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Family Matters
Topic Started: Jul 9 2009, 12:46 PM (499 Views)
TV Shows Fan
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Family Matters

Nick at Nite premiere dates

Season 1

001 Jan-11-2009 The Mama Who Came to Dinner
002 Jan-12-2009 Two-Income Family
003 Jan-13-2009 Short Story
004 Oct-19-2008 Rachel's First Date
005 Jan-14-2009 Straight A's
006 Jan-14-2009 Basketball Blues
007 Jan-15-2009 Body Damage
008 Jan-15-2009 Mr. Badwrench
009 Jan-16-2009 Stake-Out
010 Jan-16-2009 False Arrest
011 Jan-17-2009 The Quilt
012 Jan-17-2009 Laura's First Date
013 Jan-17-2009 Man's Best Friend
014 Jan-17-2009 Baker's Dozens
015 Jan-18-2009 The Big Reunion
016 Jan-18-2009 The Party
017 Jan-19-2009 The Big Fix
018 Jan-19-2009 Sitting Pretty
019 Jan-20-2009 In a Jam
020 Jan-20-2009 The Candidate
021 Jul-14-2008 Bowl Me Over
022 Jan-21-2009 Rock Video

Season 2

023 Jun-29-2008 Rachel's Place
024 Jun-29-2008 Torn Between Two Lovers
025 Sept-2-2008 Marriage 101
026 Jun-29-2008 Flashpants
027 Jun-29-2008 The Crash Course
028 Jun-29-2008 Boxcar Blues
029 Oct-29-2008 Dog Day Halloween
030 Sept-4-2008 Cousin Urkel
031 Jun-29-2008 Dedicated to the One I Love
032 Jul-4-2008 The Science Project
033 Jun-29-2008 Requiem for an Urkel
034 Jul-5-2008 Fast Eddie Winslow
035 Dec-14-2008 Have Yourself a Very Winslow Christmas
036 Jul-31-2008 Ice Station Winslow
037 Jul-7-2008 Son
038 Jun-30-2008 Do the Right Thing
039 Jun-29-2008 High Hopes
040 Jun-29-2008 Life of the Party
041 Jul-6-2008 Busted
042 Aug-1-2008 Fight the Good Fight
043 Aug-1-2008 Taking Credit
044 Jul-31-2008 Finding the Words
045 Jul-5-2008 Skip to My Lieu
046 Jun-29-2008 The Good the Bad and the Urkel
047 Jul-30-2008 I Should Have Done Something

Season 3

048 Jun-29-2008 Boom!
049 Jul-1-2008 Brain over Brawn
050 Jul-6-2008 The Show Must Go On
051 Jul-2-2008 Words Hurt
052 Jul-29-2008 Daddy's Little Girl
053 Jun-29-2008 Citizen's Court
054 Jun-29-2008 Robo-Nerd
055 Jun-29-2008 Making the Team
056 Jul-3-2008 Born to Be Mild
057 Jul-12-2008 The Love God
058 Jul-8-2008 Old and Alone
059 Jul-12-2008 A Pair of Ladies
060 Jul-7-2008 Choir Trouble
061 Jul-8-2008 A Test of Friendship
062 Jul-9-2008 Jailhouse Blues
063 Nov-29-2008 Brown Bombshell
064 Jul-10-2008 Food, Lies and Videotape
065 Feb-14-2009 My Broken-Hearted Valentine
066 Jul-14-2008 Woman of the People
067 Jul-9-2008 Love and Kisses
068 Jul-11-2008 Stop, in the Name of Love
069 Jul-10-2008 The Urkel Who Came to Dinner
070 Jul-12-2008 Robo-Nerd II
071 Jul-12-2008 Dudes
072 Jul-12-2008 Farewell, My Laura

Season 4

073 Jul-14-2008 Surely You Joust
074 Jul-15-2008 Dance to the Music
075 Jul-15-2008 Driving Carl Crazy
076 Jul-19-2008 Rumor Has It
077 Jul-19-2008 Number One with a Bullet
078 Oct-30-2010 Whose Kid Is it Anyway?
079 Jul-19-2008 An Officer and a Waldo
080 Jul-19-2008 Just One Date!
081 Jul-16-2008 The Oddest Couple
082 Dec-6-2008 It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Urkel
083 Jul-21-2008 Muskrat Love
084 Jul-14-2008 Hot Wheels
085 Jul-22-2008 The Way the Ball Bounces
086 Jul-22-2008 A Thought in the Dark
087 Jul-23-2008 Tender Kisses
088 Feb-14-2009 Heart Strings
089 Jul-21-2008 It's a Mad, Mad, Madhouse
090 Jul-23-2008 Higher Anxiety
091 Jul-24-2008 Mama's Wedding
092 Jul-24-2008 Pulling Teeth
093 Jul-19-2008 Walk on the Wild Side
094 Jul-28-2008 Hot Stuff
095 Jul-29-2008 Stormy Weather
096 Jul-19-2008 Buds 'n' Buns

