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Ninja RP
Doijom pulls out a deck of flash cards.
Doijom:this is a more complicated skill. Sure you can keep pushing gbpa, but you'll be better off gaining skill. If you waste energy the Chaos Soul or Demon Seal in you may activate.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: Got it! He seems to in a flash have a match lit.
The air bursts in flames. Seth and vile crouch to protect their skin.

My computer wouldn't show anything but here.
(The back button would show the last recorded view though.)

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
ooc: is this in his head or is it real.
Isaac begins to wake back up to hear eons voice.
isaac: Who's are you?

NRPM is the only Invision board still up that I can tell.
Hopefully the others are down temp, but I feel special being up while everyone else is down.
Edit: Make that the whole web! The internet is down! Except me cause i'm special. :I M K000L!!!:

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: Seth I need you to keep time at least this slow, what I'm about to do I need to be able to deeply concentrate.
His eyes close and there is no visible change to anything, but a faint harsh smell begins to become apparent. Vile reaches his hand in his pocket blocking Neo's strikes with his lithium club in his other hand.

Ninja RP
Doijom: Ok, who would like to learn a new skill.
Gbpa raises his hand and shadow tries to raise a paw before just woofing affimitively.

Ninja RP
Doijom: I know we probably should make a shelter somewhere and use some basic faster healing skills. *Summons several wolves.* You 3 work with Shadow to dig a trench.
They begin to dig.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile Holds his club up to block. His eyes show he is thinking deeply.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: You'd have to ask Isaac.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: What data?
Seth: Where did iris go... wimp ran.

Ninja RP
Doijom: more like at the most 30,000, it can confuse some because one star is an astronomical years old, but all the others are between 10 and 30,000. Gbpa, Shadow the others I'm willing to teach a new skill if your ready.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Isaac is knocked seemingly unconcious.
Vile: Lifts hand and some nitrogen forms into a metalic club.
Vile whacks Neo but the club bends around his head.
Seth: Lithium?

Ninja RP
Doijom: Do you happen to know the story of our origin... It sheds what may be light on some of this. Granted it is only my theory.
In the beginning our creator created the heavens and Paraven.. Paraven was a worldwide country at peace. The creator also made the first ninja, Jiraiya he was gifted with the knowledge of all frog related skills. He was lonely he would give anything including his legendary hair. His hair was said to reflect the rainbow. The creator Para took the color from his hair so it was simply white and black. The creator created a woman, Tsunade gifted with the knowledge of invetabrate skills. The two married quickly but could not concieve. One of the creators first and most powerful creations betrayed him about this time. This Angel was named Hademaru, he convinced the creator to create some brothers and sisters to Jiraiya. Oron and his wife concieved. But at birth the baby's mother died this was the work of Hademaru. He put his soul in place of the baby. His first deed was to take Oron's mouth. Jiraiya loved his nephew and became his sensei. The boys name was Orochimaru, he was highly skilled with snake skills. Jiraiya trained him well until they were about equal. Miraculously Jiraiya and Tsunade were able to concieve and had 7 children. These 7 supposedly are our ancestors. Oron's lineage ending there. Orochimaru was ready and betrayed his uncle stabbing him in the back with a kunai. It's said both used the most deadly skill together both of their bodies were destroyed but legend is their essences survived both wanting to kill each other.
My theory is Jiraiya somehow regained a body as Klaton and Orochimaru a body as Felom.
Ooc:Wikipedia ninja(theres a picture of a chubby guy), this is "based" off of real legend.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: Not before you kill me, Your friend!
Vile seems to jump out of nowhere and block Neo.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile:Something is not right, he's been gone to long. Seth come with me! The rest of you this is not a drill get out of the building and lie in the shelter!
Mass groups of students run out of the building to hide.
Vile: Seth I need you to freeze time.
Seth: I can't control it... But...
Time begins to move at a quarter of natural speed.
Vile: Good enough! The two reach the door.
Isaac: But, do you fear losing your powers and being made a laughing stock?
OOC: what happened to the ninja rp?

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Isaac begins to send thoughts of murder and and suffering.
Isaac: If you don't come to your senses this will be the world.
Isaac then imagines Neo being executed.
Isaac: That will be you in that world. They can strip our powers completely, you must trust me for now.
The thoughts begin to get to Isaac and his nose begins bleeding, his eyes go bloodshot and his skin faint.

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Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Iris: Oh no!
She begins scanning for a computer.
Isaac reaches the outside of the door.
Isaac: Oh no... I hear evil sounding thoughts... Such mental power.
Isaac slips his hand in his pocket for a Gamma bomb prototype he had managed to get his hands on. He thinks to himself "I could use this, but not only would I be powerless too, I don't know what kind of long term effect it may have.... I'll use it only if worse comes to worse." He clutches it tightly and kicks open the door.
Isaac: N-Neo! Neo stop this, you can overcome this if you try.
He prepares to send disturbing thoughts if Neo is too charge or anything. The thoughts bring a few tears as they come, ready to be sent if needed.