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This is my first NRPM blog and will act as adminy info, some personal info and possibly a place I suggest or contemplate ideas that YOU can post your comments on! I also encourage other admins to make adminy blogs, and mods make moddy blogs about questions or problems they see.

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Dec 10

A new dawn

With a possible merge looming my mood is excited, I'm also doing research to make the forum more secure since there will likely be more admins and more risk.
Again I'm sick, but with my niece staying with us for a while being perpetually sick is inevitable. Today was another 'Dark Day' as I have been calling them. These are days that I can almost hear the earth groaning in pain over something, a day when the earth looks depressed and completely apathetic to human claims or borders on it. Today wasn't so much the earth as nature coming to blanket the earth in a futile attempt to cleanse it of the evils man has inflicted on it. Nature hoping a hero will step forth and clear the darkness...
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