish it as a video on youtube.)
Your deadline for entry is Christmas.
The tournament will be held new years eve, probably in the afternoon, starting around 1:00 central time.

Song playing now
Here feel free to drop by and tell us if an awesome song is playing for you while you surf.
Feel free to post as many times in a row as you want.

Community radio
Nothing brings people together like music, so what better time to start the community radio campaign!
List as many songs as you want.
Use this template,

Name -
Artist -
Special info/version -

No lady gaga; with this we will produce the community, radio put together by everybody.