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Nah, they sent buff dudes, but they can't hit or even see AMians/FMians/UMA/Wizards.
(Capcom, just stop having to make the enemies every game a new race!)

Gamer Girls
Well most of the people who work at GS usually are some pretty good gamers, it isn't usually like wal-mart or mcdonalds where people just work to make a quick buck, GS employees usually like games enough to want to make a quick buck at a GS. I didn't grill her on gaming, so I'm going by that knowledge of every other GS i've known or talked to.
It is sad, I don't know many in person if any in person. My mom likes Guitar Hero and Zelda, but that is it. My sister like Guitar Hero and that is like it except for like NES and SNES games.

Ninja RP
Shadow: I'll go this way and smell for him.
The pup dashes off like a blur.
Doijom: Static can ignite the trees to!
Gbpa: (I sense several people nearby, but my Orroculi Hadronokun is malfunctioning to much to get an idea of who or their intentions. I better prepare for the worst.) He puts his hands together to create an army of clones, they all pull their hood up. They sidle around every tree to avoid being seen. Then when the three people are surrounded by the Gbpa guarded trees.
Gbpas with hoodies up: I thought I sensed scum, well eat this.
They all jump out with Magokuns in hand trying to aim toward Dashi, Rosuto, and Meshi.
Gbpas: (Wait, were they... Oh, crap!)

Ninja RP
Doijom: Yeah, but he can't have gotten far on foot unless he summoned a frog, salamander or Unicorn, but still Aquilo will be faster than probably any of those.
Aquilo: I see something in the RedWood Forrest.
Doijom: Emergency landing, hang on!
Aquilo: Roger.
The eagle lands burning a few of the trees.
Doijom Uses an aqua jutsu to quickly extinguish the fires.
Aquilo: I sense someone nearby.
Doijom: Lets split up and look for him, just be careful we are in Ignixion now and the red wood forrest is called because of their Hot trees, one angry or sexual thought and the whole forrest could combust!
Shadow: Wait how did Gbpa cross the ocean?
Doijom: Um, Frogs can swim, or maybe he stowed away, it doesn't matter we didn't see him on embassy isle.
Gbpa nearby: (are they after me, or is it one of Feloms people, I sense a strong power and didn't like that crash.
He forms a Magokun for his defense.

XD i don't remember those lyrics except for the damn. These censors are really weird, I've also noticed on TV someone says the f-word and they bleep, but they do it so it is right after the word that should be bleeped. Or they bleep out the 'ing' or other suffixes.

So that's why he has been chewing for 7 days straight... "The ridiculously longlasting gum!"

Funny joke I heard
Yeah, But nice necropost Stick! :Kicking names and taking asses!: J/K its cool.

Not a major problem, but still
I bought Golden Sun the other day, but the soft reset doesn't work? Does anyone else have this problem.
So far the game started interesting, but then I got thrown out with no idea what to do until I stumbled upon Vault, at least now the enemies are picking up and giving decent EXP, though. Right now I feel it is going to be a lot like Breath of Fire II, your BFF a dog named Bow is framed by a rich nobleman and a thief
Spoiler: click to toggle
. You look for help you stop by a town on the way and find out about some fixed fights in the arena, you have to step in, but you have to off one of the fighters of this fixed match, so you go into a forrest to take care of this guy, you return meet up with an armadillo named Randal. You get in the fight and fight a cat girl, she gets hit with a poison arrow and gets sick, Randal had conned you out of your money to get some antidotes so he saves her and she joins with you. You theorize the thief must be on the other side of the world, so you break into a castle of harpy people, discover a troubled monkey, see a princess getting disowned by her parents because her wings are another color and this was part of a phrophecy. For no reason you deside to go to Capitan, get a guy to build you a village, step in to save the village after its people wander into a well with a giant demon waiting below. They happen to let you cross the ocean to the other side of the world, you find a giant frog and decide to help him, because he was turned by a witch. You fix him into a small prince frog with bad stats and good spells for now at least. He wants to stop by home, you don't object then he gets thrown in jail by an imposter. You decide for no reason to help this worthless guy and find out the imposter is another demon. The thief just happens to be there and you can save bow from being a fugitive forever more. Don't get me into the random side quests in the last half of the game either. Partially because I'd get them out of order.
Anyway back to the question about the soft reset. (L+R+A+B+Select+Start)

