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Adhering Suzy
Adhering Suzy (add-here-ing Soo-zee) Posted Image
These are minor robotic enemies that you face in the first MegaMan game. Although having adhering in there name they are not as adhered as you would think. They simply float horizontally or vertically back and forth. When they reach a wall they stop for a couple seconds and then move back. Perhaps adhering means they adhere to a designated path. What is even more puzzling about these red suction cupped eyes is if they are meant to be female. Suzy would indicate gender, however it remains unclear.
BombMan, CutMan, IceMan and employ these droids in their stages.

The future was prophesied!
Posted Image
Now remember what Sony's toy detonator remote looks like. Yeah scary.
Here is a picture
Posted Image
Wait wasn't that the joker's detonation device? I know I saw this somewhere, maybe in that proctologist's commercial or the adult novelty store's ad. Maybe I could buy one of those things and sing into it and become a supervillian! (ok, there are million of these that Sony deserves.)

The meme topic
Posted Image
That image is un-dr.ed. That was one of the forum ads... This is what they made WTF! for.

The meme topic
Posted Image
(I'm going through all of the images I ever made... This may take a few days...)

Peta unhappy with Obama
$5 someone takes this into a what constitutes having a soul debate.

I so called that!

If no animals are self-aware how do you explain people documenting elephants(and some dogs) recognizing when they see a mirror it is a reflection of themselves? How do you explain them capable of using tools and using reasoning to solve problems. I'm not saying I think animals have a soul anything close to a person, but I find it absurd to believe they don't have some sort of soul.

The meme topic
Well since Mikal Jakson died what I was going to use would not be in good taste.
So lets try
Posted Image

Members can now make entries
This is a trial system I am going to test.
But now anyone except Guests and Banned can make an entry. I must tell you though that a staff member must inspect your entry for quality, completeness, accuracy and if you have an unrestrained bias. Making an anti-"Bush the second" entry or even an excessively anti-"Andrew Jackson" entry would be too biased. Making an entry praising Obama or Bush as some kind of divine God would also constitute a too biased entry. If you hate Princess Peach don't make an anti-peach entry.
The Staff member may completely reject your entry. They may also edit or alter your entry before making it visible. Your entry may even be so great that they don't have to make any alterations!
Be aware even if your entry is accepted without any tweaks it probably will get edited at another time. Information is always coming and your entry may become obsolete.

Here are some things you are agreeing to if you make an entry.
-It is fine for the entry to be edited however the staff of NRPM deem needed. Effective 6/25/09
-The entry if accepted becomes NRPM property, and will not have to be taken down at your request. Effective 6/25/09
-You will retain rights to any images you include and you may demand the images to be taken down. (if you have trouble just remove the image from your image host. ;)) Effective 6/25/09

To increase your chances of acceptance.
-Refer to these guidelines.
-If you can't spell or have terrible grammar, write it up in MicrosoftWord(you pay for Word) or MicrosoftWorks(Free and the same as Word, but not as pretty.) and use that spell/grammar check.
-Don't use profanity.
-Don't guess; play the game again, look at a game script FAQ, refer to the instruction manual, whatever you need to do.
-Don't state your opinions as fact.
-Don't let your bias get out of control.
-Use official art or sprites for images, putting together pieces of official art(Like I did with Kremling and Koopa.) is fine too.

Ducks (Duh-ck-s) Posted Image
These are the ducks from the NES game Duck Hunt. Your dog, the "Duck Hunt Dog" being his unofficial yet widespread name, jumps into the grass to scare these ducks out of the grass. With your Zapper you try to pick off as many of these limitless ducks as possible before they fly off screen. The longer you played the more ducks you would be required to kill each round. Perhaps as you decimate their population the ducks begin to grow angry and if you don't keep their numbers down, they will become the hunter and you will be their victim. The problem with this theory is there are truly infinite ducks in the grass. Although we don't know what the ducks do when they leave the screen, perhaps they circle overhead waiting to get their revenge. Most information on these ducks, and the game in general, is pure speculation, due to their characters never being fleshed out beyond target practice.

The meme topic
Young grasshopper, it is a video that fission mailed. That cake was a lie, but this cake is the real deal!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3ZAGBL6UBA <------(real non-lye cake)

Kappa ((Probably)Cap-uh) Posted Image
Kappa are legendary river dwelling Japanese creatures. They are generally depicted as being some kind of tortoise monster. It is said their skin is very scaly and they generally are depicted as having turtle like shells as well as turtle beaks. Kappa also have depressed bowl like heads that retain water as they rise out of rivers, it is said this water makes them strong outside of water. It is often said if a Kappa loses its water it will panic and make a run for the river. It unclear if it simply becomes scared if it is weakened or if perhaps the water allows it to breath outside of water, therefore finding water being vital to its survival. Although being a wild monster Kappa are known for being gentlemen, so much so that if they are bowed to they are forced by Kappa code of honor to reciprocate, spilling their water. The Koopas of the Mario franchise are said to be based off of Kappa. Kappa share a much closer resemblance to Bowser, king of the Koopas. It is possible the English translation to Bowser(Bow Sir) could have been a pun referring to the weakness of the Kappa. This however is unconfirmed and could be mere coincidence. The Animal Crossing character Kapp'n is clearly based off of the Kappa.

