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Ninja RP
Shadow: It is anybody's guess, I wouldn't take his clan lightly, but I'm more worried about how dehydrated we got.

Ninja RP
Shadow Runs and begins lapping ignoring sounds of his brethren suffering to give them a few extra seconds.

Ninja RP
Shadow: It can't be too much further, see the underground spring is just ahead.
As they reach sight of the spring, the sound of pained cries echo through the tunnel.

Tentative: NRPM Christmas
I had an idea a while ago... Here is my idea for a Christmas event

This would basically be a cyber gift exchange, people come and post they want in and then it would need to be decided if somebody had to give a gift to each other person, several of the others or just one. The latter two would be done semi-randomly. The endorsed gifts would be things such as Emoticons, Icons, Sigs etc.
Does anybody like this idea? :I dont no anything about that...:

Where do you go to school?
That sucks, i know how you feel. Every school has the jerks and stuck upish people, I actually once was kind of one for a while to one single person, because I pegged someone I had never met wrongly and then their was some jealousy I had, but then when I found out I was wrong I felt terrible. My advice to reacting to those is be nice, apathetic and confident in how you move and talk, not a doormat or like someone who is desperate, but don't feed their fire. By apathetic I am talking like if they say or do something hurtful you hold it in until you get home, because the jerk/bullyish people often look for reactions and like controlling others. Then some people have a soul and have some preconception about you and will feel bad if they find out their wrong.

Ninja RP
Shadow: I know he is resistant heat and has skill in sand techniques, however he appears to have some bloodline traits, Maguey isn't his real first name... It is his last name, he is a member of the Maguey clan a clan that was thought to have died out 20 years back, he must have been orphaned. The clan was labled the Magueys because if you translate it into spanish it means cactus. I would say he has their hide, their adeptness to stay hydrated and I know his pores each have spines, they can even be fired and regenerate. If he was trained he could be deadly.

Ninja RP
OOC: Grotto is, as far as we know dead. :I dont no anything about that...:
Shadow: Is the heat getting to you? Just be patient we should have a path to an underground spring soon.
With a loud boom the 2 canine summons return.
Wolf1: We had a run of luck! It just so happened an earthquake about a mile or so off ((Battle VS. Torren)) has caused a cave in that just happens to divert our tunnel to a spring.
Wolf2: Hurry and rehydrate, and beat maguey.
The scorpion that had crawled out of the dirt near the hole the wolves were digging is now sitting on a wall nearby.
Maguey: (I could some great powers off several miles, then one just became infinitesimal shortly after that earth quake began. I hope Torren isn't about to die, i have to finish this quick and go check. I will pursue them and then... yeah, they are not that dangerous, losing Torren is. I am so smart using a spy-scorpion jutsu)
after those thoughts he starts heading into the tunnel after them.
Shadow: Hurry, we have to hydrate quick he is coming.
Wolves: Don't worry brother we have served you well, see you in the afterlife.
Shadow: No! Just hold him and poof out.
Wolves: Our ninergy is too low we don't have the energy required to both hold him and desummon ourselves without taking serious damage.
Shadow: GRRR... Alright just don't die...
He heads down with a tear in his eye.

Ninja RP
Gbpa: Since this whole area is caving we might not have a lot of choice, but I would otherwise say head back to the hotel to wait for the others.

OOC: There is the unfinished battle between Maguey, Shadow and Rosuto where grotto became a sun and they are tunneling for a spring.

Then there is the unstarted battle which was essentially left at.....
"Meanwhile the rest of the group.
Mr.- : I knew I would attract you.
Lithium: I hope you are ready to get pulverized.
Sparx:Your in for a shock, Oh and I corrupted one of our enimies!
Serenade: Your life shall end now!
Cossack: We're surrounded! Doijom, Slash you want to hold this group back with me?"

You can choose.

Ninja RP
With two Magokuns Gbpa flys inside and hits the core dead on with both sending torren flying out. A figure appears above him and kicks him straight down into the last remaining frozen geyser. The ground finally begins caving in though pulling them further down than they can climb back up fast enough.
Gbpa: I remembered what he did, this should take care of him for now.

OOC: This battle has ended, so now we need to finish the one vs. Maguey or the other one that has yet to begin.

It's over 9000!
Your reward for completing this will be up later, when I figure out how before ZB fixes the bugs, if it is even possible before they fix the bugs.

Ninja RP
Gbpa turns with the same altered eyes he had had before, but this time more confident, still the grass around he yellows and then browns and as he steps closer some wrinkles temporarily take residence on Dashi's face.
Gbpa: Take your weapon and stab it right in his core, it is the... Shoot I keep forgetting you lack the Oroculi Hadronokun...
His eyes revert and the wrinkles dissipate.
Gbpa: Ok, You see how the sun is refracted differently there? Stab as close as you can, then L and I will take care of the rest.
His eyes change back again and he holds his hand out toward L with a serious expression. L nods as Gbpa uses the Oroculi Hadronokun to use a telepathy technique he picked up from Doijom. Then they both move out of sight and wait.
Torren: Your attacks are futile!

