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Viewing Single Post From: Army Control Corps; Applications
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G'day ladies & gentlemen. I presume you all have reached this forum via one route or another, whether it was through our Wiki, in-game recruitment, friends, friends of friends, etc. Well, rest assured, you all have come to the right place. All the necessary information pertaining to enlistment can be found beneath this paragraph. If any questions arise, our Administrators are available to assist you as best as possible. Furthermore, please read through our Basic Forum Rules either before or after you go through the necessary steps to apply to our group.


All members who are accepted into the ACC will automatically start as a Trainee. Those who are below Level 5* will be sent into a location with instructors to gain experience and prove oneself via concise, clear communication through the forum. When players are Level 5 or higher, however, they will be allowed to assist the main group while they are evaluated for full integration into the group. As long as people are willing to show the ability to work as a team and talk with us, then there is little worry of not making it in the group. Once the Commander and Instructors have decided that a Trainee has met minimum requirements and performed exceptionally, a promotion to Private will be awarded as well as an official assignment to a combat squad.

Job Position

Those seeking application into the group will have the opportunity to choose which role they will assume within the ACC. The default position is an Infantryman (or woman), while the more advanced positions include that of Combat Medic and Combat Engineer.

Infantryman(woman): expected to meet the Zombies head-on. Emphasis is combat with basic duties in barricade maintenance and minimal self-healing.

Combat Medic: Required to heal and revive personnel and local survivors. Their importance gives medics revive priority over all other personnel. Emphasis is a proactive, supportive position translated into having 30% minimum of one's encumbrances fully dedicated to medical supplies. Members assume an infantry role when there is no healing or reviving necessary.

Combat Engineer: Ensures buildings are repaired, barricaded, and powered when necessary. Often clears and repairs buildings for infantry to occupy. Inventory typically includes a toolbox, spare generator and fuel by default.


In order to be considered for acceptance into the ACC, we require the following placed within a post on this thread:

1.)Profile Link**
2.)Intended Job Position (refer to above for descriptions)
3.)Previous group experience, if any
4.)Anything you want us to know about yourself, in-game or not
5.)How you discovered the Army Control Corps.

*Level 5 implies the possession of at least 5 Human Skills, so Zombie skills will not factor into placement/training.

**If you are not sure how to get your profile link as is needed for the application, click on your name where it shows how much health/AP you have at the moment. When you get the page showing your name as well as your skills, copy the URL to paste in your thread. You'll know it is your profile link, because it will have either a 6 or 7 digit code at the end of it. An example of such a profile link appears like so: http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=768184 .
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