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1.no offensive language their might be kids! I blocked all I know but still don't try.

2.Don't impersonate a mod or admin

3.don't flood.

4. don't flame just report and I and (later other moderators) will take care of it.

5. don't spam or post in the wrong place please.

6.if you like the forums you can put this in your sig (on other forums)copy and paste what is below to your sig box.
<a href="http://s14.invisionfree.com/Nintendo_Rp_and_more"><img src="http://i2.ifrm.com/5446/4/upload/p77678.jpg">

7.keep in mind it is under construction.
also notice I'm looking for moderators so if you join early And I feel you won't utterly abuse that power your more likley to become a mod.

8.Mods please pick a longer password that wouldn't be easy to hack....Asuming you don't have one.