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General talk

Regular Forum Rules N Anouncements

Or ask about new rules or Anouncements.
Pandora Armband gŁnstig Feb 27 2013, 09:15 PM, By zassffsg
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Redirect Forum Join The Most Inovative Nintendo Forum
Welcome to the most inovative Nintendo forum, we would like you to join and increase the fun!
just click on this forum and fill out a form with the most personal information being your e-mail address, So don't worry we'll be glad to have you join.

Why should you join?
*We have tournaments planned, including for the much anticipated brawl.
*We have challenges to breath life into your old games.
*We keep track of your records.
*We have friendly members
*To have fun on "The Most Inovative Nintendo Forum"

So click on this messages title ↑

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Regular Forum (No New Posts) NRPM Support Zone
Do you have something to say relating to the forum in general? Something you don't like? Is there anything you want to see appear on NRPM? Do you just have questions about how the forum works?
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Nintendo Park Ranger Headquarters
The place to talk about the main website of Nintendo Park. If you want to report a problem, make a suggestion, or comment on a recent update, this is the place to be.
----, By Guest
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Subforums: Friend or Foe?
Regular Forum Welcome Board
Come here to introduce yourself and welcome new members.
Greetings Dec 7 2013, 06:22 PM, By PrinceMomo
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Special forum stuff.

Regular Forum The RP Galaxy
RP about Video Games and more here.
Quick register. May 8 2009, 08:33 PM, By GameBoyPlayerAdvance
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Subforums: LightSpeed RP
Regular Forum Contest Coliseum
Here is where challenges and records are held at as well as tourneys! Lace up and try to be the best! Oh, and yes there will be prizes!
nike free 3.0 Sep 10 2012, 03:30 AM, By ondey
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Subforums: Challenges, The Star Cups
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Forum exchange
Have a nice site? Want to show it off? Then you might like to advertise or affiliate, there are many forms of advertisement here!

To advertise you must have 15 posts.
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum Newspaper HQ
This is the only official NRPM forum newspaper, the editor is RunawayRed.
Issue #4 (New) Aug 13 2009, 10:55 PM, By RunawayRed
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Subforums: The Press Room, The Archives
Regular Forum N-cyclopedia
This is where info about video game characters is held. It separates us from every other forum. so if you steal it I'll be really mad.
Crowbus Dec 29 2009, 10:37 PM, By GameBoyPlayerAdvance
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Subforums: The Mushroom Kingdom, Netopian information center, The Land of Hyrule, The Lylat System, DK isles, The Planet of Popstar, The Planet Zebes, Mute City, Other Games Library, Non Game related stuff


Regular Forum (No New Posts) MegaMan's WaveRoad
This board is Mega, Mega cool, Mega fun, so go join others who love BlueBombing and justice.
----, By Guest
0 viewers Topics: 37 Replies: 242
Regular Forum Mario's Castle
It's a-me-a Mario! do you love listening too that? come talk with others who share your..fascination. Let's-a go In side.
Cloud Mario Apr 18 2010, 01:33 PM, By GameBoyPlayerAdvance
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Smash Bros.
The great fighting series that has released it's 3rd game, now with online, tournaments now in the works! Check the contests and challenges forum.
----, By Guest
0 viewers Topics: 30 Replies: 174
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Great Land Of Hyrule
Come talk with others about links great exploits in hyrule and it's neighbors.
----, By Guest
0 viewers Topics: 28 Replies: 130
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Guitar Hero and Rockband
The 2 incredibly popular music playing games, with songs like "Welcome To The Jungle", "Don't fear the Reaper"", "Barracuda", "Should I stay or should I go", "Girl's not grey", "One step closer" and "Carry on my wayward son"
----, By Guest
0 viewers Topics: 34 Replies: 111
Regular Forum More Games
This is where you talk about games not listed here, including third parties and even Sony or MS things.
The curious F-zero GX 'official lyrics' in… Jul 20 2010, 09:56 PM, By GameBoyPlayerAdvance
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Subforums: Kirby Dream Land, DK's Lush Jungle, Sonic's space, Bomber Man, Nintendo RPGs, N Racing, Review
Regular Forum N-chat
Make misc. topics about corporate (gaming) issues, system specs and hardware troubleshooting or more ambiguous topics.
Pandora Charms Are Excellent For You Nov 3 2012, 08:36 PM, By bhiosaoa
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Regular Forum Chat
Talk with the other members about anything except about if dark or milk chocolate is better.
Credit Card UAE: Splendid Benefits Jan 23 2014, 06:57 AM, By RosinJohn
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Subforums: Entertainment
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Debate Place
Come here to debate serious issues, ranging from politics to religion get your oponents to reel with each of your blows just be sure to block their's.
Read all rules before posting!
----, By Guest
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Regular Forum Chateau de Creation
Display your writing and graphics here.
Gameboi834's comics Sep 13 2009, 10:42 PM, By GameBoyPlayerAdvance
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Subforums: The NRPM Fan Zone, Guides/FAQs, Archives
Regular Forum (No New Posts) SpAm
sO yoU nEEd To lEt iT oUT oK dO iT hERe tO bE cOuRTIoUs tO ThE oThEr MeMBeRs.
----, By Guest
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