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This idea came just now after writing some homework and my printer making an error and sucking all my paper up. I looked down liked the quote left on the paper so let's post quotes. Please don't post incredibly famous things like "Childrens do learn" or "I have a dream". You can quote yourself to "I quote myself, because I'm that darn cool!"-Dude2000

"He let himself be killed, he didn't back down and run like a coward. The love he had was so strong it gave him incredible courage and willpower"-Myself Because I'm that darn cool!

10 ZennySp* to the person who guesses who it's talking about.

*After the wipe** we'll have ZennySp.
**after Zeta boards converts us I'm wiping all Zenny and going to replace it with a better system.

Natural Selection
Isaac slings her over his shoulder.
Isaac: I have a funny feeling it won't be that easy. If you notice there are power lines going across the water. That seems a little odd to me. It might be best to build a shelter.

Count to 10,000 by primes
Oot: originally it was meant to be the prime and then the number of the prime below it.

Will you keep melee?
The records used to have memories, but not really anymore. My friends sister made Zelda have most nearly everything.

Favorite MegaMan game
I really liked x4-x6 and Bn3 was my favorite bn, 1 and 4 were the worst imo.

Count to 10,000 by primes
Meh, wasn't how I tried to explain but whatever.

Person Above You
^Is right.

we are the number 1 nintendo forum!
It's really just because they reset the numbers and I was first to vote for my site.

Will you keep melee?
True, but if there isn't really anything great omitted why hold on to it. I'll still hold onto the original because I loved the Zelda stage and the sky scraper it had.
I probably will if brawl lacks a great character or stage from it.

Yeah, i've heard of them before.

Advertisement Centre
I may join eventually.

we are the number 1 nintendo forum!
Posted Image
Our only competition is second place and they are pretty good too, but we are number one!
(Yes, this is meant to poke them in a fun way)

Person Above You
^ doesn't now little to no zenny transactions have happened in the last year. Everyone must be saving for a giga chip.

Pfft... Twelves miles.
XD I didn't mean push ups. I can see how you could think that I meant like putting your hands on something while standing/grabbing a bar overhead and pulling/pushing your body up with your arms.

Mario Party? Please explain.
Also in Kirby when your run out of lives it boots you to the start of the stage, a regular death just boots you to the beginning of the room.

I like the icon gallery, the IF one crashed. I'm not going back to the other crappy icon gallery. I also like the endless sub boards and page creator.

Welcome, have fun here, there is a sports section in chat, when ZetaBoards comes over it will be much better.

Person Above You
^Is a goomba.

Natural Selection
Isaac: i don't see one...
Iris: I see something sparkly up in that tree!
She grabs a rock and tosses it before Isaac can say "Nooo!". The sparkly object turns out to be a hand saw and it comes down landing on her.
She falls in a puddle of blood.
Isaac runs over to her and pulls up the saw.
Isaac: It fell and lodged in her arm, we could probably cut some trees and make a shelter. She's just knocked out don't worry but we should try to stop the bleeding.
He takes off his tie and wraps it tightly around her arm.

OOC: No one is spared, not even the children!

I have faith it can work, anyway I heard the transfer can take from a few hours to years. They may have the converter right when it turns.