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skin changer down.
My pcs fixed.

skin changer down.
It makes the forum go away exept for the skin changing box.
Anyway it will probably be a much longer time my computer died so i'm using my parents.

skin changer down.
I caused a glitch it's too late it will be fixed tomorrow probably.

MegaMan Generations.
"OHHHHHH!!!!! Stay b-Bah-Back! Megaman I don't want to hurt you" the navi says.
"ZERO!?" Lan and megaman gasp together. "I'm sorry it was the only way to save the world from certain doom." zero says before grunting and deleting 20 official navis. Colonel looks at the dead navis leftover data which brought back the memorys of his deletion to save the world from gregar. "You'll die you virus!" Colonel runs and uses screendiv. But It barly dents the Zero virus who counter attacks colonel deleting him. Megaman screams and dashes in a flash he's colonel cross soul megaman. Lan gives megaman another sword combo he slashes zero who starts flashing with darkness seeping out. "Goodbye lan and megaman, it's over I took to much damage i'll be forever filled with darkness every byte of my body is filld with darkness." Zero jacks out. Protoman walks over to colonels decaying (in a digital way) body. "You remeber how he was given a second chance? Because wily decided to recreate colonel and iris in jail 2 years ago and you were the one to tell baryl the good news. There was in reality a backup of his soul... in getting it the file was deleted gtting it from a living navi is too dangerous so that was it.... However looking at you his soul has been copied into your body... Of course his body was deleted as well." Protoman says.
"I've got it chaud, You mean theres a process to pull colonels soul out of megaman?" lan says. "Yes, it's very dangerous theres a 89.9% chance of megaman being deleted, 5% gregar is reborn 800% stronger in megaman and 4% darkmega will replace megaman and 1% darkmega and gregar will take over him. But still theres no body" Chaud says. "Lan remember the image data machine it may be dusty but it should still have colonels image data. Megaman do it forget about me just get colonel back" Megaman says. "Let's try megaman.... I'll be right there the whole time don't worry I won't let anything happen to you .1% chance is better than nothing" Lan says although he knows megaman will soon be only a memory. "Lan is that a tear?" Megaman asks.

In japan
Mcdonalds has megaman trading cards. based off of Megaman DS

What were/are you going to be for halloween.
I'm running out of time though, I might not be able to do anything i'd better look for some cardboard boxes if i'm going to be a wii.

What were/are you going to be for halloween.
I usually just dress up and hand candy out seeing if anyone figures out who I am. When I dressed up as link people kept saying zelda but more people recognized it more than megaman.

Halloween goodies starting now.
It's still moving. At first it would cycle once then stop. Oh yeah I forgot a new icon a wii controller.

What were/are you going to be for halloween.
I don't know I might be megaman again or I might be a wii or somthing, Maybe a wii controller and my dog the nunchuck.... Or maybe dress my dog as a ninja and then as a joke dress as a ninja too.

Scary fake stories.
This is for those who can create scary stories so try to scare people. AAAAAAHHHH,HAAAA,HAAAAA,HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,HAAA,HA,HA!!!!!!!!!!

True Ghost/supernatural stories
Here get in the mood for halloween tell the scariest things that suposedly happened to you or someone you know.

Alein ship.
We were driving in the car and my dad and I saw a triangular ship with no smoke fly by at high speed.

3 blue men
when my sister was little she claims she woke up and saw 3 blue men walking in her room.

I dreamed one night and it seemed very real, but I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out I saw a burned demon outside my back door scratching a little. I started to freak then I realized what had to be done and "I took care of him." The next day at nsider a guy says last night a demon who through his description sounded the same was chasing him and was clawing a door he was behind, then it just stoped, even stranger it was about the same time at night. (I woke up after the dream)

This is more disturbing than scary.
I once had a dream, their were these people who could controll all the tvs in the world and move them somehow. they also would walk the street looking for men and cutting off a very special part of their anatomy. Then they would eat the body part on tv and force everyone to watch and it made a nasty crunching noise.

Halloween goodies starting now.
For halloween I'm going to open some new threads and for the first time with a holiday thread they won't be closed. I thought about games or somthing but I don't think I have time left. Maybe next year. But the first thing :bite Me!: A new moving emoticon.

About SSBB
Even thoughi have no 100% proof I can say wii only.

Yoshi's Island Role Play
Burning bam bro.: Is that Ukkiki on the island, the one your talking about?

Yoshi's Island Role Play
BBB: Yeah.
Shine: *nods head*
Koopie: Ok I geuss I'll go.
BBB: You lead the way.

OOC: Dinner is ready.

Yoshi's Island Role Play
BBB:Well there are 2 more things to learn maybe you can learn them on the way. I geuss you should take a break anyway.

Yoshi's Island Role Play
BBB: Yeah after I teach you some of the advanced moves. First hammer-rang Theres a tree over there try to get it to go around and return. Some hammer bros. can't do this some can just curve their throw, it's like being right or left handed it's somthing your born being able to do. I'll show you... *throws hammer causing it toogo around a nd clip the trees edge and come back* I'm capable of it but just can't fully harness it.

Yoshi's Island Role Play
BBB: Wow! Ok i'll toss a bunch of sliced pinapple up you try to hit it with your hammers. This will test your acuracy of moving targets. When you seem to have caught on I'll teach you the advanced arts.

Yoshi's Island Role Play
Shine: That would be somthing for BBB to teach you.
Burning bam bro: Hammer bros are know for being able to use hammers. You see those rocks throw your hammer at it when you can break 1 aim for another from 200 feet then talk to me, and i'll go to phase 2.

Yoshi's Island Role Play
Shine: Hey koopie.
Koopie: Did Burning bam bro make it?
Burning bam bro.: You think i'd get caught by bowser? I've been trained in the arts of fire.
Shine: Did I hear you wanted to know about your powers? What exactly do you want to know?