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Incarnated Angels, the Symptoms
Topic Started: Jan 12 2010, 11:48 PM (1,288 Views)
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Do you fit any of these discriptions?

Have you felt in recent years and months, that you were stretching far beyond what you had the capacity to endure?

Have you had many emotional ups and downs, strange physical aches and pains, many losses in the form of friends, jobs, family, finances, and much of anything else?

Have you experienced dizziness and vertigo, neck and back pain, an intolerance for lower vibrating energy, and abdominal weight gain and bloating?

Do you wonder who you are looking at in the mirror? Had a loss of identity?

Have you been “removed” from your usual means of employment and cannot seem to find another job, even though you never had this problem in the past?

Have you recently moved to a new geographical location?

Do you experience short periods when you are very cold and cannot seem to get warm?

Have you had hot flashes and night sweats not relating to menopause (even if you are a male?)

Do you feel you have been pushed out of your groove by lower vibrating people?

When you go out in public or to an event, do you feel as though you are “acting?”

Is it hard to remember and identify with the childhood version of you?

Have you had a serious medical situation in recent years that left you feeling helpless and powerless?

Do you crave the company of children and when in their presence suddenly feel that everything is now “right” and you can relax as you are home?

Have you had periods where you wake up at exactly the same time every night?

Have you had anxiety, panic, or what feels like depression?

Do you at times have strange and disturbing nightmares that are not normal for you?

Have you ever had experiences of forgetting what you were going to say and finding it near impossible to “find” the words you were meaning to speak?

Have you had periods of time when you continually saw repeating numbers, whether on digital clocks, license plates, or other arenas?

Do you continually mis-spell words or superimpose sentences and spelling when you attempt to write something, even though you may have been a master at grammar and spelling for most of your life?

Have you had times in your life where you felt “no sense of place?”

Do you continually have short-term memory loss and at times cannot remember things that occurred only yesterday or even a moment before?

Have you experienced periods of what felt like low blood sugar forcing you to eat every two hours whether you wanted to or not?

Are your emotions out of control from time to time (sudden weeping and sadness, or are you just plain over-emotional)? Do you ever feel lost and alone?

Do you at times feel that there is nowhere left to go that remotely fits you anymore?

Have you found that the only way to stay sane is to be home in your own personal sanctuary?

Do you have a strong sense that you are here to accomplish something, but you cannot remember what it is? Do you “miss” something, but are not sure exactly what?

Do you feel ungrounded and spinning out of control at times but not at other times?

Do you wonder why things seem to be getting worse instead of better?

Has it become difficult to be in crowds, large stores, and the like?Have you seen lights, heard voices, had ringing or buzzing in the ears, or felt unusual energy pulsing through your body? Do you have bouts of allergy symptoms or sinus problems and headaches? Have you ever felt energy pouring through the top of your head?

Have you quit reading spiritual and personal growth material?

Is it increasingly difficult to spend substantial amounts of time around individuals who seem dis-connected, “ego” driven, or who embody many “issues”? Do you just want to flee?

Do you wonder where in the world you have landed, feel that you do not belong here, and want to go “home”?

You Might Be An Incarnated Angel If You...

Have a sweet, heart-shaped face.
Say "I'm sorry" a lot.
"Look" like an angel (whether male or female).
Have overeating or weight issues.
Gravitate to the helping fields of nursing, teaching, counselors, or healing.
Lighten or highlight your hair.
Are very trusting of people.
Feel guilty saying no to others.
Seem to glow with a large aura.
Fall in love with someone's potential and try to coach them to greatness.
Tend to have codependent relationships with addicts and alcoholics.
Stay in relationships much longer than a normal person might.
Love following rules and don't like them broken.
Are really good at giving, but not at receiving.

"INCARNATED ANGELS": The name kind of says it all, these people are incarnated versions of angels who have been sent down here to earth by God to look after things, yet, surprisingly, do not realise it and have no memory of their previous heavenly life. Also, these people all have a distinct look; they have heart shaped faces, golden hair, large bright eyes, and curvy figures (if they are female which mostly they are, apparently). Hmmm, sound a little cliché to you? Also, I guess there is no such thing as a coloured angel? The personality traits of these "angels" are as follows - they love chocolate, they are very kind, they are very sensitive, they love people, people love them. They were sent here to look after other people and generally spread love.

What is an incarnated angel?

It is an angel on earth, whether it is in human form or a plant or an animal. An incarnated angel in human form is a friendly stranger, a little child or someone who is maybe one step ahead of you. Not ahead of you in status, or money or even knowledge of the world, but knowledge, or better still, wisdom of the heart.

Incarnated angels are here on earth at this special time to guide us through the changing times. Incarnated earth angels are people like you and me who decided before their birth to fulfill their role as guides, way showers, light workers. They have experienced hard times, adversity and alot of pain, but not all in vain. Incarnated angels knew at soul level that they were protected and in time they would experience what the Divine has planned for us from the beginning of time, which is love.

So how do you know if you are in the presence of an incarnated angel? You just know, they make you feel an unexplainable joy, you feel that you know them even if you have just met. You know that they are telling you the truth and you trust that what advice and information they give you comes from a higher place.

They may share with you their hardship, but in their voice is no malice, no hate, just an understanding that it happened and that without that happening they could not be who they are now. You see their light and want to be in their presence. You feel closer to yourself by being in their presence. Boundaries are blurred for a while where everyone is equal and all there is is love, love from a place you want to be.

A little child can give you a look and you know that they can read your soul, and you feel a connection with the all. A pet can make your tears stop and you know that everything will be alright. A walk in nature can trigger some forgotten memory of a time when all was as it should and you were loved and protected.

These are incarnated angels, so next time you feel an inner joy by being in the presence of these individuals, animals or plants, know that you are in the presence of incarnated angels.

Faithful and True
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