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2nd Icon vote! phase 1
Ok post any game charecter you would like and i'll try to find one\make one.
(please nothing obscure (unless you have a pic to offer) or mature)
keep your votes to things originally from games (if you have one you often use that isn't part of a game series and is originall you can vote for that)nothing like lego man from lego racers.
you can nominate as manny as you want but be courtious. Don't tell someone how to vote or bribe them. if you want to help with this cause Pm me.
be specific don't say link thinking oot to find out it end's up alttp. say the game or as descriptive as you can.
the top 10 this time will go to the 2nd stage and stay there untill elected that means don't vote for a Super Mario Bros. goomba if it's on the second list or your wasting your vote however if you vary it like say SMB3 goomba the vote will be worth somthing.
this phase will end the 13th and then i'll count what get's the most votes and put the top 10 if 10 are posted in #3.

My votes:

Now you vote for whatever you want.

I Can't see.......
I went to the eye doctor today (I got perfect vision :P)and when I was done I couldn't see. and my eyes were just big black dots.
Then on a walking trail I fell in the mudd Because my mom was in the way of me catching my balance. :( :D

LOL :) :D

4 word story.
At hiii's theres 3 and 5 so how bout 4? Heh, heh, heh!
:kirby: walked along with.

I say yes.....why else would he save peach? definetly not her voice.

GBPA's random tips.
First put in the adress you want it dosn't matter what the link will say then take the desired pics adress and put it in the pic code then copy and paste the [img] area to what the link says then you have a clean linked pic.

Bowser's Castle
Gbpa: Hello, who are you? yeah the guy who looks like bowser jr.

The infinite quote.
Baby Bowser
Jan 29 2006, 03:59 PM
Jan 16 2006, 05:21 PM
Ok spam however you feel like but you must  qoute the "LAST POST"
  :redshell:          :1up::mushroom::egg:  :coin:  :coin:  :coin:

  • :egg: Yoshi soccer!

  • LOL LOL candy whoo-hoo!!! (thats a secret emoticon just like PWN )

I heard part of a news story The WB is going off the air sometime......

First elect an Icon Final phase.

Anyone played worms?
It's like lemmings (the old pc game) in a few ways.
up to 4 teams of worms can face off in a war you select a weapon or item and then use it wepons vary from Shotguns to cows or "the soft fruit of doom" bananas. items might are stuff like jetpacks, redbull, or a ninja rope. A worm dies if it falls in the water suronding\underneath the level or if it's life goes away. You can name your worms and in the 2d games even drill in the level. The players take turns moving and can use one attack each turn.

First elect an Icon Final phase.
Ok Just this time since all 3 will win anyway I'm adding these to the elected folder. (yeah good bye test mushroom)

Pokemon Army
I would but I never played one of those games. (I did read about one in NP though)

To Patriot7me....
I saw him there today so I geuss he didn't.

Whoo hoo!
Ok i'll finish megaman
The game was a peice of cake....Ok untill the final boss I have 780 hp or somthing he has 2000 hp. And I never know which slot he is in front of.

If you want to have a chance to be a mod post here
Yeah I'll see if I think I can trust you...Most I probably can but I want to watch out for certain things.

First elect an Icon Final phase.
You can only vote for the shown icons and you get 1 vote this round.
If An icon is in the top 5 it will be added to the icons folder.
This ends the 27th.

Guy from gyromite
Posted Image

Dry bones
Posted Image

Posted Image

Ok I found Gyromite is somthing hard to get pics of so gyromite votes in the next elections will probably end up being wasted unless someone helps and they know where rare pictures and stuff is.

Elect an icon jan06 edition Phs.2
Ok i'm closing this since all of them are going to end up icons, But I'll still do phase3.

To Patriot7me....
I just wondered if you really did get banned? (i've never been banned before so I wouldn't know what a banned member at nsider can still do)

Happy post newyears party!!!