Gamer Girls
I went into a local gamestop and to my surprise was a relatively attractive girl working, she had one of those necklace/strappy thingies that had Nintendo embroidered on it. This is one of the first times I've seen a probable medium-hard core gamer who was female. Furthermore, she was kind of like me as in not being nerdy or geeky looking like the stereotypical gamer. But, I'm a stud! (:P Maybe, IDK I am pretty attractive though, but enough about me and my sexyness. wiggitywack But, it balances out cause i often miss people hitting on me until after the fact)
So talk about the gamer girls you know, are any of them hot?
Oh, and post pictures! (just kidding, although I won't stop you unless they are (too) dirty. :P)
Sory I don't have pictures of GameStop employees... yet. (I've got some stalking to do :P)

I need some well known songs in rockband
Thanks, like i've said before I don't see a problem with reviving old topics as long as you bring something important to the table.

There actually is unless there is some horrible glitch; it is just a large limit. Like 250X250

Ninja RP
Doijom: Aquilo transform into your level 5 form!
Aquilo: But... It could kill all of you if I even get an itch?
Doijom: Do it!
With a bright light the Eagle spouts flames and burns.
Aquilo: It worked, I finally got to the level my brother Faux-ee-knox did and without killing everybody.
Doijom: Look for the boy and dive bomb him.

I did it, if you want a special group, base it of your current group and fill in the name and color info. And thatnewguy, you know you can edit your group to be whatever you want right?

Electro-Magnetic Gum, you see Mega is made up of Photons, He irradiates people until they either become more golden brown than a thanksgiving turkey or fuse with him. Because he is just energy material objects pass right through him unless he gets pulled into the visible zone or has the power to become tangible.

Ninja RP
Doijom: South... we need to go south to get back, if we really try we can probably overtake Gbpa...
He realizes Meshi asked a question and double takes.
Doijom: We cannot stop Felom without him, he and Shade were our secret weapons. We have to catch him, besides it is on the way.
He summons a giant Eagle and calls everybody on.

Funny joke I heard
To be the 3rd wheel. :Who would have guessed?: IDK it was too long ago since I heard the joke.
Edit: OOOOOH! Maybe it originated in Canadia.

Quick register.
No, it can be like human, goblin, robot, alien etc. But this only applies to the lightspeed rp area, not the regular galaxy part.
The reason is that the regular RPs are more sophisticated. "Natural selection" is a perfect example of how this would create a problem. It goes for a sense of sadistic realism, most if not all of the characters here would eliminate that. Considering the only ones here are videogame related staying simple or gaming related probably would be your best bet.
Also say you planned to create an RP centered around aliens, in the LightSpeed you would have to deal with people registering all of these gaming related characters. If you wanted to restrict that I would recomend making the RP in the regular area.

XD, we were just going to let you have access to the pre-registered account, but whatever. Welcome.

Ninja RP
Ooc: Just one thing.

Gbpa: I'm sorry, but...
L: no teamwork is your thing the team attack you set up that is your forte.
Gbpa: But shade is the only person who can help me overcome this; It is a risk that has to be taken.
L: Forget it, go kill yourself, I don't care you will just promote me to king after you force me to kill Orichimaru!
Gbpa: Whatever...
Doijom is rushing the next morning in a frantic disorder.
Doijom: Where is he? GBPA is gone, Armageddon is on us if we don't find him!
L: He went south last night... He feared staying was to dangerous to you, you know he is right; just forget him I can take Felom down.
Doijom: He is my student i won't let him get killed. And you Emo freak you will help.
L: No, I did my duty; he is south don't screw with me or I WILL kill you. He walks off with that.

Ninja RP
Doijom: Ok, guys don't stay out to long... He and Serenade head into the hotel.
Gbpa turns and begins walking away.
L: ...Gbpa, you have made me consid... wait, where are you going.
Gbpa: You were right about being a loner, but not for the right reason, you see we are too dangerous to have the luxury of friends. I could snap and kill everyone I care about, I must never see them to protect them.
L; Come on, people may not be my forte, but i saw... Forget it do your own thing I was mistaken.
Gbpa: You saw what...
L: Nothing just that as your friends were threatened you became slightly stronger. But whatever, be like Shade.
Gbpa: I am nothing like shade, he left because of our stupid rivalry it is my fault he is probably been killed by Felom. Now to protect everyone else I must go...
L: I overheard the story, he left to gain control to protect those he cared about, but actually threatened them even more by putting himself in danger. My training and lack of caring for others can sustain me, but you are different you become more powerful with friends. But, not powerful enough and on your own you are going to start the Great Evil Era yourself, you can destroy whatever form Shade has taken and halt my father's growth, but only if you gain control.