Season 5

097 Jul-30-2008 Hell Toupee
098 Jul-28-2008 It Didn't Happen One Night
099 Aug-4-2008 Saved by the Urkel
100 Aug-2-2008 A Matter of Principle
101 Aug-2-2008 Money Out the Window
102 Aug-2-2008 Best Friends
103 Aug-2-2008 Grandmama
104 Oct-24-2008 Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool
105 Jul-14-2008 Car Wars
106 Jul-16-2008 All the Wrong Moves
107 Dec-14-2008 Christmas is Where the Heart Is
108 Jul-17-2008 Scenes From a Mall
109 Jul-17-2008 Rock Enroll
110 Jul-18-2008 Like a Virgin
111 Jul-18-2008 Good Cop, Bad Cop
112 Jul-25-2008 Presumed Urkel
113 Jul-25-2008 Father of the Bride
114 Jul-26-2008 Psycho Twins
115 Jul-26-2008 That's What Friends Are For
116 Jul-26-2008 Opposites Attract
117 Jul-26-2008 A-Camping We Will Go
118 Jul-26-2008 Nunsense
119 Jul-26-2008 Aunt Oona
120 Oct-25-2008 Stefan Returns

Season 6

121 Oct-26-2008 To Be or Not to Be (1)
122 Oct-26-2008 To Be or Not to Be (2)
123 Aug-4-2008 Till Death Do Us Apartment
124 Aug-4-2008 The Looney Bin
125 Aug-5-2008 Beta Chi Guy
126 Aug-6-2008 Dark and Stormy Night
127 Jan-31-2009 Par For the Course
128 Aug-5-2008 Sink or Swim
129 Aug-6-2008 Paradise Bluff
130 Aug-7-2008 Flying Blind
131 Dec-15-2008 Miracle on Elm Street
132 Aug-8-2008 Midterm Crisis
133 Aug-8-2008 An Unlikely Match
134 Aug-9-2008 The Substitute Son
135 Aug-9-2008 The Gun
136 Aug-3-2008 Wedding Bell Blues
137 Aug-9-2008 Ain't Nothin' But an Urkel
138 Aug-9-2008 My Uncle the Hero
139 Aug-10-2008 My Bodyguard
140 Aug-7-2008 Cheers Looking at You, Kid
141 Aug-10-2008 What's Up Doc?
142 UNAIRED We're Going to Disney World (1)
143 UNAIRED We're Going to Disney World (2)
144 Feb-6-2009 They Shoot Urkels, Don't They?
145 Aug-12-2008 Home Sweet Home

Season 7

146 Aug-13-2008 Little Big Guy
147 Aug-12-2008 The Naked and the Nerdy
148 Aug-13-2008 Bugged
149 Oct-18-2008 Teacher's Pet
150 Aug-14-2008 Walking My Baby Back Home
151 Aug-14-2008 She's Back
152 Aug-15-2008 Hot Rods to Heck
153 Aug-15-2008 Talk's Cheap
154 Aug-16-2008 Struck By Lightning
155 Aug-16-2008 Best Years of Our Lives
156 Dec-15-2008 Fa La La La Laagghh!
157 Aug-16-2008 Friendship Cycles
158 Aug-16-2008 South of the Border
159 Aug-17-2008 Life in the Fast Lane
160 Aug-17-2008 Random Acts of Science
161 Aug-19-2008 Tips For a Better Life
162 Aug-19-2008 Swine Lake
163 Aug-20-2008 My Big Brother
164 Aug-20-2008 Eau de love
165 Aug-21-2008 Twinkle Toes Faldo
166 Aug-21-2008 Scammed
167 Aug-22-2008 Dream Date
168 Aug-22-2008 A Ham is Born
169 Aug-22-2008 Send in the Clone

Season 8

170 UNAIRED Paris Vacation (1)
171 UNAIRED Paris Vacation (2)
172 UNAIRED Paris Vacation (3)
173 Aug-22-2008 Movin' On
174 Aug-24-2008 3J in the House
175 Aug-24-2008 Getting Buff
176 Oct-31-2008 Stevil
177 Aug-23-2008 Karate Kids
178 Aug-23-2008 Home Again
179 Feb-19-2009 Nightmare at Urkel Oaks
180 Aug-25-2008 Chick-a-Boom
181 Aug-25-2008 The Jury
182 Dec-16-2008 It Came upon a Midnight Clear
183 Aug-26-2008 Revenge of the Nerd
184 Aug-26-2008 Love Triangles
185 Aug-27-2008 Father Time
186 Aug-27-2008 Beauty and the Beast
187 UNAIRED Le Jour d'amour
188 Aug-28-2008 What Do You Know?
189 Aug-28-2008 Odd Man In
190 Aug-29-2008 Flirting with Disaster
191 Aug-29-2008 Pound Foolish
192 Aug-30-2008 The Brother Who Came to Dinner
193 Aug-30-2008 A Pirate's Life for Me

Season 9

194 Aug-30-2008 Out With the Old
195 Aug-30-2008 They Shoot Ducks, Don't They?
196 Aug-31-2008 Dumb Belle of the Ball
197 Aug-31-2008 Drinking and Jiving
198 Nov-12-2008 Who's Afraid of the Big Black Book?
199 Nov-13-2008 A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Read
200 Nov-13-2008 Stevil II: This Time He's Not Alone
201 Dec-26-2008 Trading Places
202 Dec-26-2008 A Pain in Harassment
203 Dec-27-2008 Original Gangsta Dawg
204 Dec-16-2008 Deck the Malls
205 Dec-27-2008 Grill of My Dreams
206 Dec-27-2008 Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
207 Dec-27-2008 Crazy for You (1)
208 Dec-28-2008 Crazier for You (2)
209 Dec-28-2008 Whose Man Is It Anyway?
210 Dec-29-2008 Polkapalooza
211 Dec-29-2008 Throw Urkel From the Train
212 Dec-30-2008 Don't Make Me Over
213 Dec-30-2008 Pop Goes the Question
214 Jan-1-2009 Lost in Space (1)
215 Jan-1-2009 Lost in Space (2)
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