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Yuchiro Hikari
Yuichiro Hikari(You-ee-cheer-oh hick-car-eee)Posted Image
The Father of Lan and MegaMan.exe/Hubb.
Yuichiro pioneered many advancements in the PET. The entire Hikari family is basically responsible for the Net and everything. His biggest accomplishment was sealing his dieing son's soul and DNA into a NetNavi. Although it's never seen in any game he has a Navi named Papa. He aparently does not know how to raise children though as Lan will always do things to save people even when he's told not to. Wily's son regal also kidnapped him looking for the Hikari report.

Jumpman(juh-ump-man)Posted Image
This is really just Mario, however when he went to earth (the mario games take place in the mushroom world) he was nicknamed Jumpman after dueling with DK.

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Happy 12th birthday
SSBM luigi master.

A WWW Navi Looking like a polished, taller version of his original appearance he was the first boss of MegaManBattleNetwork, FireMan caused Lan's oven to go haywire with the help of his oporator Mr. match posing as a oven repairman. After losing to MegaMan.exe twice once because the zero virus infected Fire Man, Mr. match ceased to cause trouble for a while replacing Fire Man with Heat Man, and eventually when rejoining the WWW replacing Heat Man with Flame Man. After his second set of crimes he permenently ceased his criminal actions and started using Fire Man again. MegaMan even got the Fire soul from him (a Soul Unison, proving megaman trusts that he is honest. After that he mysteriously disapears and Match and Heat man return in MMBN6 Gregar giving MegaMan the heat cross.

FireMan(figh-er-man) Posted Image
Fire Man was one of the bosses from the first game in the Mega Man series. Created along with Megaman, Roll, Protoman and the other bosses by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily. Wily however reprogramed Fire Man and the other bosses and sent them on a rampage.
FireMan was created to be a master welder, possibly softening metal for GutsMan to bend. Fire Man obviously was skilled in fire and could make walls of fire with his FireStorm. He mainly walks, but can jump. The IceSlasher will finally cool his raging temper.
FireMan coaxes the following cronies to guard him.

This is a term used for the death of a virus or Navi, Most of the time as with humans it is permenant however being data there are plenty of ways to revive them usually from Backups.

A highly advanced form of a web-browser, often shaped as a humanoid. Most also have a buster and a charged up shot, they also have elemental atributes. Although busters work ok for fending off weak viruses, there are too many viruses are too many strong to be fought with a buster so there are various ways to pump up a buster, however the best way to fight is by using battle chips. Navis are like people with souls and the ability to speak as well as free will, most navis bond with their oporators though, but the strongest is the one of MegaMan.exe and Lan hikari.

Hubb Hikari
Hubb Hikari(Hub-hick-car-eee)
The human version of MegaMan.exe, and Lan's twin. As a baby Hubb had a deadly heart condition and was very weak, Yuchiro did all that was possible to save his son but his son continued to get weaker. One day Hubb took a turn for the worse and time was up, Yuchiro in a furry of sadness decide to try a last ditch effort to save his son by transfering his DNA and soul into computer data and made Hubb a Navi. In japan Hubb was called saito.

MegaMan.exe (may-guh-man-eee-ex-eee)Posted Image
The newest form MegaMans (or rockman as the japanese know. As in Rock & Roll) taken as a Navi, and brother to Lan, MegaMan.exe can always use his buster, and under certain conditions style change or soul unison. Being Lan's twin he and Lan share a strong bond, His father originally kept it a secret worrying if lan knew the truth he'd be afraid of deleting his brother, however Lan never thinks twice and sends MegaMan.exe too do the most dangerous things he can think of then when he get's deleted he feels bad for himself untill MegaMan.exe is brought back.

Did you attach that for a reason? I forgot about supernatural I like that cause I learn about mythical things which I sometimes need to know about.

Hall of fame thread.
(I forgot about this)
I nominate spiderX.

Guess That Game!
I was gonna say kirbys adventure but i don't remember dungeons.

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Did you put the note? It's probably the note I think if you replyed it would work anyway let's just go to the chatroom, long story short, The member who used to be spider said It could be used here so it's different.

I've decided for security reasons...
If your staff if you arn't active for 3 months without giving a reason you'll be destaffed temporaraly.

Guess That Game!
I changed it it's now . lol or somthing with out the space.

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I don't usually mind sigs unless people complain about someones sig.

S!N is here
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Yes! It's back

King Dedede
King Dedede(king-dee-dee-dee or King-dead-edie)
It's not exactly clear what his name is in reality, most perfer the first though.
King Dedede is a fat blue duck capable of sucking like kirby and flying like him too, he also carrys a hammer. It's also unclear if he even rules anything. He leads various foes of Kirby including Waddledees, Wispy Woods and the Kracko family.