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Matthew Giles
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Infantry Corps
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Matthew Giles Here,

1) Heres My Profile Link:

2) Infantry Please,

3) i used to be the commander of the ''Malton Elite's'' we had a fairly good number of members split into differnt sub-groups, we used to operated in defending the NE corner, but after i had to go away for a while to look after my I'll mum, well i got back and they had all been off line fore more than a month. so i disbanded the group.

4) well i used to work in Dulston with Private McKinley's old charecter, and it would be nice to work with him again if posible, but if it's not, then i'll get used to it. i moved south when everything went to hell. i got's all the skills except bin rot, (basicly the same as Mattfire up there) and im Re-stocking supplys in Fort Perryn.
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