Why are there cards?
This has always confused me a bit. Battle cards let AMians and FMians use an attack based on the card. Ok, so I can see them existing in the wave world. But why do they exist in the human world, is there another way they can be used by regular people?
It just doesn't make sense for people to care about apparently useless cards.
An even bigger mystery is the Sub-Cards what use are they to humans? None right? Then why do humans carry them around, how did they even get into the human world anyway?

starforce 3 translation
Oh, what version are you getting? Also do you know if this game requires the stylus at any point?

Koopa (coo(as in racoon, not book)-puh) Posted Image
Koopas are a race of advanced turtles. As the image illustrates they come in many different forms and colors. It is generally noted that red koopas seem more intelligent than green koopas. This is illustrated by the fact that Green Koopa Troopas will just walk aimlessly off of cliffs, whereas Red will stop and pace. Whether green Koopas are genetically less intelligent is unclear. Some koopas have wings and can fly. Koopas who have wings are called Paratroopas. Many Koopas are loyal to Bowser, however there are many who like Goombas, form communities and remain neutral or against Bowser. Unlike Goombas Bowser seems to strongly favor Koopas over his henchmen of other species. For example he had his Koopatrols patrol Princess Peach's castle in Paper Mario. Most evil Koopas can be dispatched with a firm stomp on their shells. Koopa shells are very sturdy and difficult to break. Koopas generally hide within this sturdy shelter until the danger is gone. Koopa shells can be kicked and sent flying. Some Koopas have displayed the ability to propel their shells and to be in control of where they slide, although it seems not all Koopas know how to do this. Over the years Koopas have begun to stand more and more upright from their early days crawling on all fours. It has been stated that Bowser(King of the Koopas) and his relatives are Koopas. The name Koopa most likely comes from the Japanese monsters Kappas, these monsters are depicted much like balding humanoid turtles, complete with shells.

In Japan Bowser is named Koopa.

A set of guidelines for making entries
Currently the format is to have the name(s) bolded, followed by, in unbolded (), the pronunciation(s). Immediately after this is the general image, an image meant to show the entry generally. You don't have to put up an image, although it's better if you do. You may also wish to include subsequent images further down in the text to illustrate a particular fact.
Then you post your information for the entry. Please do not cite sources, try to focus on things you know a lot about and don't need to look up. For example if you know all about Goombas do Goomba. If your Grodus or Kremling knowledge is limited leave it for someone who knows a lot about Kremlings or Grodus. If you must cite another website please put it in a spoiler tag to keep the article clean. If you edit and feel you need to document it, put it in the same spoiler tag or make one if there isn't one. Also if there was ever a TV show use one paragraph for the videogame version and if need be, a second for television or manga. Try to supply as much information as needed on a character/entry to cover as much information as needed to have a fully rounded entry. Also feel free to look over entries and edit them if additional information has arisen that can make the entry more dynamic or informational.

You may also consider making links by hand to refer people to related entries that are closely related or someone could have been looking for instead. For example linking Metal Mario and Mario,Paper Mario and Mario, or Navi and Netnavi.

We also welcome additional ideas. So contact us if you have an idea that could be good.

The meme topic

It is a video that yo mama failed.

New Wii accessory with epic potential
LOL! It was a joke, after all of the crap about people having seizures after playing videogames. They make a game that regularly strobes.

The meme topic
I herd u leik mudkeeps!

New Wii accessory with epic potential
Jun 22 2009, 09:11 AM
only one thing to say..........

First wii told you that you were stupid
Then wii told you you were fat
Now wii will tell you that you are nervous and probably you wont live longer.
**Comming up next** Wii will tell you how corrupted your soul is.
Wii Evangelize! coming 2013 on BigWii, the Wii's successor.
Iamgine Eternal Darkness, you start to lose it and you TV starts flashing like a strope through the spectrum and then a monster jumps out toward the screen and then all of that combines into one swirling vortex. You would feel like that one time you did acid. Oh and for the coup de grace the monster makes you tv explode killing you.

Nintendo is retarted
Jun 22 2009, 09:08 AM
Jun 21 2009, 04:08 PM
2 games from now. "In an innovative new game Link can now fly around in the Goodyear blimp."

I had the exact opposite reaction as you on that.
Here is how it could improve certain games.
Do I think Nintendo will take advantage of that? No. 3rd parties... maybe. Imagine ResidentEvil6 with vitality sensor. Then all they need are electrodes implanted throughout your body so if you die, YOU die. J/K
Or another example would be a fighting game where it counts your heart beat and translates it into an Adrenaline Meter that lets you unleash supers.

i doubt if anyone will use it accurately though cuz third party nintendo games usually suck and lack polish.
Andrenaline meter would be cool but I seriously doubt it would be used for any other game except wii fit. (And wit fit isn't a game!!! ITS A WORKOUT!)
That is true, although I was thinking of the top tier 3rd parties like Capcom, Square(possibly), the people who actually have made games that take more than an afternoon in development.
Another franchise that that use would be prefect for is Eternal Darkness, the game is about staying sane. So make it so you are the one who has to stay sane not your character. Just bring in the world's most insane convicts and do tests on them, and make it all into a disturbing game. The only thing that could make that even more disturbing is a VR helmet.

starforce 3 translation
I'm 18 now...
I might not have to pay at all, my parents arn't sure if they can cover all of it though. I'm not like going to yale or dartmouth(*snickers* I love saying dartmouth like dart-mouth) it is just the local community college. (although my ACT score said I could get into the most prestigious of the prestigious. But The only real difference between a CC degree and an expensive school is bragging rights. I lack self loving pride so I don't care if I can brag.)