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Hall of fame thread.
Special hall of fame:
Spider: Watched the boards over christmass 05.
Spider: Made banner.

Freind codes rules.
My code in MK:DS 141796088466.

Freind codes rules.
Don't post them unless you don't care at all about who could see them. (Like if you post your ac freind code anyone could come and chop down your village)
however pming is ok also please put your freind codes here (In this thread) if you arn't worried.

What colors?
If you have any say in what the regular colors are please say so here.

Whoo hoo!
Christmass i got a large amount of money and tues I was trying to get to walmart anyway I got MP7, MK:DS and Megaman battle network ds. All of them are really good.

Mario party 7:
Just seeing koopa's and monkeys in sailor outfits is worth a lot and they were creative in some animations too like Apes of wrath If you are playing as a secret charecter who can't stay in one peice you see something funny as they eat the apple.

I can't really say a lot about as the router needs to be configured.
It's true that there is really no adverse effects when online. (once in a while a racer will "warp")

If you liked the other Bns this will be a good choice however a little easy (I killed the first boss (ProtoMan) unprepared on my first try) There is one thing i wonder though what did MMBN3 blue being in the gba slot give me?

Don't say this game is crap or great give a reason....well that's it.....

my quick pic post thread.

my quick pic post thread.

my quick pic post thread.

my quick pic post thread.

All mods please read!
Due to pirahnavilles hacking i'd like to ask all mods to have a complex password that is fairly long to make hacking harder.... not something like flower or gaming. Something like Monkeyscantflyunlesstheyhavearocketbarrel But not that that would be too obvious.

Bowser's Castle
Name: Gbpa
Age: ???
look: A boy with messy hair.
Bio: Few know...

Do i need a weapon or anything in this RP?

Gbpa: *walks up to castle* I never thought i'd have to associate with Bowser. but, I promised him I would do anything to help him become good again...

????:You'll be sorry you promised my other side that....*chuckles*

Favorite outake. *maybe a spoiler*
In f-zero gx if you beat master you'll unlock that drivers outake.
I like capt. falcon's
You see A baby on a rail road track that falcon drove up to. Falcon jumps out and jumps on the track grabbing the baby and jumping in slowmotion just in time to avoid the train and when he lands. RIPPPP!!! his pants tear.

Favorite star fox game.
I liked assault.

Magickoopa Chat
After getting mario baseball I realized that magikoopas are actually sort of cool.

I need to be carefull.
Thank you I also tried to add an icon folder but I couldn't get it to work.

Suggestion thread.
For now i probably won't do that because there really arn't enough members yet.

All mods please read!

I need to be carefull.
I was trying to make the blue border green and then ended up going between huge and small I geuss where I put green is good enough. shoo! at least I fixed it. :1up:
By the way I wanted christmass colors.

All mods please read!
I'll probably be gone friday night to monday afternoon because I'm going to my grandparents for christma.ss. If you happen to come here in that time and someone joined could you welcome them. (and\or) is acting up give them a bann?