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Become a fan of NRPM or me on facebook!
When I started out I had a pic of my dog for a long time. XD Now i'm left with a really weird dark one. I feel a little weird at the idea of being a fan of myself; a little big headed. XD

Become a fan of NRPM or me on facebook!
Ok, I just finished making a fan page for myself, so if you want to be a fan of me search for my name.
I'll edit the NRPM page into here later.



this is assuming facebook doesn't get gay and delete them but retain zillions of wasted megabytes in duplicate groups.

Thanksgiving thread
Yeah... I guess i'm thankful for people saying that...

This is crazy!
HOLY SHADEMAN! :He did what?!:

This is crazy!
Well, I don't know if wasted is the right term. It was pretty cool.

Radio request
Well there probably should be some restrictions, language or very offensive lyrics(worse than Pg-13) for example should have an adult content warning. If a band makes only that kind of crap, it might be better to not give them their own radio.

This is crazy!
I don't know Kuro was all over, BY just stopped coming one day and, they all went away.

This is crazy!
Yeah and BD, I got some of the best RPers. Then BlackYoshi/Protoman went away... Now I have lots of good RPs but no one to RP. (I swear my signs one should have taken off!) T_T
Also I did put in your e-mail for the General Guy acount.

This is crazy!
Nov 25 2009, 12:18 PM
That would actually be quite lovely.

I was hoping this place was still around, because I remember you had talked about closing it down.
I must not have remembered that, could you have misinterpreted everything I said about getting too old and one day having to step down. Well I couldn't bare to see this place go away, so TNG will hopefully keep it going long after i'm gone.

Radio request
Well if TNG doesn't care I could re-admin you if you want to help with the radio.

I'd like to thank NRPM
Those ads make me feel bad, I'm not that desperate; despite what several of my facebook friends may tell you. That is a stereotype; most gamers aren't comicbook, startrek memorizing, D&D losers.

Amen, the first paper mario is made of awesome, I played through it twice up to Bowser's castle the second time.

This is crazy!
No, i've been putting the people in jail. wiggitywack
You may have said that, it has been too long... I've been pretty much fine, graduated, futily looking for a job, you know the normal stuff.
Also if you want your old account back, if you give me your e-mail address I can use my admin powers to make that your official e-mail, and then you could recover(cough)Reset(cough) your password through the recovery system.

This is crazy!
*Grabs you* :Make up your own tagline!: Spi... er GeneralGuy is back!!!!!
Um... New stuff...
Yeah the merger... um... We have a radio now! http://s14.zetaboards.com/Nintendo_Rp_and_more/pages/jamz/

Thanksgiving thread
No I didn't make a cyber turkey. This is where you can list things you are thankful for, even if it is past thanksgiving.

A challenge
I just uploaded the love polygon, so you can look at how insane it is.

Radio request
Sure, I was going to start working on it soon. What I do is I go to Wikipedia and go to each album, search for each song, make sure it is about the right length and then add it. It works pretty well, I might be able to do some tonight too.
(kutless is missing several albums so.... it evens out. But it isn't my fault.)

A challenge
Ok, not that I don't have plenty of characters, but I thought it would be cool to let you guys try to help me introduce a new character in my novel.
I'll also use this to update you a bit, I'm thinking I am right at the halfway point, almost up to 200 pages. I also have the overall idea for 3 sequels if the book sells well. The latter two probably being carried a huge part by pure fan service. (the main character will not be getting very much action; yet at the same time will be getting plenty of action. XP Yeah, fan service;
Spoiler: click to toggle
) Also another spoiler coming.
Spoiler: click to toggle

There is still a lot I can't reveal, stuff that is key to what makes it different from any other plot. It would be like the startrek guy blowing that his television script takes place in outerspace on a spaceship, everyone and their dog creates a pilot about a show that takes place in space and/or on a spaceship. (and judging by the first star trek, the copycats would likely be much better.) The other stuff would spoil major mysterys, that take away from the experience.
First some info, this guy i'm looking for ideas on will start as a villian, and probably die or drift into obscurity. If I really like your suggestions or how he plays out he may live and change. Heck, I introduced a character by name as a tool and she is becoming a main character and even has a love square ready for her.
(Let me just say, I should stop and write a diagram so I can remember all of love shapes. XD Yeah... Characters could very well be torn between like 5 other characters, who in turn are interested in 3 other characters. No, this is not a drama/romance first and foremost. It just worked out after I gave a single character a triangle. Then there was Kate, the tool who became a character.)
Anyway back on topic. Some of the villains have abilities, like something from a superhero movie, but they are not mutants, their abilities can be explained entirely by science(NOT comicbookmovie science). If you have an idea and I like it and use it, I'll give you credit for that character. No royalties or any monetary compensation, just credit. If you can explain their abilities by science cool, if not I probably could come up with something.
Basically if you want to try to take up this challenge, give a personality, abilities, appearance, backstory and whatever. I also reserve the right to alter portions of the character to make them fit better. Maybe even fuse two people's characters into one.

So yeah, if anybody cares to try their hand, go for it; if not just enjoy the beans i've let spill. :Welcome!/What zup?:
Edit: Here is how complex the love polygon is.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Radio request
I'd do BB first because they have less albums. I'm also just mildly hesitant about RA, because they went through a phase of using lots of language, would that break the ZB TermsOfService? Would a simple 17+ warning be good enough? Would it be best to leave those songs absent? But mainly they have too many albums, so i'll always put them off till last. wiggitywack
Edit: and don't say anything about my Kutless station!

Latest Post: Different Style Zelda.
Wow, it is interesting to see how that rumor panned out, it wasn't one of the console zeldas and really only the train and flood theme were true. Anouma just recently said that the new console zelda, revealed next E3, will try to shake everything up, plus we have the images of the swordless Link, with a jailbait spirit girl behind him. That is shaking stuff up a lot, maybe Gannon anihalates the MasterSword and the God's create a spirit to allow link to wield evil's bane without the MasterSword. Maybe instead of a sword the spirit will act like a whip, or both. Maybe the spirit will take the place of all of the items, maybe it can become a boomerang too, a bow, you know everything.