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Ninja RP
Gbpa: What? What does this mean?

New Guitar hero and Periphial
Well I kind of lied, it is a guitar hero spin-off with a new periphial.
Activision is so happy with the money GH is bringing in they are making DJHero, with a turntable accessory. I have no idea how you will be graded, but this could tur out kind of cool or be epic phail. Depending on what music they use and if they can have it feel natural.

Misheard Lyrics
We have all heard things that are not the correct words, so don't be shy what have you misheard.
Muse-Muscle Museum
"I've peed in every toilet, but you have to go and spoilit'."
Granted this was a peed with a british accent so it was more like 'paid' the 'peed'.

I just thought the part where they say solid was Bellamy trying to be cool with sober.

Muse- SMBH
I swear the background vocalists say Vegabond but I have no idea what it really is.

my sister thought on dream police by cheap trick they sang "They come to pee in my bed." I laughed so hard I missed one of the last notes almost getting a perfect on GH.

She sells sanctuary by the cult
"The world drags me down" sounds like "ro/e/i/a/un tracks me down" (any of those vowels could fit)

Those are several that come to me.

Ninja RP
L: Very well. Gbpa give me your hand.
Gbpa: I'm not gay.
L: I don't want to do any more with you than I have to! Just give me your hand and try to check out the energy coming from the statue.
Gbpa: Ok...
He holds L's hand and concentrates on decoding the jutsu.
L: So that is it...
He begins speaking in a foreign language and massive amounts of ninergy flow into the statue until it glows brightly.
Gbpa: I don't think you did that right, I think the first word to unseal was orgakon, not organok. You said the word for Dung, not the word for Serpent.
L: No I said it right! Let's see if Jiraiya appears before our eyes.
The glow begins to dissapate and a fleshy color can be seen through the glow.
Doijom: You did it! We can stop Orochimaru now! He can train you Gbpa! This is wonderful.
Klaton: My ears were burning, you talking about me; Lord Jiraiya?
Doijom: (He figured it out during those thousand years?)
Klaton: Yes, why do you think I tried to seal Felom away at all costs?

Ninja RP
Doijom shruggs at Meshi being so bad at a standard technique.
Doijom: I am a science teacher, there is not much to that jutsu. You put ninergy in your feet, hold it there and run. Anyway...
He turns to Klaton and looks at him, on the petrified legends face is a look of shock and shame, you can almost see what happened before his head was stoned too. You can imagine Felom laughing and revealing what trick he had used.
L: He is very alive in there, but his energy is different, it is like in stasis. If I could copy jutsus I might be able to crack the code completely, but doing this by hand will be a very time consuming process, and could only be temporary.
Gbpa: Once, I was able to not get hit simply absorb a bit of the energy coming from the jutsu or seeing it and i could recreate it. I can tell there is faint energy coming from it.
Doijom: No, you lack energy to draw from, I forbid you.
L: No... wait... I remember a rumor, he could allow someone else with the Hadronokun to be able to use something he can that they can not, it uses trivial energy. The thing is I wouldn't fully understand it, it would give us a greater chance to free Klaton though.

The NRPM trails
Gbpa: Just forget it, the zombies ignore the rules anyway!

Ninja RP
Doijom: it is alright, they have lasted quite a while and besides to get up to Klaton we will have to wall jump between the larger statues or run up the side.
L jumps from point to point with incredible height, he scales it in just a few jumps. Gbpa just runs and runs up the side at a pretty good clip.
Doijom: You can make it up right?
He begins dashing toward the statue mixing jumps and walking to reach the hand.

Ninja RP
Doijom: If the theories are correct he is perfectly healthy and all, but he is too weak to free himself and will never get enough energy to break free. He weakened himself in a last ditch effort to save us all. We owe him all we can do to reverse the prison he is trapped in.
Gbpa: Maybe L can decode the seal, having master the Oroculi Hadronokun.
L: Whatever, i'll do what I can to help him.
They finally reach the two giant statues of Felom and Klaton.
Doijom: He is up there on top of the giant Klaton statue's right hand.
The Klaton statue is slightly bent over with it's left hand summoning a salamander and it's right with a kunai stabbed into the Felom statues chest. Felom is depicted as standing in an aggressive state while performing the Vulcan technique. Yet his face also shows slight horror at the Kunai lodged in his chest.

Ninja RP
OOC: Yeah I was running low too.
They all arrive at Serenades.
Doijom: So much has happened since we were last here.
Gbpa: Yeah, I was a novice and got beaten by a weakened Felom. Now I am much more powerful and if I could go back in time would destroy him. I was more simple back then and I don't know what happened to my buddy Kazui.
Gbpa: Oh, crap...
Doijom: The region doesn't seem to be as active as it was before. Why don't we visit the memorial before we go to find the sage, I want to bid my respects to Klaton and see how he is doing.

Are you Biased?
Simple question.
Do you think it is possible to be completely unbiased or never have a bias?

