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Regular Forum (No New Posts) MegaMan's WaveRoad
This board is Mega, Mega cool, Mega fun, so go join others who love BlueBombing and justice.
----, By Guest
Topics: 37 Replies: 242
Regular Forum Mario's Castle
It's a-me-a Mario! do you love listening too that? come talk with others who share your..fascination. Let's-a go In side.
Cloud Mario Apr 18 2010, 01:33 PM, By GameBoyPlayerAdvance
Topics: 30 Replies: 138
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Smash Bros.
The great fighting series that has released it's 3rd game, now with online, tournaments now in the works! Check the contests and challenges forum.
----, By Guest
Topics: 30 Replies: 174
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Great Land Of Hyrule
Come talk with others about links great exploits in hyrule and it's neighbors.
----, By Guest
Topics: 28 Replies: 130
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Guitar Hero and Rockband
The 2 incredibly popular music playing games, with songs like "Welcome To The Jungle", "Don't fear the Reaper"", "Barracuda", "Should I stay or should I go", "Girl's not grey", "One step closer" and "Carry on my wayward son"
----, By Guest
Topics: 34 Replies: 111
Regular Forum More Games
This is where you talk about games not listed here, including third parties and even Sony or MS things.
The curious F-zero GX 'official lyrics' in… Jul 20 2010, 09:56 PM, By GameBoyPlayerAdvance
Topics: 154 Replies: 447
Subforums: Kirby Dream Land, DK's Lush Jungle, Sonic's space, Bomber Man, Nintendo RPGs, N Racing, Review
Regular Forum N-chat
Make misc. topics about corporate (gaming) issues, system specs and hardware troubleshooting or more ambiguous topics.
Pandora Charms Are Excellent For You Nov 3 2012, 08:36 PM, By bhiosaoa
Topics: 98 Replies: 288