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Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Iris hears ken screaming as she walks by.
Iris: Whats wrong!?
She sees the mark and remembers on one of her trips through the internet a web site talking about strange marks.
Iris: I thought it was fantasy!
Isaac: AAAHH!!! I can hear powerful thoughts coming from nearby. He looks to seth, vile and the other (generic students).
Isaac: You may not leave this room, unless i tell you otherwise, but class will be postponed for 15 minutes.
He thinks as runs toward the intense thoughts"I can't risk anyone getting hurt. I know Vile, despite his unstability would protect the others, he cares too much about our kind."

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Mutant Penile Hubb 7
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The next morning vile gets up and grabs his glass tossing the water through the air touching it and turning it to Iron. He holds it in his hand before hurtling it into a special reinforced wall with a poster of the president. Many tiny things that once were water are puncturing the poster. Vile continues to the 5A where a breakfast of jelly donuts await.
Isaac: We got a new student in right after you went to bed.

Name:Seth mathews
Age: 14
Bio:He was born, into a fluent family who tried to hide his ability when he said he'd relived the same week 3 times. But one day he moved to fast by a teacher they got suspicious and he was taken away. Never to see his family again... But being an intelligent and clever child as well as determined, he wouldn't fail, he wouldn't give! He decided he'd do everything he could to control his power then try to get a group and escape and free his kind. How long he can keep from being controlled by his adolescent emotions is unknown.
Appearance:somewhat tall for his age he has short brown hair and a hooded jacket.
Ability: control of time

Isacc: Meet Seth, He can manipulate time.
Seth: I can't do it on cue though! It tends to happen against my will.

Ninja RP
Shade: Forget it... It must have been adrenaline.
Gbpa: You... You.. Saved me! *Gbpa is clearly angry and punches shade in the chin.*
Shade: Man... Were like twins we have to stick up for each other!
Gbpa: I hate you.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: Yes, but it is late and we have to be there early tommorow. I'm off to bed. See you in class Neo.
Vile walks off toward the rooms ready to go to bed.
Iris is going though almost dozing to waking when her character screams in SSBB.

New skin!
It's an Enigmatic skin, such mystery hidden pictures, What do you see?
What I see is in the blue one a moblinish dog face and if you invert your view a lepordish face. I also sometimes instead of a lepord catch the head of a seal staring at me.

Cosmic Lakes
NASA has announced that they have discovered methane lakes on Titan.
What do you think about this? Are aliens a stinky bunch? :Nuts:

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: Hmm...
Notices Iris playing with the Wii in the lobby. She gets beaten horribly and causes the game to alter to her favor. Vile walks over...
Vile: Hey, you can alter computerized things correct.
Iris: I can manipulate computerized things.
Vile: How would you like to play an easter game.
Iris: Sure, how about tommorow?
Vile: Alright. *^o^*
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Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: Doubtfull but it depends what it is. If it's administered like an alergin no... If it's like a rock possibly. It could be made in many ways for all we know.
Isaac walks by and thinks. "Did I send information on Project Gamma at some point bringing vile under control?"
Isaac: I wouldn't talk about that they have ears...

Ninja RP
Shade pauses with a confused look. His faces looks as if he understands quickly though and continues.
Shade: Nice to know but I meant me.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: My point is not matter how strong we are we will be viced by that unless there is someone born with the ability to negate this thing before getting too close.

Ninja RP
Shade: Where did that power come from?

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: We can't let anyone know or we may be the next sacrifices because they think were crazy. I heard they made something that strips our powers and can kill us if exposed for long periods. You remember the old superman movies or that TV show? Think that Kryptonite stuff only not necessarily green or a rock even.
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Ninja RP
Felom: But can you kill Gbpa to get to me? You see your attacks I feel but his body takes the damage. Are you Ok with killing him so You can get to me?
Shade with crazed eyes utters "Let me take him... I can keep Gbpa from getting killed." Shade jumps on GMPA and begins sucking the darkness of Felom out.
Shade: Take me Felom...
Felom: Whatever, I saw my fight I'm out of here.
Felom leaves this time for good.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile: I'm vile, My goal is to escape and take over the world I bet if we worked together maybe we could.
His eyes become crazed and his gloves glow.
Vile: I can change things on the periodic table to any other thing.

Ninja RP
GMPA: Not even close... I do have to admit it did hurt quite a bit you may have promise... I wish I could use your bodies. This Body has returned what Klaton took by cutting my spinal cord very carefully though.
He uses the same attack but aims at shade.
Shade: AAAAHHHH!!!!
Felom: Klaton let me see the full extent of the power you have...
Shade: How can you have such power!
Shade stands despite the damage his body took in that attack.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Vile runs up to Neo.
Vile: Hey, do you think that we, mutants, should be superior to regular humans? You Know rule with an iron fist.

Ninja RP
Felom thinks "What fools, well I'll show them what I can do with my decendants. Heh, Heh." Felom rises from the ground behind Gbpa and enters his body. Gbpa changes to look more like a young felom.
GMPA(GameMasterPlayerAdvance): How do you like this... You can fuse I can take over the ones who share my DNA then our power is added.
Shade: You won't get away Felom! I can take you.
GMPA Fires a chaos hadoken at Ken and Al.

Mutant Penile Hubb 7
Isaac: it's getting late, just get to know some of the new students. Make sure you're rested for tomorrow too.

Sonic in Brawl!!!!!!!
Yeah it's official now we just need megaman!
nice to see you back, even if it's just once in a while.
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Ninja RP
Felom puts his hand out and a high level barrier skill activates.
Felom: I'm legendary, your weak skills can barely scratch me. FIGHT! you two!
Gbpa; no...
Feloms eyes roll evily and he vanishes into the ground.