Where do you go to school?
I probably wouldn't wait until you are 25 to go to college*. If your going to go it makes sense to me to try to start before you turn 20, if you wait until 25 then you will probably be struggling to get a degree and support a family. Honestly degrees aren't what they were for your parents anymore, there are a lot of world famous billionaires who never went to college. Now if you want to be a doctor or lawyer yeah you have to go to college. College can give you useful information, however.
*Unless you join the military (if you do the Airforce is what you want, unless you arn't that bright and have a fear of flying(the smarter people are generally spotters, etc.)) Of course if you are in the military you spend every spare minute doing college or learning a bunch of languages. (Both of which the military offers free if you join.)

I am seriously contemplating the airforce myself, because i'm the kind of person who can just get down and grit my teeth through estimated years of stuff in weeks or months. But on the other hand my novel and love of cooking are calling to me. (I don't need a degree for either of those!)

Ninja RP
L: I think it is Torren himself.
Right before the sword strikes Torren sprays water out, then the sword cuts through and then some of the water monster falls into a pool. Then it returns to the main body...
L: That was strange...
Gbpa: Yeah just after it spritzed you there was an energy wavelength change in its core.
L: It spritzed! Shoot that gives me an idea.
Gbpa: Yes...
He jumps over and grabs the blade of the Xanbatou.
Gbpa: it is just as I thought... The energy of Dashi's Xanbatou is the inverse of the change we felt.
L: It is pointless our attacks are barely touching his health right now.
Gbpa: I have an idea to finish this, But we will all have to work together...

Ninja RP
With that the earth around the pool flies out at high speeds crashing into the barrier, a cloud of smoke floats over the pool and as it clears a giant water monster sits, it's body dripping down and then coming back to swirl inside. Although it seems to sit staring for minutes it only waits about 5 seconds before it begins to move.

Where do you go to school?
I just wondered
I was HomeSchooled forever, but my mom couldn't understand algebra or much of any of todays high school courses. Now I'm going to a Christian school that always sounds preppy and uppity when you go into detail about it.
The schedule is set up like college where you have Monday and Wednesday classes, and then like Tuesday and Thursday classes. So I am supposed to have math Monday And Wednesday, although my principle who teaches my math class(Advanced Math) consisting of just me is busy Mondays, with this gay dude and his friend; the reason will make sense soon enough. I also have Art, and British Lit. M & W. Then T & T I have Chemistry and History. (Yeah I took Anatomy before Chemistry, LOL)
Everyday I have this religion class though.
But on Friday most people have to go work somewhere for no pay. The reason is so students don't go out after they graduate and be like "OMG! This work stuff is so weird, I just can't get into this!"; Or so they have some skillz. And so the school can charge less than anyone, including the average taxes that go to public schools per student. Of course the government is retarded and you have to still pay for education no one is going to use. (the public schools in my area are like the worst in the world or something)
Anyway the gay dude and his friend got the job with my Principle, which is manual labor for the needy, his good friends*, and various 'favors' for him at his house.

*LOL, one guy's house was being held together by like spit and his basement flooded, the guys house was trashed and yout could like see across the house and outside next to the oversized hole for doors, chimneys, etc.
Another guy came in to speak and talked about getting like 500 viruses on his computer. (What is he looking at for 500 viruses!?) That guy helps acculture Indians to American culture.

Ninja RP
L: Be careful I sense a tremendous power over 900pts.
The ground rumbles louder and some cracks begin to become evident in the battlefield terra firma.

Ninja RP
He pulls the ice off of that leg, shattering it.
Torren: Why you! Wait I still have a crystal stuck to my pants, now I will be unbeatable.
???: Thats pretty confident...
L is swinging for a Miasma Blast, which completely anihalates that crystal.
L: It takes more than a puny blast of electricity to take me down when I go All Out! Ha,ha.
Torren: I have had enough! It may not be as good as my ice armor, but it should be enough to finish you off. You know considering you simply got lucky with the armor.
He backflips and returns to the pool and then the ground rumbles.

Ninja RP
Gbpa: EEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! As the elctricity nears him he uses a Log substitution technique. He waits over head for the blast to clear. He peers down looking intently for any remaining ice. He soon falls back to the earth and sees torren's shocked face. He returns to a normal stance and just stands their waiting for the haymaker. To his dismay he notices around torren's left leg a swirl of ice growing. Gbpa flips out his kunai and stabs it between the ice and begins trying to ply it away. He then remembers L and makes a quick glance seeing nothing, his heart frops as he accepts L's death, then his plying strength increases 10 fold.

Ninja RP
L nods and continues to slash futilely.
Torren: I know what you are planning, It won't work.
Gbpa rushes him and tosses a barrage of Shuriken each chipping small pieces of ice.
Gbpa: (I can't use 'it' until Dashi releases his energy, if the enrgy doesn't remove his armor, my plan will destroy the rest.)
L:(I have to stay close but if Dashi doesn't suceed I will need time to transform.) GBPA Keep him busy with your shuriken!
L steps back and begins to transform.

WTF! Insanity...
Nov 7 2008, 08:55 AM
My sister is already in trouble, she lives in Nairobi Kenya. SO if McCain had one she would've been in even bigger trouble, since Obama won the place won't be as bad, but still dangerous. Well, more dangerous than it usually is.
You should be praying for her then. I'm still jumpy over blacks wearing their pants to their shin in America.