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We're never doing one of these threads again!
.LOL is.

Net neutrality?
Hey who edited my post! wait....Huh?
Whats bush got to do with this either?
*merges to avoid my further confusion.* :Nuts:

holy crap!
Well you came back so I don't know. (the last visit info in your profile has been reset to today. Anyway welcome back.

Net neutrality?
what is this:
Some government people are trying to make it so companys like AT&T can tell you what you can do online,
How this affects you:
Forums and little sites like this will most likley get banned. So NRPM, FN, Super Kepo and countless others gone, Piespot and other site gone. If you want to end this go to the link and sign the petiton or let the internet be destroyed.... AND IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT!!!

We're never doing one of these threads again!

Global warming?
For the last 2 weeks it's been snowing and very very cold. This weekend again it's going to snow. How can global warming be taken seriously when Global cooling seems much more dangerous? :I don't see it.....:

Best government?
Jan 24 07, 8:07 PM
all i know is allmost evrey one in my "Hood" loves America and.....well.....i'l come out and say it online (but never in public) America Sucks........
*dives back under table*

You mean the way it's become where every election people keep trying to make the other guy look bad, and all people in politics are always doing sleazy things like sneaking things into bills at the last second or wording things so it sounds completely different than it is? Or do you mean like the people like the people who buy 20 wiis to sell on ebay... only a few hundred people are dumb enough for them to make their 700$ minimum profit. S they open all the boxes, then describe the wii and at the bottom is small almost unseen print this is just the box, controller, stand, health and saftey booklette, manual etc. they sell it peice by peice trying to trick people for the price of a whole wii system. Or both of those or what?

Best government?
Currently democracy/republic is what I think but I think my idea is overall the best.
why would you get flamed for thinking that about monarchy, I might see communism or dictatorship etc. unless you gave a good reason why.
must be your state/area mine is almost to communism.

Best government?
I made this a long time ago I'm reviving this is no different except for fixing a few keyboard errors.

I'm trying to post them all if I forget one or make a mistake accidentally, sorry.
quick FAQ of each one.
This type of government is generaly the form of government with kings, queens and Knight and so on. Where one royal person ruled a great land with generally no opposition other than possibly an assasination or being insulted. England was a monarchy, however in england it evolved into where the catholic church was in the shadows pulling the strings of the king or queen, at that point there were some disputes between the king and catholic church.
This means basically a government does not exist in any way, and there are no rules people are free to do whatever they please and if it is a sick crime there is no consequence. So a man who brutally murdered and raped people would be no different that a meek vegetarian. The only rules are what a man feels is right or wrong to himself.
This is basically complete and absolute controller some refer to it as socialism, however it is more oftenly know as communism. In communism the government reserves the right to have you arrested if you say the political ruler is an idiot, then can also have you arrested if they don't like you, if you try to escape or do not follow their strict orders, In some communisms (I'm not sure if all would be correct) they can tell you what you will do as a living, where you will live and if and who you will marry. They also will spy on everyone to see if they say or do something the ruler dislikes.
This is similar to a communist country now, however the rulers allow more freedom and the rulers have absolute controll of everything, rome at one point would go down the dictorship path in times of danger for the protection of the country, this allowed several rulers to cause a lot of damage to rome.
America is one of these forms of government, many believe this is the best form of government yet, I'd like to note there is a slight difference, in a democracy it is easy for it to end up a dictatorship or if a bad dictatorship occours communism, Rome was founded as a democracy and went through some changes because of that. Republic is the same except for one minor thing that states the "ruler can't rule for more than a pre-set amount of time", "therefore lowering the chances of abuse", america was founded as a republic. However the similarities are so close, which I'll explain how now. Both forms state that the "ruler and government are chosen by the people." There is so much I can list however I don't want this to go on forever.

I still think my idea is the best I've heard.

We're never doing one of these threads again!
317 welcome back.

We're never doing one of these threads again!

Does It Exist?#1-Bigfoot
I decided I'll make a topic every month addressing supposed mythical creatures, paranormal beings, or other things one may be dinosaurs(not did they "Do they").
This time I'll start with the wests biggest monster, the giant crazy ape, bigfoot.
So does he exist? I don't think so, No one sees him at less than an estimated 100 feet and it's always the edge of a forest there just isn't enough evidence. If you go to a costume place I bet you could find a large furry costume and could make it look like big foot which means fanatics could add to it.

We're never doing one of these threads again!

Working with ROMs
Jan 20 07, 2:13 PM
Jan 20 07, 2:03 PM
cool to know. Still IF says talking about this kind of thing isn't allowed. However I don't feel like doing anything :Yeah your cool:. Plus only members can veiw this. PSST one nintendo game is still there in all it's glory, Earthbound1... it's a strange and fun game.
(your lamp assaults you as you try to leave your room.)

Yes i love earthbound (or mother as its called) but i was missing the best ones. Super mario RPG, LOZ:MM, Umihara Kawase!! + i dont have a lamp ^ _ ^

actually emulators are fine, IF dosn't like roms though. I geuss I should lock this then.

Working with ROMs
cool to know. Still IF says talking about this kind of thing isn't allowed. Plus only members can veiw this. PSST one nintendo game is still there in all it's glory, Earthbound1... it's a strange and fun game.
(your lamp assaults you as you try to leave your room.)

We're never doing one of these threads again!

We're never doing one of these threads again!
New icons up!

Nintendo screws DK for good?
They mixed up tiny and chunky.
Tiny is over 2 times as big as diddy where in reality she is 3/4 as big as him. Her clothes are wrong too short of the hat.
Tiny in a picture that dosn't burn. XD
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What motivates you to debate?
Mainly I do it to become smarter. But sometimes it's boredom and maybe fun.

Moon Landing
I just wanted to post this qoute from wikipedia.
According to a 1999 poll conducted by the The Gallup Organization, 6% of the American public believes the landing was faked, while an "overwhelming majority", 89%, believe that did in fact occur.[2] The hoax claims are widely dismissed as baseless by mainstream scientists, technicians and engineers, as well as by NASA, and have been widely analyzed
Let's see 89 + 6 = 95... what was the other 5% composed of? XD
this is an interesting link
the guy picking the other guys argument apart is sort of funny just because of how he puts things sarcastically.