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The Army Control Corps is a tactical and mobile group dedicated to aiding survivors and eradicating the Zombie infestation that pervades Malton. Some of our Operations involve the salvaging of decimated suburbs, assisting Survivors/Allies in the defense of buildings besieged by large Zombie hordes, and the pursuit of humanitarian efforts which involve the revivification and medical treatment of local Survivors in hard-hit areas.

To immediately seek enlistment within the ACC, please register and submit your application. More information on our group can be found on the Urban Dead Wiki.

The ACC looks forward to receiving and welcoming new members into what has spanned for over six years and is still running strong.

If you're already a member please log in to your account to access all of our features:

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Army Control Corps: Returning Members; Post here to get all your permissions back.
Topic Started: Jun 12 2015, 08:44 PM (1,756 Views)
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Lt Colonel Mangy Scots Git - Special Forces - Iron Buttmonkey
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Welcome back to the Army Control Corps!

If you're returning to the Operational Side of the Group please post saying you wish to do so and for what role, Infantry/Medic/Engineer/Big Boss Man
Also including a profile link to your Urban Dead Character if you have changed.

If you're just returning and would like to get access to the General Chat or other aspects of the board please post here with what you wish to see but cannot.

Any other queries feel free to PM me

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Private First Class - Blood Mopping Bitch
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Holy shit everyones still alive.
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Zombie Bait
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Apparently I missed Expendables 1, 2 & 3 while lifing. It looks like a ghost forum here, but I thought I'd say hello. I was recently in the hospital and thinking about the last time I was there, playing all this stuff when we starting to rise in popularity almost 10 years ago. How the heck any of this is still around is amazing to say the least, let alone the recruitment thread I wrote :o .

So cheers and all that jazz. i would've signed into the other account, but I forgot the password and can't find the email to which it was linked.
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Jack Burton
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Lance Corporal - Scorpion
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Hey, BG! Always good to see another friendly face around here sometimes! I don't know what to suggest about the user account (except maybe resetting it) as all our blue guys right now are taking a much deserved AWOL for the time being.
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