It has begun!
Yeah, favoritism is prejudice in itself.
I heard he is letting terrorists go free from the war prisons he is closing though, which doesn't sound like something you want to do when you have whacko groups already fuming like the KKK.
I really hate to say it, for several reasons, but I doubt he will finish his term. The more groups you agitate the more volatile the threat on your life becomes, and then we will have riots and... Biden. :He did what?!:

Ninja RP
Doijom: Like any place there are some hostiles and some friendly, most of the citizens are pretty friendly, however the army and leaders are more hostile. However, Cossack and I go way back so we don't have to worry to much.

Ninja RP
Doijom: It is cold and snowy and most people's last names end in K, N or V. Chillo is also one of the strongest military powers.
Jack walks over and Pulls L up and begins carrying his limp body and they begin heading south.

Ninja RP
Doijom holds out his left arm.
Doijom; It is that way, but we have to head back to Serenades before we can head to Chillo.

Ninja RP
Doijom: Whats in that scroll?
Pyro: Here is a short cut... Be sure to take care!
He touches the jewel and they are teleported outside the building.

It has begun!
Obama is now p.. pr... President...
Well discuss! Did you see it, did someone fires some shots? :Who would have guessed?:

Ninja RP
Doijom: It is quite a ways actually... Maybe you are thinking of the Sand Element region. Try not to jump the whole nation gun, they are still regions, soon they probably will all be nations again, but... yeah anyway look at the map.
Spoiler: click to toggle

Doijom: A bit of trivia... there were supposedly a few other continents, but they are nothing but legend right now, looking at the planet this random mass is a little odd, many theorize there is another continent on the opposite side of Paravan, the Planet Paravan, not this continent.
Pyro chuckles.
Doijom: Yeah, the guys who named stuff should have been Shurikened. Anyway, if there is another continent surely there must have been others at some point. Many theorize one was the continent Mu, a giant prosperous land of technology and wealth, well until...
Pyro: You should be going now, shouldn't you?
Doijom: Yes, anyway there was some trivia.

OOC: We are quickly approaching the inclusion of some new continents, as well as some major twists, we are a little over half-way to some major changes. Think of this so far as like one installment in a trilogy, this one is coming to a climax and part two is soon to begin. A lot of stuff will be explained soon such as what Felom has been working to accomplish recently.

Ninja RP
Pyro: Very well, took you a while but you made it without losing any extremities.
Doijom: What did you want, and how did you know we were fighting some Harebs?
Pyro: Sit down all of you.
He pulls a cloth off of the coffee table and completes a puzzle. The top slides away and a strange rock like thing is rises out on a pedastal.
Pyro: This is Ignixion Amber Jewel, it is said to have been forged shortly after time began, it has been passed down among the rulers of Ignixion ever since, it requires Ignixion Amber a rare ore to run, however it allows me to see random glimpses into the future and to distant places. I saw you fighting a Hareb minutes before you actually did. We know all about the threat they pose and are taking care of it, so please do not interfere.
Anyway, back to what I needed to tell you. I would like to become allies with Serenades, we need to begin forming the lines of good and evil. I want to get to Serenades before other regions like Spelunt, Zapan, Magrica, Oases and other regions who may choose to ally themselves with evil soon enough.
Doijom: Wait. I thought Sparx was ninterpol, how can Zapan be against us?
Pyro: Sparx is a rouge ninja in his homeland now, he is taking many lashes for his actions, luckily they do not realize he is ninterpol, otherwise he would be dead. But, relay our wish to your leader, Doijom. Cossack has contacted me and has made what could be a pivotal discovery. I will begin heading to Chillo soon, I'd like you to meet me there. Ok?
Doijom: Do any of you have a problem with going to Chillo?

Ninja RP
Doijom: Alright, the side door it is...
He walks up to the door and walks through and then vanishes. Then his head pops out and says "this is the real path, guys."
Gbpa: WHAT!?

I saw a good suspense movie!
My sister and Brother-in-law rented some movies. One of them was Disturbia, it is basically a suspense/horror movie, and I use horror as in the days before horror equating a slasher and slashers equating a slasher on HGH and Steroids.
The basic plot without revealing major spoilers is this reckless driver ends up causing this kid to crash after a fishing trip with his father, they both survive until another car hits the side his dad is on, presumably dismembering him. Flash forward to the end of his senior year, his Spanish teacher is pushing him and then brings his father up. He decks his teacher and is sentenced to house arrest. During this time he sits around bored out of his mind until he hears about this murderer and notices some similarities to one of his neighbors. To make matters worse the guy is trying to woo his mother.
Obviously you know his neighbor is going to turn out to be a psycho that tries to kill him, but hey that comes with the suspense name. What makes this more interesting is his teachers cousin is a cop bent on getting revenge, and whenever he steps out of line the cop comes to his door to beat him up. So he is essentially forced to sit in his home while his neighbor tries to kill him.
There are a few times they forget logic or what was established earlier, and a lot of the time you know several minutes into the future.