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less than 5 hours to 07
1 hour till midnight at least for me.

less than 5 hours to 07
2:57 now!

Sadam is dead
Dec 31 06, 8:04 PM
Dec 31 06, 6:33 PM
Now there's more of a chance of a civil war. Good job...

War, yay ^ _ ^

:Oh Crap: Your serious? :Oh Crap:

Dec 31 06, 8:03 PM
youd think mario will crack down and do her.

i say yes.

Mario is rated E it may eventually get a T but acording to nintendo an M rated mario marks the appocalypse. So we'll never see that and considering it's peach you have no Idea how glad I am.

less than 5 hours to 07
Yeah, Just 4:45 to new years from where I am!

welcome, and most importantly have fun.

which is better
Dec 30 06, 8:12 PM
Revolution. Wii sounds to preverted

at least they just used one wii.. if they used 2...

which is better
I like wii better personally, Nintendo infinity was what I had been hoping for at one point. (I added them more as a joke than anything.)

How do you button mash?
Thumb hammer is really hard. I am unbeatable when I scrub though. (I get about 90% better scores scrubbing, If any of you try be carefull not to use a lot of pressure or have long fingernails or you may scratch your controller.)

Sadam is dead
I think I need to make a debate like area for political stuff. :Nuts:
I was not exactly in favor of killing him because then he may be a martyr, however the USA suposedly tried to spare his life at the last minute meaning their shot of him being a martyr to us is shot down. (so we were responsible for his death for his faction)

Leaving forums for a while..
Well Yeah, but i'm not in any rush at all, take your time.

Leaving forums for a while..
I understand if you need time away from forums.

Bomber Man: Act zero
I had just stopped crying myself to sleep every night... I agree thats not bomberman.
*does random google image search*
This is bomberman.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
even this is bomberman
Posted Image
I could stand and sort of liked charaboms and astral knights.. (astral knights should return.) Max I could stand the rest of the new BM characters yes... The Anime bomberman grew on me. But thats wrong...

Archived rank discussion
well I may make you a mod so you can do that easier.

Snakes on a plane

Quick register.
Basically read the rules for RPing in This board. And if you still don't understand look at a few of the topics then if you have questions PM me. (note you can put your element as none if you don't want one)

Credit shop
The code I used for this broke/caused glitch I meant to lock it but must have forgoten.
It was something gained by posting intelligently etc. I may try to fix the code though.

web easy 6... This is my first impression but I could do more a whole lot with more ease with frontpage. Maybe it's cause I know html well enough and can switch easily. My dad downloaded a free dreamweaver trial it was pretty good. But was clunky in one department compared to frontpage.

What did you get? I got a website maker, a bunch of candy and a shaver.

This is awsome!
Do you have flash it works fine for me.