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I Hate Homework

Were dying, I have a life; You have homework; we are DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!!!

I have a new favorite comedian!
I did he was kind of nothing special, a comedian that occasionally has gold, but a lot of stuff are groaners. I liked the falling down the steps for an hour and a half, though.

I have a new favorite comedian!
Never heard of him.

I have a new favorite comedian!
This guy is actually hilarious; unlike most comics he is actually very funny and doesn't rely on figuring out how to include maximum profanity for shock value. (That isn't funny though... changing "my dog." to "my ********** dog." doesn't make it more funny, unless the dog was beating the guys mother up.") Or screaming like a retard, foolishly believing shouting makes this more funny too.

Video link

Other video link

Google his videos if you want more you lazy bums.

I was looking for info on the AcidArrest and CrimsonMeteor cards in MMSF3 and this came up. This chick is crazy!

Should the Bible be copyrighted?
Dark Jinx
Oct 10 2009, 10:25 PM
Wow... You're lying right? God wouldn't copyright it, instead when people change things in the Bible he D***s them to hell. (Book of Revelation)

This country is getting dumber by the minute, I can't wait until I move to Israel.

Really, the reprinters should not be allowed to do that, but this is the U.S.A. the land of legalistic, morons. Let them, then ignore their bull-crap copyrights. Really if you have an Awana program (or something similar) those books are copyrighted and have a lot of Bible verses in them. They have the 'right' to ignore the people trying to copyright the Bible since they already have rights to use it and anyone who purchases their books to use those verses as well.

Also, if they manage to, God would want us to ignore it. We are to obey the law up to a point. The point at which we should no longer obey it is when they do stuff to prevent our spreading the Gospel.
No lie. The whole copyrighting should be up to God was an illustration that he has the complete rights since he authored it. BTW at least in my version it says he who adds to Revelation will be forced to endure all of the bad stuff in Revelation, and he who removes from Revelation will basically be damned... I don't take that it is a sin on the same level with blasphemy though. I'm not sure why, I just don't get that impression. Course it also says that applies only to the one who knows enough of Revelation and deliberately changes it anyway.

I can agree with books people have written that use quotes being copyrighted, but not the collection of just the verses. Really so many people reprint the Bible that they could never prove which reprinting of the Bible you copied from. I agree that revolting against that copyright would be fine and condoned by God in most cases. (Defying it for the sake of defying would not be a Christian thing to do.)

Should the Bible be copyrighted?
I was just thinking of how screwed up our legal system can get, and looked over at my "Cut every corner so each bible cost us uder 5 cents to make, so we can sell a blasphemous quality Bible for 15$" Bible. I was curious if the 'reprinters' were as wicked as I feared.
Yes, they are trying to copyright the Bible... According to their rules I can only quote 1000 verses over the course of my lifespan; And those 1000 verses can not make up more than half of any book of the Bible. They also require you type out a long paragraph giving the reprinters credit for the verse. No credit to God, just the reprinters.

A little later there is more info on it, and I think it might be looking up. They begin talking about some special rights they grant you if you are a church or witnessing. No, not a larger limit... Just the privilege of saying you got it from the New King James version. (cause that is what I, and most people have... If you are different version consider inputing the name of your version.)

So should the reprinters be able to copyright the Bible? Shouldn't that lie solely in God's hands?

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
Alright, case closed. Take a day off to immerse yourself in it and then tell me it won't be game of the year, the vomiting stops fairly quickly.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
But do you and those people know the truth about TvC?

Modesty: Good or Evil?
This is the spin-off of Dark Jinx's boasting thread.

The question is, is modesty good or evil in an utopia. I'm talking as in, wearing jeans rather than a 2.5 inch skirt, or wearing a speedo. Before I start jumping all around, doing devils advocates and what not, I'll let you voice your opinions. Then I will tear them to shreds, and laugh as you cry in the dirt! :What do U mean sparky didnt run away?: er... I'm getting carried away... :Welcome!/What zup?:

Edit: Please don't use the unholy images speedos create to base your whole opinion. I would venture to say a speedo is worse than actually going without.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
Dark Jinx
Oct 6 2009, 09:30 AM
Yeah, um.... No....

Next year Splinter Cell 5 will be the game of the year, this year it is between MW2 and AC2.
Meh... that is nothing, but your opinion.

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
Dark Jinx
Oct 5 2009, 02:57 PM
Meh, I haven't updated mine yet, and I intend not to, in fact I intend on selling my Wii. :XD:

Seriously, once I get MW2 my Wii won't get touched.
3 words
TATSUNOKO VS. CAPCOM; undisputed game of next year!

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
Dark Jinx
Oct 5 2009, 02:54 PM
This topic has already been moved once, best just to leave it in spam.
oh no, i'm talking spinoff topic.

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
Dark Jinx
Oct 5 2009, 10:15 AM
I didn't say there should be co-ed showers.... -.- That is probably illegal in a public high school...
Too bad... too bad... :Who would have guessed?: It would solve a lot of problems kid, well unless it created problems...

This is leading me to a intellectual debate....

Nintendo release new Wii Paperweight mode!
Don't update your Wii unless you are interested in getting a brand new system, with all of your information ported over. The most recent update unleashed a Wii pandemic, for some reason it will randomly destroy Wiis. (Nintendo can still peel your data out though.) It was supposed to fight the homebrewers, but Nintendo's incompetent programmers royally f***** up, and instead made it turn random Wiis into a paperweight mode. There are rumors powering off or disconnecting your internet increases the chance of the update going sour, so if you want to avoid your Wii dying and are dumb enough to update, avoid doing those. If you want a free new system, get ready to unplug your Wii midway through. Just be aware if you have used homebrew and send in for replacement, Nintendo will hold your Wii's carcass hostage and not provide any restitution.

This has also begun an uproar across the wii community, people are fed up about getting targeted instead of the homebrewers. (which BTW is perfectly legal) People are preparing to contact Nintendo periodically, suggesting they actually work with the homebrew creators to take the Wii to its full potential. If you agree with Nintendo seeking the help of far superior programmers, feel free to join that campaign.

GBPA signing off!

I'm kinda late, but who cares...
Yeah, it would destroy the public high school hierarchy. One of the geeks becomes the most popular guy in school and the jocks all become laughing stocks, just one day in co-ed showers and the world has been turned upside down! (I'm guessing because my school didn't have a gym class, I kinda wished it did, cause then I could have used the gym during pointless study halls.